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Russia: A Journey to the Heart of a Land and Its People Characters Ö 107 ¶ Russia is a country in transition It is a land of exotic treasures with a culture rich in world famous artists writers and musicians It is a swiftly modernizing economy yet still a place of corruption suppression and secrecy shaking ofRussia is a country in transition It is a land of exotic treasures with a culture rich in world famous artists writers and musicians It is a swiftly modernizing economy yet still a place of corruption suppression and secrecy shaking off its recent bloody past of Communist dictatorship Russia may no longer be seen to rival America but with control over a huge portion of the world’s remaining non renewable energy resources it is a. Comment from Russian perspectiveLet me comment on it from Russian perspective I think it is an exceptionally good book on the matter One can only wonder where does this vitriol of the reviewers seep fromFirst to me the book feels absolutely objective I unlike other foreign reviewers haven’t sensed any bad feelings toward my country and its people or at least the ones that significantly affects his ability to perceive reality objectively and I was never offended I had a luxury of traveling to many same destinations the author visited even that bar in Murmansk and thus know what I am speaking The vastness of the country is nicely captured in his strategically placed visits to its most nodal andor characteristic pointsYes he confesses his downbeat emotional state at times but it’s Ok We’re all humans What is important is that his emotional state does not influence the speakers he interviews And the speakersyou may not like their opinions but they speak what they think And there’s a great array of opinions just like it is in reality in Russia His interlocutors are Stalinists yuppies dissidents common folks or in general from all walks of life and layers of Russian societies I heard those opinions thousands of times and can confirm their genuineness They are all grounded in reality unlike Orlando Figes’s stretching wishful thinking and outright fraud Such array of views should be very sobering to those of you who has your own pet theory of Russia or who thinks it is monotone and monochromeThe author sheds light onto many pages of Russian history and does it timely appropriately not boring and with verve I immensely enjoyed the book it is not shallow it is not glossing over or vilifying Russia The man just tries hard to understand the country which at times is incomprehensible to its own citizens who often can only mumble something fatalistic like “This is Russia”I may myself not like some things he sees and reports but it’s not his fault He conveys the actual reality which currently is not a solacing view Don’t attribute society’s and state’s ills to the author’s ill deposed attitude to Russia Don’t pick on him for extolling virtues of true democracy and always contemplating what he sees in Russia Of course a book that reports only niceties is vastly pleasant to read But switch on or tune to Russian State Channel news and you’ll get this rosy view in spades That is why Russians are NOT watching their television You may not need such disturbing depictions of our country but we certainly do In fact the reality and corruption are even uglier and less conceivable From time to time he also makes comparisons between Russia and his native UK with such comparisons not always in favor of the latterAnd after all he is not that downbeat all the time – there are multiple moments and encounters in which he experiences generosity wit and good humor or Russian people not only ethnical Russians To summarize it is an enlightening thought provoking and realistic work that reads wellPs it is not unavoidable to drink as much vodka as he did during his trips I managed to stay within reasonable limits I hate the taste of vodka while visiting pretty much the same places and simultaneously was able not to offend my genuinely well meaning hosts

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??s extraordinary history The people that inhabit this vast landmass are as fascinating and diverse as the landscape Caught between Asia and Europe they are a mix of ethnicities a product of Russian expansionism and their turbulent past In this book and the groundbreaking television series it accompanies Jonathan looks at how Russia’s past has shaped her current identity and investigates what modern Russia means to her people now. An interesting read that provides alot of background information on Russia history as Dimbleby travels across the country from Murmansk in the north west to Vladivostok in the far eastThe book starts with Dimbleby suffering from depression this is carried into his writing with him wanting to be home with his family complaining about most this other than the vodka It is not a typical travel book in that it contains to real information about the towns cities visited along the way Most chapters feature a history of the place being visited continual comparisons with the Russia described in the books of some of the countries literary; with the extracts taken from these books becoming far too freuent at timesDespite the title making mention of the 'journey' this isn't the case for most of the first half of the book other than a few occasions although this does change during the Trans Siberian raliway section of the tripThe auther is not an easy one to like due to his complaining his unwillingness to try or so it appears anything russian other than vodka the way he compares almost everything to things back in England sometimes Britain his occasional comments on the arrogance of others make him seem hypocritical as he makes themDespite all this the book is very detailed provides an insight into Russia it's people More of a biref history lesson than an outright travel book like those of Michael Palin the book was a challenging read but always an interesting one

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Russia A Journey to the Heart of a Land and Its PeopleRapidly rising energy super power Yet shrouded in myth and ice it is little understood by the rest of worldTravelling thousands of miles Jonathan journeys from Kaliningrad in the west to Provideniya in the east to discover modern Russia Passing through some of the most extreme landscape on earth several climates and across seven time zones he visits places “spectacular infamous secret” that witnessed defining moments in Russia?. I thoroughly enjoyed this book It is written from an intensely personal viewpoint you feel you are seeing Russia through the eyes of someone who is very much an individual and very much a Renaissance man greatly experienced in politics and current events yet he obviously enjoys the arts too He makes the most wonderful companion for this epic journey through RussiaSome of the subjects he covered that I found particularly fascinating in no particular orderVarious excellent descriptions of Russian leaders through the ages Not many get the thumbs up He liked GorbachevChechan history and its current situationThe nature of Russian democracy The power of the oligarchs and the way they are in thrall to Putin He also discusses how the major newspapers and television stations kowtow to PutinThe ties of Putin and his cronies with the KGB and its security service successor the FSBRussian foreign policy and in particular the relationship between Russia and the USACorruption and the degree to which this is part of everyday cultureLife as a conscript in the Russian ArmyThe shortcomings of collective farming between 1913 and 1973 and how the statistics concerning this were misrepresentedThe Gulag network the experience of life in these work camps how much of Siberian infrastructure is a result of work done by these inmates He visited Perm 34 the only museum for the GulagRussia’s incredible wealth in natural resources like oil gas coal platinum and diamondsThe experiences of Stalingrad during WW2The importance of Siberian forests in counteracting global warming and the concern that they are now under duressDimbleby has a negative perspective Several times in the book he mentions that he is currently depressed for personal reasons – and at times this feels uite overwhelming to him Most of his views of Russia are pretty grim and nowhere do we find a real counterbalance of optimism or joy He meets individual Russians whom he finds inspiring or whose company is a pleasure – but for the most part his assessment of Russia is fairly bleak I didn’t mind this My personal views concerning the world are also pretty negative and I’m sure if Dimbleby wrote a book about the UK his homeland it wouldn’t be all roses either Most of all with Dimbleby’s writing one gets a sense of absolute honesty He writes about things as he sees themand that makes his writing enormously attractiveAt the back of the book rather than giving a straight bibliography he suggests books that gave him “special delight or rare illumination” First place goes to the novelists Tolstoy is mentioned six times – he then goes on to Gogal Turgenev Dostoevsky Lermontov Platonov and Zinoviev Only then does he move on to the non fiction writers I like this combination – of him being a front line political journalist yet so inspired by the heartI cannot stress how much I enjoyed this book I also learnt a lot from it I was able to get straight a lot of different scenarios which before had been a bit of a jumble He also writes beautifully I felt sad when I was approaching the end of the book I would have been delighted to read another 500 pages of his astute insights concerning this amazing and fascinating country