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EBOOK ↠ EPUB La femme ui fuit ä 9782923896502 ☆ NATURALTREATMENT ↠ Anaïs Barbeau Lavalette n'a pas connu la mère de sa mère De sa vie elle ne savait ue très peu de choses Cette femme s'appelait Suzanne En 1948 elle est aux côtés de Borduas Gauvreau et Riopelle uand ils signent Refus GAnaïs Barbeau Lavalette n'a pas connu la mère de sa mère De sa vie elle ne savait ue très peu de choses Cette femme s'appelait Suzanne En 1948 elle est aux côtés de Borduas Gauvreau et Riopelle uand ils signent Refus Global Avec Barbeau elle fonde une famille Mais très tôt elle abandonne ses deux enfants Pour toujours Afin de remonter le cours de la vie de cette femme à la Told in the form of second person the story is written in little vignettes of beautiful prose and interspersed with some of Suzanne's poetry It is largely a fictional account but loosely based on some factual information gathered by Suzanne's granddaughter trying to collect whatever threads of info of a grandmother who was mostly absent and distant a grandmother who she only met a few times This is a brave attempt to piece together the past and what she uncovers is an interesting and complex woman a life of passion and ambition but also a fragmented fragile life leaving behind a trail of broken hearts and unfulfilled dreams A woman who is drawn to activism and seeks groundbreaking causes but runs away from the people who need her the most This book is deeply moving It explores rejection and hurt and pain so well so precise it's uncanny how I felt instantly drawn to the narrator and her mother who are the hapless victims of this selfish and infuriating woman This was a powerful story and I enjoyed it but was left frustrated by this woman who really had no good reason to be so god damn awful Her heartless cruelty made me weep for the ones she deliberately hurt I was impressed by this author how she managed to turn a tragic ending and story into a beautiful lesson showing the power of understanding and forgiveness and how ultimately it can transcend hate Magnificent

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E fut arracheuse de pissenlits en Ontario postière en Gaspésie peintre poète amoureuse amante dévorante et fantômeLa femme ui fuit est l'aventure d'une femme explosive une femme volcan une femme funambule restée en marge de l'histoire ui traversa librement le siècle et ses tempêtes Pour l'auteur c'est aussi une adresse directe et sans fard à celle ui blessa sa mère à jama Pieced together with the help of a private detective Suzanne is a fictionalized telling of the life of Suzanne Meloche Barbeau by her granddaughter Anais Barbeau LavaletteSuzanne is the second book I’ve read of the five shortlisted for the 2019 Canada Reads competition With the first being By Chance Alone a memoir written by a concentration camp detainee during the second World War whatever book I chose to read next would have a tough time knocking Max Eisen’s story from the top of my list Luckily Suzanne was totally different in both tone and structure This helped it to stand alone rather than try to follow the prior book in my eyesThe majority of the novel takes place during Suzanne’s time as a member of the Automatistes a group of artistic dissidents living in Montreal during the mid 20th century Depending on who you asked at the time the group was either revered or hated for their heavy criticism of the Catholic Church As time moves on having married a prominent member Marcel Barbeau Suzanne is forever intertwined with the group so they pop back in from time to time I enjoyed this the most as a lot of what followed felt a bit rushedFrom there the story will take Suzanne all over the world from Brussels to England to the United States Given how reclusive Suzanne became from her family it’s hard to tell what if anything is based on actual events that occurred The author is uick to point out that her version of Suzanne was crafted through documents recovered following Suzanne’s death investigations and stories told to her by those who knew Suzanne best Given all she had the novel is the result of filling in the gaps with what the author portrayed her grandmother to be likeWith that said the real star here is the prose of Anais Barbeau Lavalette translated wonderfully by Rhonda Mullins At points it isn’t so much what’s happening but how it’s told I believe that in anyone else’s hands it may not have been as compelling Barbeau Lavalette’s skills help to push this book into the “one book to move you” category of Canada Reads by crafting a memorable exploration of a life lived on the outside of normalcy

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La femme ui fuitFois révoltée et révoltante l'auteur a engagé une détective privée Les petites et grandes découvertes n'allaient pas tarderEnfance les pieds dans la boue bataille contre les petits Anglais éprise d'un directeur de conscience fugue vers Montréal frénésie artistiue des Automatistes romances folles en Europe combats aux sein des mouvements noirs de l'Amériue en colère; ell It’s not everyday that you find a novel written in the second person but this one works remarkably well I’m not sure the message will translate to Canada Reads but we’ll see This book isn’t very long but what’s the chapters are short the sentences too There’s a sense of urgency in these pages that helps the reader understand Suzanne’s ever present desire to escape her circumstances whatever they may be