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Download When a Texan Gambles Doc Ý 304 pages Æ Jodi thomas ↠ It all started when she got thrown off the wagon train Now a crook is dead and Sarah Andrews has been raffled off in a Wife Lottery That seems bad enough—until she discovers her new groom with a knife in his backHe just barely survives—and now Els she owes him After all he saved her from a life in prison But never in her wildest dreams did she imagine that this dangerously attractive Texan would steal her heart and make her want to take the biggest gamble of al This was another addicting book in the Wife Lottery series by Jodi Thomas I did not think the second book could follow the first one as it definitely became one of my favorite historical romance books I was wrong I enjoyed this book as much as the first book and in some ways Sam was a lonely bounty hunter who paid for the release of Sarah from jail She and two other women were thought to have murdered an evil mountain man The entire town is not especially concerned with the supposed murder but rather the women There are not many women in this part of Texas and many men are looking for wives Each woman in the series has her own heartbreaking story as to how she got there I have not read the two other stories in the series but I think Sarah's might be the saddest She was left on a doorstep of a woman who did not want her and then was subseuently given away when she was six to an elderly woman who did not want her too After the elderly woman died Sarah married a widower who did not care for her either he was only interested in having someone cook for him and do his laundry I think the worst part about this is I know there were people that really did have that kind of life Fortunately Sam wins her in the lottery and treats her with respect He is such an honorable man and the two of them are meant for each other I could say so much about why this book touched me so I am not a person that gravitates towards western romances but I would really encourage anyone that likes romances to look into this series This was a big five star book for me and I cannot wait to read the next one

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Arely survives and now if Sarah doesn't get him out of town fast someone is going to make sure Sam Gatlin doesn't live long enough to enjoy the honeymoon No matter what he may have done or how many enemies he has Sarah fe 35 starsthe hero and heroine came across as a little dumb sometimes and it was a little too obvious Still a uniue take on a western romance Love the wife lottery books so far Watching a couple learn to love each other when they're perfect strangers is lovely Also I loved the way it ended but a short epilogue would have been nice

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When a Texan GamblesIt all started when she got thrown off the wagon train Now a crook is dead and Sarah Andrews has been raffled off in a Wife Lottery That seems bad enough until she discovers her new groom with a knife in his backHe just b This book was SO DUMB I'm afraid reading it might have caused some brain damage So it starts out with a mail order bride trope A western historical romance Great I love that Let's see what we actually get The heroine I have no words She was so awful stupid and just UGHHHHThe first day of their marriage her new husband gets stabbed in the back When Sarah sees him bleeding and he asks her to take out the knife she tells him he owes her because she doesn't like the sight of bloodHow heartless do you have to be to see another human dying before your eyes your husband no less and not give his life or pain any mind only worrying about the mild discomfort caused to you by TAKING THE KNIFE OUT OF HIS BACK??They have to run away and there is no time to see a doctor no medication available So Sam has to just drink whiskey and sleep hoping to heal What about Sarah? Oh she just yells at him for drinking because she doesn't like alcohol Again no compassion whatsoever to the fact that he's in agony When he passes out in a fever near her and all she's worried about is that maybe he'll try to have sex with herGuuuurl The guy is HEALING FROM A STAB WOUND I bet sex is not very high on his current list of priorities especially when he's unconscious When he falls down and hits his head on her metal sewing box she's worried about the sewing box I'm not kidding this is an actual scene from the bookShe believes the very worst about him in every situation even though she knows nothing about him and has no reason to believe these things And when he tells her the facts she doesn't believe him of course And yells and insists that he's an awful person For no reason Right from the start she refuses to sleep with him and he promptly backs off But then she starts asking him to sleep by her side then kiss her then touch but nothing and after he takes all that without complaint she starts parading before him naked because she wants to feel like a woman you see And he doesn't seem very affected by her And so when he tries to initiate sex with his wife what does Sarah do? She shoots at him Shoots At her husband With real bulletsShe misses but that's beside the point And how does Simon react to the violence his wife unleashes on him? Oh he walks up to her and starts kissing her Sure no need to make it clear that shooting at you is unacceptable for your wife Way to go cowboySarah is the dumbest cruelest most heartless bitch I've ever seen in a romance book And Sam who is supposed to be this super badass bounty hunter is later said to have buried than one coffin filled with rocks to give an outlaw a second chance Sure Because that's what bounty hunters do apparentlyAnother major issue I had with this book Sarah was a widow And her first marriage? Of course if the heroine is not a virgin then her first husband MUST be twice her age toothless rapist always openly saying he still loves his first wife and only her poor and loosing their home a general bastard who never talks to Sarah never helps or does anything decent Sure you couldn't give her at least a semi decent friendly husband let alone a good one who loved her and whom she liked? Of course that's off limits Overall verdict