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Cuba! by Dan Goldberg Free download Ò PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¸ Cuba explores the magic of this vibrant country through than 75 recipes that will set taste buds on fire and stories that will delight even the most well seasoned traveler Brazen bold and colorful Cuba is a country that pulses with life Fascinated by its peopCuba explores the magic of this vibrant country through than 75 recipes that will set taste buds on fire and stories that will delight even the most well seasoned traveler Brazen bold and colorful Cuba is a country that pulses with life Fascinated by its people and their endlessly delicious home cooked. In the interest of full disclosure I received this book from NetGalley and Ten Speed Press in exchange for an honest review But importantly I need to disclose that both of my parents were Cuban I was born in the Morningside Heights neighborhood of New York City when it had evolved from the White Harlem of comedian George Carlin’s youth into a Puerto Rican enclave and moved to the Cuban mecca of Miami at age 7 I grew up regularly eating black beans and rice pollo en fricasé congrí tostones moros y cristianos picadillo arroz con pollo bacalao bistec empanizado flan and both at home and at friends’ homes and restaurants So I believe I’m in a pretty good place to evaluate the authenticity of the recipes in ¡Cuba Recipes and Stories from the Cuban Kitchen Which is not so much That’s not to say that the fusion cooking that authors Dan Goldberg Andrea Kuhn and Jody Eddy have devised doesn’t have some very interesting recipes; however as they say they made three trips to Cuba and traveled around the island it seems that so much of that research was discarded in favor of gilding the lily Cream of Malanga Soup with Pistachio Pistou Black Bean Burgers with Pineapple Avocado Salsa Puréed Plantain Soup with Crispy Shallots Ribs with Guava Barbecue Sauce and Chile and Garlic Langostinos are dishes you’ll find at a trendy restaurant in New York or LA — not in a rundown apartment in Havana Santa Clara or Vinñales And the less said about the New England style lobster roll recipe the better And you will never never never — did I say “never” — find jalapeños or sour cream in Cuban cooking Ever As the authors themselves admit Cubans do not like heat in their food and I can testify that sour cream is unknown in Cuba What’s sad is that to make room for trendy fusion fare Goldberg et al left out tasty Cuban staples that would have made the book authentic pollo en fricasé arroz con pollo rice with suid picadillo caldo gallego vaca frita papa rellena stuffed peppers fufú de plátanos ajiaco boliche Elena Ruz sandwich frita cubana asopao criollo bacalao steak and onions bistec empanizado guava turnovers pudín diplomatico or ropa viejaSo four stars for the interesting stories of the authors’ interactions with the natives and two stars for the recipes; that gives a median of three stars

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Cuisine friends Dan Goldberg and Andrea Kuhn have been visiting this magnetic country capturing its passion and vibrancy for the past five years Dan an award winning photographer and Andrea an acclaimed prop stylist and art director along with renowned food writer Jody Eddy bring the best of Cuban food. This makes me not only want to eat absolutely everything but it also makes me want to visit CubaRice and beansplantainsmango salsayum Just yumThe recipes are charming and accessible The photos make you feel that you have been transported to Cuba and they are so variedthe people the country the food are all beautifully represented The written descriptions make the Cuban culture and experience vivid and accessible This is so much than a cookbook it is a tour of Cuba from kitchen to kitchenI highly recommend this bookand the foodARC Provided by the Publisher and NetGalley

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Cuba! by Dan GoldbeTo home kitchens with than 75 meticulously tested recipes From Cuban Style Fried Chicken and Tostones Stuffed with Lobster and Conch to Suid ink Empanadas and Mojito Cake with Rum Infused Whipped Cream this book offers a uniue opportunity to bring a little slice of Cuba into your home and onto your plat. The thing about foodcookbooks is that they're discussed as a single genre or regarded as just books of recipes and that's simply not true There's all kinds of resources out there and even ways to use them Whether you'll enjoy this depends on what you want and how you'll use it If you're looking for a book that encapsulates a certain mood has beautiful pictures sprinklings of anecdotes and a set menu of dishes this is a good one Recipes are complete and will make sense to anyone with basic kitchen skills but are not exhaustive for complete beginners or experts I picked this up on a whim at the library because it was pretty It was a solid maybe slightly above average example of books that I enjoy reading like a story book on a rainy day and get inspired to actually cook something at home for myself for the first time in 6 months We whiled away a day together this book and I sipping wine and looking at the pictures while making black bean soup very very slowly It primarily includes ingredients that Americans will probably recognize and be able to find easily Whether that's a feature or bug depends on whether you love finding strange things to feel exotic and want to be authentic or perhaps live in the middle of nowhere and just want recipes you can actually use I'm a pastry chefcook and almost never follow recipes so I don't really care thus my lack of rating I'm not an expert on Cuban food but lived for years with a Cuban family that ran a restaurant and agree with other reviewers that this is mostly not what people eat in Cuba or even most American Cuban restaurants If you're looking for something very authentic comprehensive an overview of the cuisine any history or thoughts from actual Cuban people this is not the one you're looking for It's not overtly politically biased but if you have opinions about Cuban politics it'll probably bug you The flaws I noticed most were the lack of Cuban input and a hipstery flavor that grated a bit at times it seemed at times that the authors think they discovered Cuba or that there's tasty food there It's also worth noting that if you have any familiarity with Cuban food or people this may seem strange pretty basic or even verging on pedestrian But many folks would never notice and it's prettyFinal thought If you have a hipster friend who calls themselves foodie maybe has a ton of kitchen gadgets but hardly ever cooks this would be an amazing gift Your friend will tell you something like “it was okay but doesn't compare to other obscure thing your brilliant friend discovered Heshe will enjoy the experience immensely