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With the monsters Still when a vampire serial killer sends her a head from Las Vegas Anita has to warn Sin City's local authorities what they're dealing with Only it's worse than she thought Several officers and one executioner have been slain paranormal styleAnita heads to Las Vegas where she's joined by three other federal marshals. This is book 17 in the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series It starts out feeling very much like her first six novels in that Anita will be The Executioner tracking down a serial killer Vampire Vittorio Anita is joined by long time friend and vampire hunter rival Death aka Edward who is masuerading as his good alter ego Ted and two other vampire hunters Bernardo and Olaf Anita is mailed a human head at her job Animators Inc from Las Vegas So she immediately flies out there to meet her other fellow vampire hunter chumps during the day so yes Jean Claude is still asleep That means the only time we get to “see” Jean Claude in this installment is through a couple phone conversations Anita has with him Now this all SEEMS like a very promising book and it is for the first 100 pages After that it’s a free fall Not from too much sex I believe there are only two very short sex scenes but from pointlessness There is nothing but bitter dialog in this book Anita once again has to prove to cops the LVPD and SWAT out there that she is just as strong oh wait that’s right that she is actually STRONGER than men I’m all for women’s rights about euality eual pay and all that stuff but OH MY GOSH I do not need to read 300 pages of this horribly pointless and BORING dialog Oh yeah additional dialog has to do with the same men who believe she is a petite weak little women also believe she is a slut so she tries her best to defend herself on that front as well Other than the boring dialog Anita and group run around trying to find and capture Vittorio TRY being the operative word There is no action no suspense no nothing That means no gun fights either During this whole book Anita never fires one shot from any of her many personal arsenal weapons The ONLY part that was interesting was her interaction with Olaf fellow vampire hunter and ex serial killer That was very amusing seeing Olaf shake Anita up a bit Other than that maybe 50 100 pages worth of good that doesn’t make up for the rest of this book A terrible waste of paper Can Ms Hamilton ever write like she did her first six books Does she not remember how to write action Is the only thing she write well are metaphysical sex scenes If she can’t then she just better switch to erotica and kill off Anita I’ve been a loyal and long time fan of Ms Hamilton and the only reason I continue to read is for my love of her vampire characters Jean Claude and Asher If that means I will only read her series from the library and never buy another book of hers again unless it is worth it then so be it

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Skin TradeIncluding the ruthless Edward hiding behind his mild mannered persona It's a good thing Edward always has her back because when she gets close to the bodies Anita senses tiger too strongly to ignore it The were tigers are very powerful in Las Vegas which means the odds of her rubbing someone important the wrong way just got a lot highe. Well I'm not sure this was enough to get me back into the Anita Blake fold but I did like the book Very much It made me realize some things about the series though I hate Anita Blake I think I've always known this and I believe this is where my problem with heroine started All the guys want to screw her and all the girls want to be her And poor Anita Blake she just can't figure out what to do with this wacky crazy life of hers But as much as she doesn't want to be a victim she's just a crazy slave to her unfortunate but of her own making circumstances Whine Whine Whine It has been this way since Circus of the Damned and it hasn't really changed except for the circumstances have gotten complicated Yet what I have really liked about the books were the other characters Okay Jean Claude and Edward mostly Asher some The rest of them I could give a toss about really And what has really irritated me about the path the books were on was that she diminished Jean Claude's power to raise Anita's Either he is or he is not the shit Right I know characters change throughout the series but she has watered JC down so much that I'm almost wondering what purpose he serves I know Richard fans have similar complaints Back to this book It had plot I know A plot that centered around something other than who Anita was going to screw Don't get me wrong there was screwing And you know I thought I was pretty well innoculated from the name issue thanks to JR Ward but something about her screaming Wicked during sex still made me laugh out loud But we got tbrough 300 pages before there was screwing so take that for what it's worth Sadly though I didn't find the sex hot There were parts that were luke warm but never reached hot That's what happens when you make sex something other than what it is supposed to be ie food It becomes common Mundane Oh huh She's getting off with someone she either doesn't like doesn't trust or doesn't want to add to her stable To me that's kind of the euivalent of eating vegetables You do it because you have to not because you're really digging parsnips The only character here who had actual growth was Edward There were some plot issues here as well and it seemed like Hamilton lost the thread towards the end The end of the book was the weakest part by far Bernardo Olaf and Edward just drop off the face of the Earth What happened to them No goodbyes Suddenly she's back in St Louis new playthings in tow and life is back to some shade of normal Okay Umright But there were some good parts which is than I can say for the previous 6 books It did read very much like Obsidian Butterfly so if you didn't like that one you're probably not going to be much for this one either

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characters ñ Skin Trade 108 Ì Once you tell someone certain things like say you got mailed a human head in a box they tend to think you're crazyAnita Blake's reputation has taken some hits Not on the work front where she has the highest kill count of all the legal vampire executioners in the country but on the personal front No one seems to trust a womaOnce you tell someone certain things like say you got mailed a human head in a box they tend to think you're crazyAnita Blake's reputation has taken some hits Not on the work front where she has the highest kill count of all the legal vampire executioners in the country but on the personal front No one seems to trust a woman who sleeps. I swore I wasn't going to read any of these but I gave in and bought the Kindle version since I definitely can't justify the shelf space for the actual hardcover books in this series any First the good stuff relative to the last couple of books anyway this book actually had a PLOT ie a mystery for Anita to solve And as a result she didn't actually have sex with anyone for at least the first half of the book which means that some other stuff actually happened outside of the bedroom The bad news the writing continues to go downhill There is no subtext in these books any only text because no one can have a single thought no matter how mundane or inane without expressing it verbally Then all of the other characters present can utter their own mundane and inane reactions to whatever that thought might be Mostly it will not surprise you to learn these thoughts have to do with Anita's sex life and whether she is or is not a slut People discuss this important issue CONSTANTLY at every crime scene in the morgue looking over gruesome bodies and presumably while brushing their teeth and in their sleep Side note to Anita Blake your angry self justifications to all and sundry about your sex life would probably carry weight if YOU would stop treading the same mental waters yourself It gets tiresome to watch you go through the same rigamarole of protesting faintly that you don't WANT to give in to the ardeur you WON'T give in it's so COMPLICATED why ME oh OK now I'll have the best most mutually satisfying sex possible with yet another personwhatever You've been dealing with this for a long time now Either sack up and do what needs to be done without agonizing over it for everyone else's benefit first or I don't know put an end to your incredible yet sexiful suffering And for everyone's sake could you at LEAST remember all on your own to eat a damn sandwich every other day or so without someone reminding you that food is necessary to ordinary mortals much less whatever super sexy being you have become This book also suffers from a serious lack of Jean Claude an excess of disturbing discussions about possible sex with serial killers an abrupt blink and you'll miss it resolution to the Marmee Noir story line and the introduction of even besotted male characters to attempt to keep track of I would utter my own faint protestations that I'm not going to read any of this series now but I will probably last about as long as Anita faced with another piece of supernatural beefcake when the next book comes out It's like I'm afflicted with a version of the ardeur that forces me to continue to read this series even when I don't really want to How will I ever maintain my smug sense of superiority over Twilight fans if this keeps up