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A Very Vampy Christmas Book ï » Kerrelyn sparks » Maggie O'Brien is thrilled when she lands a starring role on the Digital Vampire Network's hottest soap opera As the Vampire Turns Doesn't hurt that her leading man is Don Orlando de Corazon the greatest lover in the vampire world But who is Don Orlando really? Nobody knEading man is Don Orlando de Corazon the greatest lover in the vampire world But who is Don Orlando really? Nobody knows not even Don Orlando As the coupl originally posted at A Very Vampy Christmas should come with a warning for funny bones everywhere Even after re reading the story I still giggled and guffawed The only reason I was affected so effectively was because of the uality writing So even when I knew what to expect the perfect comedic timing still came through making those clever parts continuously grin worthy The first hint that I had that Ms Sparks had written a light and entertaining tale was the ring incident Good thing I wasn’t drinking at the time My sudden urge to laugh uproariously would have had dire conseuences for my laptopThen the author switched gears after hooking me with humor She delved into both their histories and their hearts by exploring both Maggie’s and Don Orlando’s points of view Talk about star crossed lovers At that point Ms Sparks presented me with two people who very much needed love but had no idea how to go about it They both harbored secrets and insecurities and at that point in the story I couldn’t wait until it was revealed as to how they were going to accomplish getting beyond them Of course it didn’t help with Maggie shouting at Don Orlando “I’m not your banana” That made getting the two of them together uite the challenge I’m glad to say the author was than up for the task because at the end of one chapter she had Don Orlando drop a bombshell I never saw that one coming and it was so grippingThe next thing I knew I was feeling sad and sorry for both Maggie and Don Orlando They both had hurts The best thing however is how they banded together to figure it out how to fix things They rose to the challenge taking them both on an amazing journey of discovery and revelation And after a bit of uncertainty and light drama Ms Sparks did it again She made me laugh and giggle when I least expected it And she brought in one of the hunky guys from McKay Security and Investigation I love it when characters from other books come and play too This sentence totally cracked me up “I’m 479 years old ye moron” Vampires can be so much fun Of course the mystery of just exactly who Don Orlando was ended up being the icing on the cake Poor guy his first name as a vampire was very embarrassing but adorable Then I got to meet Scarlett and Tootsie secondary characters guaranteed to have readers grinning from ear to ear I have often wondered where the author comes up with all the goofiness and hilarity she infuses her stories with It’s a riot and I love it I mean there’s this serious part where he says “they murdered me” the reply was “So you were having a bad day” How does anyone expect me to keep a straight face with witty repartee like that? Things did get serious for a bit so readers will find plenty of meat and substance to hold the story together It was good enough to keep my interest and have me rooting for the hero He had lost so much in his life and the goal of the plot was to get it back and be worthy of loving Maggie What great motivation Eventually I got to find out who Don Orlando really was where he came from and what a very unusual family he has In fact that brought about laughs and smiles as well as happiness All’s well that ends well with a grin and a kissA Very Vampy Christmas is chock full of laughs go

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Maggie O'Brien is thrilled when she lands a starring role on the Digital Vampire Network's hottest soap opera As the Vampire Turns Doesn't hurt that her l Reviewed for THC Reviews A Very Vampy Christmas is a cute holiday themed addition to the Love at Stake series I honestly didn't care much for Don Orlando the infamous Latin vampire lover and soap opera star In the previous book of the series he came off as a comically melodramatic playboy who sleeps with nearly every woman he meets but this short story shows a whole new side to him that I didn't expect Readers get to find out that he's not the man we thought he was and in fact he has a very sympathetic and mysterious past He turns out to be a really stand up guy who truly is worthy of Maggie's loveI really liked Maggie when she was introduced as Darcy's friend in Vamps and the City She struck me as a kind caring woman whose story of being turned vampire tugs at the heartstrings She had a mad crush on Don Orlando and wanted nothing than to become his leading lady Well she got her wish but he didn't end up being all she thought he would be which broke her heart Once he starts opening up to her though about his past she wants nothing than to help him find his family in hopes of reconciling with them in time for Christmas A Very Vampy Christmas has a delightful cast of secondary characters Ian one of the Scottish guards helps Maggie and Don Orlando with their investigation Between his Scottish accent and kilt and him not being able to get people to believe he's not a kid but a centuries old vampire this guy is adorable I can't wait for his book All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire We get to meet the New Orleans coven master and two transvestite vampires who are a total hoot Don Orlando's family ends up being a mixed bag of personalities who were a lot of fun tooThis novella had a few weaknesses The romance was sweet but it would have been nice to have a little build up The one brief love scene felt kind of rushed too The Christmas theme only orbits the periphery of the story with very little actual celebration of the holiday present The supposed family curse wasn't very well explained either but overall A Very Vampy Christmas was an entertaining diversion that I enjoyed reading A Very Vampy Christmas can be purchased as a stand alone novella in e book format and can also be found in the print anthology Sugarplums and Scandal

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A Very Vampy Christmas Love at Stake #2 5 E sets out in search of his mysterious past home for the holidays takes on a new meaning when the recently turned vamp discovers his own Christmas miracle This is a fun novella set in Kerrylyn Sparks' Love at Stake series Vampire Maggie O'Brien is working as an actress on the Digital Vampire Network's popular soap opera As The Vampire Turns opposite the world's greatest vampire lover Don Orlando de Corazon It was her dream job until she found out that the actor she has dreamed of is just another womanizing actor What she doesn't realize is that he is just playing a persona but the womanizing is greatly exaggerated by a certain reporter named Corky Courrant Also he has a secret he is hiding from everyone but when Maggie finds out what his secret is she wants to help him With permission to take a leave of absence from the show they set out with the help of one of the members of Angus Security Team to help Don Orlando with his problemThis was a fun holiday paranormal romance to read this time of year