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The Undefeated ePub ß Hardcover Read Ç naturaltreatment Ø This poem is a love letter to black life in the United States It highlights the unspeakable trauma of slavery the faith and fire of the civil rights movement and the grit passion and perseverance of some of the world's greatest heroes The text is also peppeS and others offering deeper insights into the accomplishments of the past while bringing attention to the endurance and spirit of those surviving and thriving in the presen Rich oil portraits by Kadir Nelson illustrate this ode to African Americans past present and future by poet Kwame Alexander A minimal approach to page design lots of white space as Alexander puts it emphasizes the power beauty and sometimes the terrible impact of each painting with only a few words or lines of poetry This is for the unafraid The audacious ones who carried the red white and Weary Blueson the battlefield to save an imperfect UnionThe book just came out Spring 2019 but Alexander began the poem in 2008 in honor of the birth of his daughter Samayah and the election of the first black US president But mostly I wrote a poem to remind Samayah and her friends and her family and all of you and to remind myself to never ever give up because as Maya Angelou wrote We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated It may even be necessary to encounter the defeat so that we can know who we are So that we can see oh that happened and I rose I did get knocked down flat in front of the whole world and I rose Keep rising Kwame Alexander May 11 2018 The righteous marching ones who sang we shall not be moved because black lives matterEnd notes explain the historical figures and scenes commemorated in each painting And the publisher provides a web link to hear Kwame Alexander performing the poem how great to listen to his passionate delivery as I paged through a third time though you will want to linger longer on each page than the reading allows This is for you too a fantastic video where Alexander explains his long path through many defeats to success with his award winning internationally famous novel in poetry The Crossover turned down by something like 18 publishers because no one reads poetry and the main character is a boy and boys don't read books How sad is that And as Alexander proved not true This is for the undefeated This is for you And you And you This is for usThis is the first book by publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt's new Versify imprint curated by Alexander what a great venture

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Ssion and perseverance of some of the world's greatest heroes The text is also peppered with references to the words of Martin Luther King Jr Langston Hughes Gwendolyn Brook Kids learn American history through a process of osmosis long before they’re taught the basics in elementary school They pick up bits and pieces of it in a million different places but never in any kind of a linear fashion Thanks goodness WWI and WWII were consecutive since otherwise my children would have no idea which happened when Of course when it comes to the history of race in America the disjointed nature of what children learn is complicated incredibly by any number of factors It is far from uncommon to have kids learn the name “Martin Luther King Jr” long before they’re taught a word about systematic racism and oppression What that means on the children’s book publishing side is complicated For mainstream publishers there’s no real obligation to lay down history in any kind of a systematic way for young readers The result then is that you’ll get a lot of collective biographies or picture books about a specific moment in time But there’s another way of tackling it and that way is laid out in Kwame Alexander and Kadir Nelson’s The Undefeated Here the past is presented in service of placing young readers in the context of history If there are heroes on display here it is so that they provide a framework for what today’s kids will accomplish tomorrow By its very nature a project like this could tip easily into pablum boredom or adult centric meaningfulness Instead it’s amazing Just that AmazingBlack words on white backgrounds On the first page a tribute “This is for the unforgettable The swift and sweet ones who hurdled history and opened a world of possible” On the opposite page Jesse Owens isn’t looking at us He’s mid leap arms stretched body suspended in the air already moving out of the frame The next page scales back The people that suint in the bright sunlight are also framed against the white background like they’re posing for a family portrait They’re looking right at you and from their clothes you know they’re from the past Even the baby doesn’t blink The words read “The ones who survived America by any means necessary” And from here you need to put aside what you think this book is going to do It couples the regular people with the superstars The inspirational figures are on display but so are people that survived without history remembering their names There are moments that acknowledge slavery bombings police brutality but after those moments are the people who fought and fight against those systems The last page is of Black kids today “This is for the undefeated This is for you And you And you This is for us” A librarian is by its very nature a resource for finding information As such a good librarian attempts to have at least a working knowledge on a variety of different subjects Now I run a children’s book list committee out of my library Each year we choose 101 great books for kids published that year and every year I struggle to find enough sports books to fill the list I don’t follow sports much myself but I know there are loads of kids that read and enjoy sports so I try to find them great books Now when I discovered this book I was perfectly willing to accept the explanation that it was just a poem that Mr Alexander had wrote in 2008 for his second daughter and President Obama But in the back of the book the Editor in Chief of ESPN’s website The Undefeated “the premier platform for exploring the intersections of race sports and culture” writes “We are proud that this poem has now become a book bearing our name” And indeed on their site you can find a video of Kwame Alexander reading the sports sections of this poem It’s a little tricky to piece together but I think what we have here is a case where Kwame wrote the poem the poem was given a title and recorded for ESPN and then expanded and turned into a book for Kwame’s new HMH imprint Versify An intersection of history and Black pride and poetry and sports all coming together at once And like a poem this book started in a million different places at onceI think there is a mistaken belief in some circles that adapting a poem to a picture book is a simple matter of figuring out