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review Past Loving Ø eBook or Kindle ePUB ð Why Had He Returned It was over ten years ago since Holly a naive girl still in her teens had fallen for Robert Graham and had assumed that his intentions were long term than just an affair She had been bitterly disillusioned Robert had no intention of marrying before he had made his way in life Oned Holly in search of pastures newNow he was back in town and apparently willing to pick up their relationship where he had left off But Holly had other ideas. Past Loving is the story of Holly and RobertA very passionate and angsty second chance romance in this story we meet reunited lovers Holly and Robert Ten years ago a teenage Holly had given her body and soul to Robert planning her future and life with him when he spurned and left her to face to dust for better prospects Utterly heartbroken she picks herself up from the ashes and soon becomes a successful career woman starting a company that manufactures natural cosmetics and is a completely different person now a decade later That is until Robert returns back to town and she finds that she is not over him at allThroughout the book I wanted the h to push the H away but she did not instead she shivered in arousal yearned for his touch became jealous of every OW who came near him and realized she was madly in love with him despite dating OM I would have hated the H but it's pretty obvious he regretted his immature behavior and genuinely wanted the h back in his life and still loved herBut why the low rating I hate double standards If the hero had sex with OW in separation the heroine should have had too I dont like one party being celibate and the other being wildly promiscuous which he was not but that's beside the pointI liked parts of it but I wish she was bold and he was aggressive Also this one definitely needed an epilogue but did not have oneOkayishUnsafe255

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Long term than just an affair She had been bitterly disillusioned Robert had no intention of marrying before he had made his way in life and had callously aband. 45 starsIf one likes their romances filled with intense passion angst and tension then this might be for you spoilersDeep love is what binds Robert and Holly to each other even after than ten years apart One great example of how much Robert loves Holly is this scene near the end of the book Holly unexpectedly arrives at Robert's residence to confront him about still loving her Robert's not fully dressed so he tells her to wait while he finishes in the bathroom Thinking Holly has left without talking Robert panics and goes into devastation mode AwwRobert was an immature FOOL 22 year old when he dumped 18 year old Holly to continue his post graduate studies in the hopes of finding wealth and fortune He'd witnessed how his mother hadn't been happy with his dad's meager pension so Robert decided that wasn't going to happen to him He thought they would forget each other and told Holly he didn't love her a big fat lie Holly has never gotten over Robert's rejection remaining celibate and focusing all of her energies into her business and gardening And according to his one best friend Robert remained so too Some might find this unrealistic but in the context of fiction I'm willing to believe some people could live lives devoid of such intimacy It's also believable since Holly was the typical deeply sensitive and emotional Jordan heroineHolly wasn't the only one to suffer years after Robert ended their affair Robert too has suffered and matured as a result He uickly realized his mistake after leaving but didn't return because he believed it was already too late It's only after discovering Holly's single status that Robert finally seizes his second chance and returns home to England hoping to win Holly back It's not easy as Holly is wary of Robert's sincerity They play a game of cat and mouse with Robert trying to get close and Holly retreating until they have THE talk and declare their love for each other Of course Robert should have just told Holly everything at the outset but he feared she wouldn't listenSometimes meeting the right person happens at the wrong time but sometimes you get a second chance to correct the past Past Loving is such a fantasy made real in book form

