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Roast Chicken and Other StoriesEggs Florentine Chocolate Tart Poached Salmon with Beurre Blanc And of course the book's namesake recipe Roast Chicken Winner of both the 1994 Andre Simon and 1995 Glenfiddich awards the gastronomic world's euivalent to an Oscar this acclaimed book will inspire anyone who enjoys sharing the ideas of a truly creative cook and delights in getting the best out of good ingredient. I wanted to like this book but the problems started when I realized I was looking at a book about roast chicken instead of roasted garlic and it just went downhill from there The idea is good a cookbook arranged in alphabetical order by ingredient with a little something about said ingredient to introduce it However this man seems to have a generally limited palate He seems to like blander items and LOTS of meat The recipes tend to be very heavy on butter and heavy cream and I haven't seen a cookbook with so many deep fried recipes in years He recommends vigorously boiling veggies Jamie Oliver would have a fit Additionally and perhaps this is a British thing but he has a large portion of recipes and specific sections devoted to tongue liver kidney heart brains sweetbreads tripe and whatever other pieces of offal a word used surprisingly often for a cookbook he can find Other recipes are for fish that tend to be particularly British but are hard to find there any too and things like grouse and suab and rabbit which really aren't common in the cities in the States He came to things like cilantro and Italian food later in life and ignores anything related to South American cooking He borrows most of his recipes from other people and likes to do a lot of name dropping about the cooks with whom he has spent time I will copy out an anchovy hollandaise sauce and the eggplant recipes to help with my collection and then return the book to the library relieved that I didn't buy it

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Elegant recipes In this richly satisfying culinary narrative Hopkinson shares his uniue philosophy on the limitless possibilities of cooking With its friendly tone backed by the author's impeccable expertise this cookbook can help anyone from the novice cook to the experienced chef prepare delicious cuisine and enjoy every minute of it Irresistible recipes in this book include. I read this with great enjoyment Here was a chef who was writing the mature and sober version of what Jamie Oliver was doing when he was young and exciting Hopkinson is a better chef and a knowledgable foodman than the young Jamie He's got wide and diverse tastes and some of the recipes are sensational I cooled a little as he ventured into the Rick Stein I first came across this recipe in a taverna on the edge of a precipice on the lost island of Atlantis where chef and bloody good mate of mine Anton and his lovely wife Euridice knocked it up after we'd been pearl diving aren't I wonderful twaddle I like the fact he includes such ingredients as brains and tripe one I'm sueamish of the other I was served regularly as a child and have tried every now and again since but always with the same upchuck reflex The recipes like the early Jamie are generally simple and effective and the ones I have tried have been better than rather good A much better read than the likes of Nigel Slater This boy can cookVery rare for me to read a cookery book cover to cover but this isn't an average cookery book For a start there are no pictures and this made me all the keener to try out some recipes They say that the best pictures are in the imagination or on the radio

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Roast Chicken and Other Stories summary ò 108 Û Good cooking depends on two things common sense and good taste In England no food writer's star shines brighter than Simon Hopkinson's His breakthrough Roast Chicken and Other Stories was voted the most useful cookbook ever by a panel of chefs food writers and consumers At last American cGood cooking depends on two things common sense and good taste In England no food writer's star shines brighter than Simon Hopkinson's His breakthrough Roast Chicken and Other Stories was voted the most useful cookbook ever by a panel of chefs food writers and consumers At last American cooks can enjoy endearing stories from the highly acclaimed food writer and his simple yet. I found Roast Chicken and Other Stories a little different from the other cookbooks that I've used The thing I like most about this book is the conversational tone throughout the book Even while working through the recipes I felt like I was having a nice conversation with the author He'd tell me about the places he'd travelled why he'd added this recipe to the book or about an interesting experience I think that perhaps this friendly down to earth tone made me a little willing to try recipes that I might not necessarily try otherwise In all cases I was thankful that I had made the effort because the dishes were absolutely delicious and uite easy to prepare once I had gathered all of the ingredients Although I liked the conversational tone I don't think it completely matched the recipes in this book The recipes are divided into sections each one representing a different food from anchovy and chicken through kidneys and potatoes to suab and veal From the title I had expected a cookbook filled with down home recipes that contained roast chicken and all of the fixings I think the tone of this book would have matched that theme well However many of the recipes in this book included main ingredients that I wouldn't normally buy let alone know how to serve Most of the dishes that I will cook again will likely be for special occasions rather than daily meals