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FREE READ Geek Love 107 å Geek Love is the story of the Binewskis a carny family whose mater and paterfamilias set out—with the help of amphetamine arsenic and radioisotopes—to breed their own exhibit of human oddities There’s Arturo the Auaboy who has flippers for limbs and a megalomaniac ambition worthy of Genghis Khan Iphy and Elly the lissome Siamese twins Geek Love is the story of the Binewskis a carny family whose mater and paterfamilias set out with the help of amphetamine arsenic and radioisotopes to breed their own exhibit of human oddities There’s Arturo the Auaboy who has flippers for limbs and a megalomaniac ambition wo. Warning this review contains spoilers Read or don’t read it accordingly I had a schizophrenic reaction to this book On the one hand it had a profound impact on me than books—even some truly great ones—usually do On the other hand I thought it was sloppily edited and Dunn’s prose ran the spectrum from sublime to clunky and ridiculous The good Geek Love has a handful of the most memorable characters you’ll ever find Arturo the Aua Boy is deftly handled a megalomaniacal little turd whose true gift is not his freakish nature but his incredible powers of manipulation His slow seizure of power behind the scenes at the Binewski Fabulon and his exploitation of his followers after the inception of the Aruturan amputation cult are handled perfectly Elly and Iphy the Siamese twins are also done well especially after they blossom into sexual maturity Dunn could have easily fell into trite cliché when she has the two conjoined girls bicker and fight but their personalities are rich enough that it’s never an issue Throw in lesser characters like the Bag Man and Dr P both of whom are hard to stomach for different reasons and you have a virtuoso ensemble cast I also admire the way the reader’s ideas about Al and Crystal Lil as parents changes slowly Aside from dosing his willing wife with bizarre drug cocktails in order to sire a brood of freaks to populate his carnival Al seems like a model father at the beginning of the book but our view of him changes as the book progresses The story of the Binewski children and the fiery demise of everything they know is mind blowing To uote the blurb on the back cover this book “throws its sulfurous light” on the notion of what’s normal and what’s freakish not just in terms of outward appearance but in our heads as well To say that Geek Love is often unsettling is a rank understatement but the book holds its dark thrall not by describing the physical deformities embodied by the characters but by forcing that unflinching view inward In that regard Geek Love feels epic and important The Bad Dunn needs an editor with a big red pen and the balls to call her on the carpet when her writing gets way to precious She has a real tendency to over write Often she makes a nifty turn of phrase only to bury it with another paragraph of useless description and clunky metaphor While the overall effect of the novel is pretty marvelous on the sentence level Dunn is sometimes a hack I was also disappointed in the way Chick’s inferno was described Dunn doesn’t think twice about spending four or five pages describing say the horse Arty has lopped off at the knees She’ll write an entire paragraph about Miss Lick cooking popcorn or Chick cleaning Arty’s tank But the climax of the novel gets barely a page and leaves readers scratching their heads A bigger editing problem is the whole frame story of the now adult Oly and her uest to save her secret daughter’s literal tail The whole Miss Lick saga adds nothing to the book and drags it down It seems added on in an attempt to make the book seem sophisticated what with the chronological shifts and simultaneous story telling The novel would have been much tighter and stronger had it focused on the story of the Fabulon The Bottom Line This is a book that flirts with being truly great but only ends up being pretty damn good

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Evotion and murderous revulsion; as its members conduct their own Machiavellian version of sibling rivalry Geek Love throws its sulfurous light on our notions of the freakish and the normal the beautiful and the ugly the holy and the obscene Family values will never be the same. If the world is a carnival then we were all born to be its freaks After all when each of us arrived on the scene naked and covered in blood and goo we were uniue specimens But soon after our births a member of The Cult of Normalcy gave us a pamphlet and offered us the opportunity to blend in with the rest of society Most of us accepted the offer Loneliness is a scary thing after all So here we are trying to live our lives like everyone else constantly checking the mirror to make sure we look like everyone else and taking some time out of our day to laugh and gawk at those who have failed miserably at our collective endeavor If what we see in the mirror doesn't reflect the rest of society we do things to fix ourselves It's exhausting work trying to be like everyone else but it's worth it because we're not alone and that makes us happy rightI love Geek Love for reminding me that I'm a freak I am the only person who popped out of my mother's vagina on a certain Sunday in November of 1978 at 1056 am at a little Catholic hospital in suburban Maryland No one other than me has my brain my heart and my penis and it is time I started using all three of them to the best of their individual abilities Sorry ladies I'm happily married I'll finish with a great uote from the book There are those whose own vulgar normality is so apparent and stultifying that they strive to escape it They affect flamboyant behavior and claim originality according to the fashionable eccentricities of their time They claim brains or talent or indifference to s in desperate attempts to deny their own mediocrityThen there are those who feel their own strangeness and are terrified by it They struggle toward normalcy They suffer to exactly that degree that they are unable to appear normal to others or to convince themselves that their aberration does not exist These are true freaks who appear almost always conventional and dull

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Geek LoveRthy of Genghis Khan Iphy and Elly the lissome Siamese twins albino hunchback Oly and the outwardly normal Chick whose mysterious gifts make him the family’s most precious and dangerous assetAs the Binewskis take their act across the backwaters of the US inspiring fanatical d. This book was as good as I heard it would and better I love weird characters and twisted plot lines but this went so far that it made me very uncomfortable And I love the book for thatThe plot is simple and sick enough Al and Lil Binewski a young couple madly in love and struggling to save Al's family business a traveling carnival fabulon devise a plan to keep themselves from going under Al with Lil's eager permission exposes his wife to radiation presciptions and whatever else may affect her pregnancies in unforeseen ways The result is a line of children who are so strange that the the traveling carnival now has its main attraction a bloodline as part of one of the most bizarre freak shows of all time I don't want to say any about the book then that but its really amazing Expect to be disgusted expect to be appalled expect one of the most despicable antagonists in literary history and expect one of the most repulsively loveable protagonists ever envisioned This is a brutal and horrific book that also succeeds to be hysterical and heartbreaking not to mention incredibly human and that may be the most uncomfortable part of all How these freaks of nature succeed so well at reflecting the inner side of emotion which is human than one could ever hope their physical appearance can be In short expect to see yourself in and everyone you know in one character or another There is a little bit of Chick and Arty in all of us This book is incredible