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Growing up as the cousin of the princess Zephyra spends her days navigating between her mother's judgements and her royal duties Horseback rides beautiful gowns and the rites of Celestia dominate her horizon Living in comfort and luxury she and her cousin Adelaide the heir apparent expect their gr I recieved an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest reviewThe book was very well written I loved Zephyra's character development the most Her feelings were beautiful expressed The readers could too feel her anguish and pain I loved the story of Celestia's and her brother too The love story was also very well writtenThere are parts in this book which made me feel very uncomfortable but the author wrote it very sensibly The pace of the book was uite slow but I felt that it was very necessary for character development I look forward to reading the next books in the series

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Zephyra Elemental Diaries #1 At the humble life she's always coveted As fate throws her in the path of new friends and new dangers it will be far than she bargained for There is than one threat to the safety of the kingdom and fulfilling her destiny will test her to the breaking pointand unleash powers she never knew she had I love reviewing books and do it as a hobby I received this Advance Reading Copy for an honest opinion and reviewThis is a debut novel written by Andrea B Lamoureux Numerous amount of unexpected events happen within these pages I’m not used to reading about royalty nor was I particularly interested in how they live so this was a first After reading this book though I feel comfortable enough to start reading There is a bit of romance and magical elements that keep you interested Zephyra’s way of life took some getting used to but I was surprisingly interested in it Though a good amount of time is held within the Palace Zephyra eventually starts to explore other areas I was conflicted between this being a good thing or bad Beyond the walls of her home of the Palace comes an adventure she’s always wondered about and wanted Or is it?Reality; being as cruel as it can become begins to show There are some dark moments which honestly shocked me After reading so many lighthearted moments taking place within the Palace it hits you uick and fast In the beginning I felt as though this book was a YA read half way through until Zephrya explored beyond the walls Beyond that I’d give warning to young readers that things get a bit dark That is outweighed by the large amount of good times Zephyra has though Various characters in this story bring in some ironic moments that I found myself laughing atI can say that Andrea B Lamoureux current work is a blend of many genres and can get away with it She sets up situations that are realistic believable in a way that you can put yourself in Zephyra’s shoes Zephyra is a relatable character having weaknesses and strengths many can share I did enjoy this read despite its sense of insecurity never knowing what dark moments may come Andrea B Lamoureux seems to be a writer who is confident in her story telling I find her sense of courageous writing to be interesting I will be looking forward to reading book two and what it has to offer Book one of The Elemental Diaries will leaving you with a sense that the story is only just beginning

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Zephyra Elemental Diaries #1 doc Ñ Elemental Diaries #1 è naturaltreatment ´ Growing up as the cousin of the princess Zephyra spends her days navigating between her mother's judgements and her royal duties Horseback rides beautiful gowns and the rites of Celestia dominate her horizon Living inEatest trials to be those of the heart When ueen Jelena their grandmother finally passes away Zephyra's childhood comes to an end However the new glamorous world of royal life will be than she expectsThrown into a dungeon as she sacrifices herself to protect the new ueen Zephyra will have a chance As someone who gladly reviews books I was pleased to receive an advance reading copy of this fantasy in exchange for an honest opinionI am a lover of fantasy books and this one delighted me with its storyline and colourful characters My first impression was that this book would appeal to young adults Firstly the heroine is a young girl whose life is described from her early childhood age to that of a young adult Secondly younger readers would be able to relate to the trials and tribulations of growing up and searching for one's true identities The heroine Zephyra is a believable character a likeable person full of spunkiness interwoven with a dose of impetuousness Her development is influenced by a series of events as well as a family conflict that help her mature and most of all discover her magical power she will use to combat evil And this power is a symbol of the force we all carry in us often without realizing Through the use of fantasy elements the author Lamoureux leads her heroine across the stormy seas of life until she emerges victoriousFantasy elements are not limited to the heroine's magical powers but also to a beautiful story of the deities whose destiny is interwoven with that of humans I was enchanted by the ritual worshipping Goddess Celestia and the story surrounding her Zephyra is a light fun and breezy read and I expect the seuels to be similar sources of reading pleasure I also expect that Lamoureux's writing craft will go stronger and mature as time goes by Her talent is undeniable