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characters Stealing the Elf-King's Roses ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ì In an alternate world Los Angeles prosecutorpsychic Lee Enfield and her partner Gelert investigate the murder of an elf They soon reveal a deadly network of ties among organized crime multinational corporations and planetary governments of tOf the Seven Worlds all working together on the ethnic cleansing of elves from the alternate world of Alfheim Origina. What can I say every time I read something by Diane Duane I feel myself strangely but comfortably at home Strangely because her universes are so out there but comfortably because they’re weird in very similar ways Stealing the Elf King’s Roses fit nicely into my idea of the kind of thing she writes and the way she thinks I must say I was happy to see her write an extended work from an adult female perspective — in a weird way this made me wish that she’d continue Young Wizards long enough for Kit and Nita to grow up and have new sets of problems to deal with because now I know that Duane is just as perceptive about adults and their problems as she is about young adults and theirsI must say this book was nothing like I expected it to be from the cover I’d always expected it to be some kind of high fantasy story but when it turned out to be urban fantasy I was pleasantly surprised I loved all her main characters and her concept and the moment when I realized that Lee doesn’t live in the Earth I know and love but some other Earth where the White House is blue and Jesus was a woman named Suzanne More broadly I enjoyed the idea that there would be inescapable congruencies between neighboring universes in a sheaf something that definitely shows up in Young Wizards and that those universes will have certain points of “convergent evolution” that cannot be avoided — not just in physical laws and concrete places but in names of scientists and inventors and even citiesMost of this world frankly felt familiar courtesy of my reading of the Young Wizards books Talk of sheaves of universes Powers that work through humans worldgates entropy all of these things drew me back into the feeling that Lee probably lives a lot closer to Kit and Nita than she thinks Lanthanomancy felt a lot like Earth’s version of Terra’s wizardry — and of course the persistent imagery of gardens and the temptation of the mortal female reminded me a lot of Duane’s envisioning of humanity’s Choice Especially toward the end the Laurin’s decision to remake his world and allow it to move forward had congruencies with uelt’s decision in Wizard’s Holiday Although her people go on to a life beyond bodies while the Laurin’s are now subject to the demands of theirs I still felt a real emotional similarity there were also moments that felt uite reminiscent of the Song of the TwelveI know I will have to read this book again because my reading of the ending was definitely rushed and there have to have been things that I missed It left me with a strange feeling though especially the part about Lee and Matt maybe trying ot make things work again I thought the early portion of the book was pretty clear in saying that Lee had caught Matt cheating on her — why should she get back together with him Also maybe I’m just reading this into things but I thought like there might have been something than ceremony between Lee and the Laurin at the end — all the joking about being partners and that kiss on a cheek — but even if they weren’t going to be romantically involved I didn’t want her to be with a guy who did nothing but make her hurtStill reading this confirms something I had long suspected but am now pretty certain of — anything I read by Diane Duane will be a pleasant surprise and an even exciting adventure Now for Door Into Fire attempt #3

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F They soon reveal a deadly network of ties among organized crime multinational corporations and planetary governments. The version I read was the revised and expanded author's cut edition The I read this book the less and less enthusiastic I became about it At first I was uite taken with the intriguing world interestingly atypical characters and murder mystery set up About midway through though I started to feel like the book was a bit overwritten and was becoming a slog; there was a multiple page section that boiled down to little than they waited for an hour at the airport I expected it to pick back up at some point but instead everything became tediously drawn out The characters never went to one location when they could pass through three instead I was still prepared to give the book three stars for the interesting ideas until at the climax the characters chose to have an extremely long extremely boring conversation explaining what has been going on and why literally while their enemies are breaking in and firing off guns and are about to kill them all That pretty much lost me for good

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Stealing the Elf King's RosesIn an alternate world Los Angeles prosecutorpsychic Lee Enfield and her partner Gelert investigate the murder of an el. This is that rare beast the book that can be legitimately shelved as both science fiction and fantasy When it was first published I immediately snagged a copy The title intrigued me and the premise sounded fascinating even if the first cover was a little cheesy Plus I'd read some of the author's Star Trek tie in novels and enjoyed them So I was curious to see what Mme Duane could do in her own universe Universes in this case these stories are set in a bundle of parallel universes One is Earth where we spend the most time; another is Alfheim — yes Elfland; and another is Terra the world we know We only see it a little bit at the very end of the bookSo I love the concept even if I thought the implementation was a little flawed A couple years ago I heard about this ebook only author's cut and was curious I didn't have an ebook reader — still don't actually — and so I put it on my mental eventually list But then Mme Duane had a 60% off sale in honor of her birthday and I couldn't resistIf you have read the first one most of the new material is in the last chapter It doesn't substantially alter the ending; just tried to make it clear as this edition's afterword saysHowever I have a major philosophical problem with this book Duane writes that the ethical constant in Terra our universe is off kilter As a result terrible things happen here that don't happen in any of the other universes Genocide is the big one Who wouldn't want to live in a universe where genocide never happens or the 9112001 terrorist attacks never happened — but to posit even in fiction that evil things happen here because the universe is simply brain warping and encourages evil makes me grrrrrrrrrrrrrThere's a hint in the afterword that a seuel is a possibility I don't know how likely that is but I'll be keeping an eye out for any