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Past LovingWhy Had He Returned It was over ten years ago since Holly a naive girl still in her teens had fallen for Robert Graham and had assumed that his intentions were. Re Past Loving the second HP Plus of August 1995 is a PJ with extra PJness second chance romanceThe plot is PJ's favorite Rejected lover meets old flame after a long absence and of course they are going to reunite by the end but oh the angst and inner torment we are going to go through to get there I think several shots of liuid xanax or valium is a reuirement before picking this one up or at least a very hefty Captain consult The poor h had to make do with a few glasses of wine and that clearly wasn't helping her much during the course of this story In the usual PJ way the thirty year old h is sitting on the couch of the wife of her company accountant when we start our HP outing In the even usual PJ way the wife of the h's company accountant is a shameless hussy who gossips about everything and can be relied upon to say the most inappropriate things ever in any social situationThe h really likes her accountant tho so she puts up with the woman's inane chatter that her boring and chubby teddy bear like hubby is having it off with his secretary Then just to really get this story pumping the hussy drops the bombshell news that the h's old lover has returned to the area and bought the local mouldering estateFortunately our h had already heard the news on the small market town grapevine and even fortunately our h is the CEO of a natural cosmetic company along the lines of LUSH and has had plenty of PR training to maintain a cool image even under the most trying of circumstanceThe h is very droll and casual in her measured response to the hussy's avid curiosity about the h's reaction to her newly returned former beau she simply smiles and tells the hussy why should she care about a teen aged fling that was so long ago she barely remembers itThen our formidable h casually remarks that the hussy should go meet her husband's new secretary the woman is 55 and a mother of two with five grandchildren She leaves the hussy gaping in shock as she gathers her bag and strolls out the door our h has a board meeting to attendWe get the gist of the h's backstory as we all trundle along a short cut to the board meeting When the h was a little girl she fell in love with her older brother's best friend When she turned 18 he claimed he fell in love back and a glorious summer of love was then indulged in with proper prophylactic precautions duly prescribed and faithfully taken every dayThen the summer ended and as the autumn leaves began to fall in the increasingly chilling breeze the h's adored lover dumped her for life in the fast lane in the big city of New York The h was devastated all she wanted was to love her guy and be a mum and have a nice little house in the country But her lover callously told her that he was only in it for the lurve club He was too young to tie himself down to a teenager Besides she had her own education and life to build and fame and fortune beckoned him far than a nice shag on the summer lawn The h who had completely poured all of herself into the celebration of her love and went a little extrovertly emotional over her guy for probably the first time in her entire life is utterly and completely wrecked Our sweet little h is actually an introvert and for her to make her big stumbling HUGE declaration of love to a guy who was only out for a little action made her withdraw into her emotional shell But importantly she took such a big emotional risk and found out she was so badly wrong that she is filled with disgust at her own naivete and importantly her own bad judgementThe h is actually a very intuitive emotionally intelligent person But her lover's rejection to go race around the fast track of the big city caused her to believe that her intuition about her feelings and other people's feels was completely non existent and she cannot forgive herself the mistake Then the h's father became ill and the h had just graduated from uni with a degree in chemistry The h managed to stifle all those inner emotions for home hearth and family but a true nurturing vocation will win out in the end The h finds herself the CEO of a very up and coming organic cosmetic company and the proud owner of a very lovely garden nearly twelve years after her psyche was torn to pieces by betrayed love She avoids intimacy and men and she thinks of herself as an emotionless celibate Unfortunately she doesn't realize that all she really did was channel her romantic nurturing nature into building a company and supporting environmental causes that she really believes in Plus they are things that she alone controls so no one can manipulate her heart or pierce her emotions ever again The big disillusionment breakup did do one thing for the h that she never recognizes tho it gave her a spine of steel and a hard edge when it comes to running her business and supporting her environmental causes and this h is formidable in her ability to make things happen her wayThere is a lot sexism discussed in this book and while it seems a cliche now one of the book's better points is that what PJ described as the varying male reactions to the h's success were actually spot on target Back in the day people's perceptions of women heading companies were really expressed in these ways We have come a long long way dear readers this book is a gentle reminder of it So when the H and h meet again when they almost collide on the short cut to the board meeting it is an unusual mix of a very successful and very assertive in the nicest possible way introvert forced to be an extrovert woman who still mourns and berates herself for the mistakes of her romantic past and the very bad judgement of hers that led to themThis