where the page breaks go I suppose that would be true of a bad book but if you want your material to carry any weight then you have to consider a million little details For example one choice the book makes early on is to present its subjects without naming them When you read this book the words pair with the images and even if you don’t have the ability to name the people on these pages they’re still interesting to you If the verses retain your interest the art solidifies it The names of the famous people are systematically listed in a section called “Historical Figures and Events Featured in The Undefeated” in the backmatter and I couldn’t help but feel happy that that was where this information was kept If this information had been worked into the art it would have left everything feeling cluttered Even if it were just the names of the subjects it would have distractedIf you wanted to present this poem simply as a poem it would stand strong But if you want it to be a picture book then you need just the right artist Now as a general rule Kadir Nelson doesn’t slot neatly into a nice little box like other illustrators of children’s books He’s an Illustrator with a capital “I” firmly in place and an Artist with an even prominent capital “A” Years ago when he wrote and illustrated his ode to the Negro Leagues in We Are the Ship I just figured the fact that he was a marvelous writer on top of being one of the best living artists of our times was a bit on the unfair side Why should one man have that much talent But Nelson hasn’t ever been just a children’s book illustrator He’s a portrait artist one day a New Yorker cover artist another and a painter first and foremost The last time he illustrated a book for kids it was the art for Sarvinder Naberhaus’s Blue Sky White Stars two years ago It was a fine book but didn’t really tap into what makes a Nelson a Nelson With this book Kwame has managed to stir something deep and abiding in Kadir Nelson’s paintbrush You’re not just feeling his talent with this book You get the distinct impression that this project means something to himIf Nelson has a cinematic euivalent it is director Barry Jenkins Jenkins has a techniue he likes to use in his films of focusing the camera suarely on the face of a character allowing them to look you the audience dead in the eye It was shocking when he first did it with Moonlight and still arresting in If Beale Street Could Talk But Mr Jenkins didn’t invent the method and uite frankly sometimes it can feel like he’s treading in the shadow of Kadir Nelson Subjects staring at the viewer dead on without shame or blinking or turning away The man practically built his books We Are the Ship and Heart and Soul on the method Then there is the fact that Nelson is unafraid of dark skin We could get into a BIG discussion about race skin color and how those colors are represented on the pages of children’s picture books but that’s a talk for another day It is enough to simply say that when Kadir Nelson paints skin he embraces the deep shifting tones And once again like Barry Jenkins he knows how to present his subjects A Kadir Nelson book feels like a work of cinema or photography in that it indulges in a fascination with light and shadowSo how do you use this book Where does this book go once it has been sold A bunch of ideas come to mind As I mentioned before the art and the text make it sufficiently fascinating for a one on one lapsit read I can imagine a kid pointing to the different faces asking who they are while the parent answers and gives context How about reading it to large groups The nice thing about reading a book written by a poet aloud is that you’re in safe hands when it comes to group settings Not only will these images be visible from a distance but the words will ring strong and true What if you’re a teacher Well after doing an initial read to a class I am very opposed to picking this book apart before you do this initial read since you must allow the kids to experience the book as it was meant to be experienced you could show the pictures and identify the people in them Or you could separate out the different sections art history sports musicians etc and explain why each person shown was important Oh How about examining the language Let’s look at all the “un” words Unforgettable undeniable unflappable unafraid unspeakable unlimited unbelievable Think of what each one means and how he’s used it here And if you’re truly creative you could do a lot with this book Because if I’ve learned anything from teachers over the years it’s that if they’re passionate about a book they’ll find a way to teach it in class The trick is finding a book worthy of that enthusiasm This book Check and mateIf you are a librarian or a bookseller this is not the first book you’ve seen offering praise to Black heroes of the past It’s just one of the best Much of this has to do with the pitfalls it has adroitly avoided This is not a rote accounting of names that mean little to child readers If these people grace these pages it is because there is a larger meaning to their inclusion Of course I think the selection of Kadir Nelson was necessary to this book’s publication When that man illustrates someone he makes them beautiful What’s fascinating is that this beauty is produced as a kind of inner glow as if the subject’s soul is radiating out of their very skin Kwame says that when he wrote this poem for his daughter and in a way for President Obama he did so to remind everyone to never give up Kwame Alexander’s words are grand Kadir Nelson’s art soars But when you put those two things together and they work in tandem they bring out the best in one another Unrelenting undeniable unavoidable Fail to read this book at your peril I hope it is only the beginningFor ages 4 and up

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The UndefeatedThis poem is a love letter to black life in the United States It highlights the unspeakable trauma of slavery the faith and fire of the civil rights movement and the grit pa Kwame wrote this poem when Barack Obama was elected to office It is a poem a powerful poem about the tenacity and strength of heritage of the African American He wanted to make sure that things left out of history books like slavery and Jim Crow are not forgotten and he wanted to show the strength of character so many people have had to make it into our consciousness Michael Brown of Ferguson MO is mentioned as are the great Jazz artists and athletes in history It is an ode to a people who have survived overcome and still must overcome adversity and hardship The artwork is like a collage some bright and some dark I won’t be surprised if this is up for a Caldecott this yearThis reads rather fast and we have been reading enough books like this that my nephew actually recognizes some faces in this book He thought it was a decent book and appreciated its brevity He gave this 3 stars