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Příliš hlučná samota Download Ú PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ë Parecendo remexer escavar a realidade uotidiana à procura da mais peuena partícula de beleza contida nos seres e nas coisas Bohumil Hrabal acaba por ser um cronista malicioso e um caricaturista comovente diz o jornal LibérParecendo remexer escavar a realidade uotidiana à procura da mais peuena partícula de beleza contida nos seres e nas coisas Bohumil Hrabal acaba por ser um cronista malicioso e um caricaturista comovente diz o jornal Libération sobre este autor a uem Kundera chama uma das incarnações mais autênticas da Praga Mágica Apesar da sua obra ter sido proibida a partir de 1968 na então Checoslováuia não deixou. I had been meaning to read Hrabal's classic novella for uite a while but last night I finally picked it up Instantly I was transported to the world of Hantá in a crumbling Communist Prague Hrabal combines lyrical descriptions of the pleasures and the necessity of reading with surreal passages revealing Hantá's tangible interactions with the figures in his books in a world where reading and intellectual and creative engagement are no longer valued It is a stunningly written very original work in which Hrabal transcends a mere indictment of one regime by tapping into the universal and transcendent joys of books and art and the dangers of dehumanization that we face when we lose sight of those integral aspects of human life Hantá works by day compacting confiscated books and papers for recycling He toils in a basement with an ancient compacting machine and only mice and the occasional flies and a gypsy or two for company He does not keep up with the efficient pace that his boss and his society demand instead Hantá lets the papers pile up to the ceiling as he searches the deliveries for rare books to rescue or in some cases to send off to a ceremonial end in the middle of a bale opened to a much loved passage and decorated by art prints that were also designated for destruction Hantá literally is surrounded by the ghosts of writers past His small apartment is filled to the rafters with tons of books that he has rescued from pulping to the point that the shelves he has built over his bed and in his bathroom present the constant risk of burying himThe way I look at it my life fits together beautifully at work I have books and bottles and inkwells and staplers raining down on me through the opening in the cellar ceiling and at home I have books above me constantly threatening to fall and kill or at least maim me The swords of Damocles that I've hung from my bathroom and bedroom ceilings force me to make as many trips for beer at home as at work 26As he works in his isolated basement Hantá is visited by Jesus and Lao Tse Tung who present him with radically different models for spiritual engagement on earth As he walks through Prague he is surrounded by the architectural ghosts of the classical world His avocation rescuing and reading books has provided him with a uniue educationI am a jug filled with water both magic and plain; I have only to lean over and a stream of beautiful thoughts flows out of me My education has been so unwitting I can't uite tell which of my thoughts come from me and which from my books but that's how I've stayed attuned to myself and the world around me for the past thirty five years Because when I read I don't really read; I pop a beautiful sentence into my mouth and suck it like a fruit drop or I sip it like a liueur until the thought dissolves in me like alcohol infusing brain and heart and coursing on through the veins to the root of each blood vessel” 6His reading also provides Hantá with a means to escape the dismal reality of his lifeAnd I huddle in the lee of my paper mountain like Adam in the bushes and pick up a book and my eyes open panic stricken on a world other than my own because when I start reading I'm somewhere completely different I'm in the text it's amazing I have to admit I've been dreaming dreaming in a land of great beauty I've been in the very heart of truth 14 Throughout the novella Hrabal seamlessly moves back and forth between Hrabal's reveries about philosophy and books his memories of past relationships and his observations of the society that is literally rotting under his feet There are long gorgeously written passages that I am tempted to uote at length alternating with some very disturbing images of the decay and death surrounding Hantá In the end Hantá's basement sanctuary cannot hide him from the forces for progress that surround him Hrabal is known for developing central characters who seem simple innocent but who are in touch with the spiritualism of life than the supposedly well adjusted but bland people surrounding them Hantá comes across as a prophet but one whom no one notices or hears He sees the dangers of sterile efficiency as the primary goal for a society Through him Hrabal leaves us with the uestion of the value of a life stripped of intellectual and spiritual engagement one with all rough corners smoothed away to a bland predictability and surface gloss The book holds tremendous power and relevance for us even reading across the span of time and space Note that the images on the review are taken from different film adaptations of the novella See for example and