gives the h an outward composure that fools most of the people who know her But it should be no surprise that the meeting of the old lover sparks off another crisis in this h's soul She cannot let go of the shame she feels for loving so well and yet so unwisely and PJ makes sure she describes that right down to the last shattered anguished thought as the h realizes she STILL has the Full Force Lurve Mojo Passion for the H The H for his part knows he was an utter toe rag sewer slurping nematode 10 years and eleven months earlier but he has been seekritly reading up on the h and her big success and life in the big city fast lane is lucrative monetarily and a desert in every other way The H needs to know if he can earn himself another chance and so it is back to the home market village we go with the purchase of the local estate with overgrown gardens thrown in to sweeten the lure for the hThen the H kinda almost ruins things cause he just cannot help but kiss the h and PJ just cannot resist the temptation to have every single secondary character except for the wanna be OW try and pimp the h out to the H It makes for a nerve wracking eight inner chapters of the book The H feels terrible that he let his parent's marital failure over the lack of the his father's monetary success skew his view on what was needed to make a happy and loving life The H mistakenly believed that his mother was miserable cause his father was poor and tho he loved the h with all of his heart he thought he needed to be making well above six figures a year to prove to the h that they could be a success as life partnersInstead the H has grown enough to realize that he just needed to pick the kind of woman who valued love and happy times together over money and a nicer house He also realizes that he had at that at 22 and he threw it away like trashThe h inner turmoil doesn't lend itself to much outward forgiveness for the H and his actions So when he tries to tempt her into redesigning his overgrown gardens the ploy fails As the h makes it clear in no uncertain terms that his past actions preclude any kind of second chance in the romance stakes with the h and the H totally believes her passionate declaration Of course PJ isn't going to leave it like that and here is where the creepy part comes in The h and her off on a business trip and now returned brother are reunited The brother also invited his BFF the H The h drinks a few glasses of wine and champagne in desperation during dinner and the H offers to drive her tipsy self home The h falls asleep the H carries her into her house and puts her in her bed and then his Lurve Mojo overcomes his good sense cause he climbs into bed with her This leads to the semi conscious Purple Passion Transcendent Bliss experience of HP Full Force Mojo Then the h comes to her senses the next morning and in act of self defense emotionally claims the incredible pink sparkly moment of ecstasy was an exorcism of their past not a reboot of their relationship It is the H's turn to be utterly devastated and kudos to PJ here for piling on some H angst The H goes off to have his big mopey moment and the h has to ponder the state of her own soul That preponderance comes about in another familiar PJ trope Yet another wanna be OW this one from America and a long standing acuaintance of the H goes to the h to lecture her about not being with the H who clearly is devoted to her The h lets this woman deliver her lecture cries buckets all over the place and then goes to the H's house to reunite in rainbow sparkly kitten and unicorn dancing bliss for the HEA This one is okay tho it is a very very PJish HP outing I actually liked how the h had to struggle with her inner torment in comparison with her outward poise and leadership tho there was a lot of headaches trembling and loss of appetite but I despise the OW tells the h the H loves her trope I knocked off full two stars for that cause I wanted to smack that tart silly Even tho PJ tries to make her nice WHO DOES THAT I mean srsly this woman is an utter stranger waylays a very reserved woman in her home and then berates her for not falling all over a man who dumped her like she was yesterday's trashI would have brained her with a garden hoe especially when it becomes apparent that the woman is seeking a way to ingrate herself with the h's beloved brother Gold digger warning red alert there I wanted the h to channel her inner Irish Warrior ueen thanks Margo and smite the lot of them for unreasonable torture and torment of an introvert Fortunately the big reunion scene with the H is sweet and lovely The H gets his own Sally You love me you really love me speech and I thought the two of them were adorable As well there was a strongly hinted bonus by the OW that the H was almost as celibate as the h for that long lonely time So we can leave the two of them safely loved up and happy together with the H slyly remarking that the h HAS to redesign the garden for him now and the h mildly complaining about what some men will do to get out of a bit of digging for a mostly decent PJ HPlanida Plus experience