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Fury Max Review ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ Colonel Nick Fury veteran CIA operative has been at war for a lifetime Now he sits alone in a dank hotel room coughing his confession into a tape recorder laying out a legacy of carnage stretching back to World War II Because when that war ended another one beE sniper Frank Castle and the nightmarish Barracuda his constant lust for combat blinding him to all other concerns But the end is coming The debt is long past due And Nick Fury's true legacy will soon be writt en in blood for all to see COLLECTING FURY MAX 1 13. I actually read this in two trades so if there is extra or different backmatter in this volume this review won't cover it Let me start by saying that CROSSED is not a good introduction to Garth Ennis's writing It's like normal Ennis times ten I will confess that morbid fascination got me through the first volume of Crossed but it's not the sort of thing I want to read on a regular basis I went from there to the first volume of The Boys which was very good but a bit precocious I will definitely read the rest of it but for whatever reason I stopped after the first volume Fury Max was the first book by Ennis that truly impressed me Yes it's violent and gritty in typical Ennis fashion but boy does that guy know his history Or at least well enough to fool the casual observer I read My War Gone By a month or so ago around the same time I was watching Burns's Vietnam series and a lot of facts and events lined up between the two So I assumed the rest was accurate at least to the spirit of the events the story included Anyhow Ennis's writing style is so incredibly appropriate for a war book and I felt like I saw a little of the less sardonic Ennis here because he doesn't glorify war in any sense of the word It's an evil albeit a necessary one and men like Fury sacrifice their humanity so the rest of us can live our oblivious lives It's also impressive the way he threads his story throughout so many decades in a way that honors the passage of time but doesn't lose the reader Truly skilled storytellingAnd now that I'm done writing all that I think I need to change my 4 star rating to a 5 star rating

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N and Fury sought it out regardless of the cost to those who loved him including loyal George Hatherly Congressman Pug McCuskey and the beautiful Shirley DeFabio From Indochina to Cuba Vietnam to Nicaragua Fury battled across the decades encountering young Marin. Fury My War Gone by is among Ennis’s best work This is his thesis on war and the mentality of a Solider It’s my favorite he’s done in the MAX universe read everything he’s done except Punisher The Platoon and he writes Nick Fury as a pretty three dimensional and interesting character The main plot of this book is Nick Fury’s journey through 4 different wars over the course of about 40 years The book develops his relationships with various side characters that are also well explored in my opinion The side cast and how Fury interacts with them is one of my favorite parts of this book Nick Fury’s addiction to war is a central theme of the book and one that’s explored in great detail This book also highlights the political side of war and how grimy it is pretty well One of the main characters is a congressman that gets slimier as the book goes on his negative progression is one of my favorite parts of the book You really start to hate that guy Nick Fury is a thoroughly unhappy character and that’s never been apparent here He does what he does because he really does like it but I get the expression he doesn’t want to like it He struggles to open up and he struggles to maintain meaningful relationships Those are definitely my favorite parts of the book but the exploration of war is really mature and another strong point of the book Goran Parlov and Lee Loughridge do an EXCELLENT job aging these characters over this 40 year old span and the art in this book is gritty in a good way Parlov is a great seuential artist He portrays action and expression really well creating a really engaging story Loughridge is also an important member of the creative team His colors are really captivating and he really knows when to use certain colors to keep your eye on the page Fury My War Gone By has the entire creative team firing on all cylinders There isn’t too much negative to say but I did find some of the overly political scenes to be kind of a slog That’s really easy to overlook though when the rest of the book is so damn good910

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Fury MaxColonel Nick Fury veteran CIA operative has been at war for a lifetime Now he sits alone in a dank hotel room coughing his confession into a tape recorder laying out a legacy of carnage stretching back to World War II Because when that war ended another one bega. A brief history of America's long war against the worldBig on details light on subtext yet a relentless and even haunting condemnation of the American Empire And appropriately pointless at the end of it all