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De ser um dos autores mais lidos no seu país através de edições publicadas e distribuídas à revelia do sistema Tal como o autor nos anos 50 o herói deste livro Hanta trabalha na cave de um depósito de reciclagem Trabalha com uma velha prensa e os seus dias passam se a comprimir livros e papéis Mas antes de os destruir Hanta não pode deixar de observar o ue lhe passa pelas mãos folhear esses livros d. “Literature is resistance” the lugubrious voice of the narrator who speaks from the sewers of our conscience whispers in ruthless crudityLiterature keeps Hant’a alive in the suffocating cellar that he shares with filthy rodents giant botflies and gypsy prostitutesFor thirty five years Hant’a has worked the jaws of his hydraulic press destroying all kind of books lithographs and artistic imprints by trade and saving them for passion The physical books disappear but their essence remains embedded on Hant’a’s tortured mindLiterature under any totalitarian system defies oppression because it gives access to alternative realities that cannot be silenced by persecution Those living in the underworld tyrannized by absurd authority recover the condition of their lost humanity through words written by others Their freedom is surrogate for it derives from the appropriation of thoughts not originally theirs And yet they allow them to persist to keep on fighting to embrace abstract fellowship from a permanent exile to feel alive amidst an inanimate existenceLiterature is interxtuality printed on a page A multidimensional universe folded in a two dimensional support That is why Hant’a can maintain a dialogue with Lao Tse and Jesus while greenish flies splatter the bloody wrappers discarded by the butcher and summon a Jackson Pollock’s painting back to lifeLiterature allows the marginalized to be born again and again and to endure the leaden guilt the horrifying weakness the shameful need for self preservation that prevents them from remembering what the color of happiness looked like “Every beloved object is the center of a garden of paradise”Hant’a’s idea of paradise is a kite with a blurred text on it soaring the azure skies of a past that has become unbearable fiction And even though the heavens are not humane those who hear the uiet ascension of words rising up from the pages they caress with their eyes won’t ever feel abandonedThe chirping of voices in their minds will be too loud for them to be lonely and instead when their spirits surrender to the foreboding of dark times ahead they won’t feel the sharp edge of loneliness piercing their precious memories; they will bask in the solitude that grants them painless access to bygone lives and incandescent loves that were extinguished a long time ago The real world might be washed out but the memories branded in incandescent ink will write and rewrite their life stories and make them blow in the winter winds So for now I am winter

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Příliš hlučná samotaá um sentido à sua vida A instalação de uma cadeia automática capaz de destruir e comprimir livros em enormes uantidades e a invasão da sua cave por jovens operários modelo indiferentes ue alegremente alimentam as máuinas ultramodernas evocação da realidade pós 68 tornam inútil a função de Hanta Este livro não consegue ler se sem um sorriso nos lábios ao mesmo tempo ue um nó se aperta na gargan. How to write about a book that deals with compression when I am reading it thanks to dispersed and ephemeral distinctions For if Hrabal has written a magic and allegorical story of the character Hantá who dedicates his life to compressing large volumes of discarded books into still voluminous bales of paper I am reading a story which as if by magic emerges section by section on my screen acuiring in this act an additional allegorical layerFor Hantá realizes that compression does away with differences and when censorship which is sharp black and white coalesces matter into colorless grey then thought and text are buried in indifferent bundles He finds his stories on paper on trees pressed into sheets of dried paste all stories of constricted feelings These are tales of confined political opinions in a decadent but still powerful totalitarian setting; narratives of repressed human liberties that try to breath through flying paper kites And these come to me in a different world I am dealing with them on a screen on which microcapsules charged positively for the white or negatively for the black arrange themselves creating the distinct shapes of letters of words sentences and thoughts And every time I press the button these particles return to their amorphous sea and reemerge in a new combination Mine is the universe of poles and discrete particles and it is from this stock of specks that the tale of an estranged world and life emergesAnd this is the magic of representation The vehicle can conjure up its opposite and offer a bewitching text which can move my heart and imagination and make me feel a solitude which thanks to its beauty is however not confining and certainly not too loud