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kindle ç What Lies Beneath 192 pages · naturaltreatment ✓ They say she's Cynthia Dempsey fiancée of media mogul Will Taylor But try as she might she can't recall their high society life or the man sitting by her hospital bed Though her body certainly remembers him Even as she senses the distance between them thThey say she's Cynthia Dempsey fiancée of media mogul Will Taylor But try as she might she can't recall their high society life or the man sitting by her hospital bed Though Excellent book This wasn't the usual amnesia story as this combined amnesia and mistaken identity I liked the way that Will stood by her even though they had called off the engagement right before the plane crash I think it said a lot about how good a person he was That being said he was also very cautious about the apparent change in her personality since he had been betrayed by her before Meanwhile Cynthia was trying to remember the things that everyone was telling her but none of it felt right When she realized that her old life didn't fit any she followed Will's advice and looked for something that did I loved seeing her as she made her new life work for her As the weeks went on they got to know each other all over again and the feelings grew stronger When the mix up came out Will thought she had known all along and said some really harsh things After he had a chance to cool down I really liked the way he made things right There were some very emotional moments in this book that made it one of the best I've read

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Her body certainly remembers him Even as she senses the distance between them the electricity when they touch is undeniableWill can hardly believe Cynthia's transformation Gon I think I am probably the only one who did not see the twist from the beginning WHAT LIES BENEATH was a story about second chances and growing from the past For months Will Taylor sat in the hospital with his fiancé’s parents during Cynthia Dempsey’s recovery from a plane crash that left her with facial reconstruction surgery and amnesia With his plans to leave her because of her unfaithfulness on delay he watches and waits for her true attitude to come crashing back because the sweet caring and totally different person in that hospital bed cannot be his ex fiancéWhen he takes her to their penthouse he watches as she gazes around the unfamiliar settings When she learns of her pas with Will and his intimate leaving schedule she pleads for forgiveness and a chance to start over Will agrees but can’t help having the past keep him cautious As the days go by Will feels his attraction to the woman who betrayed him growing With the aid of his best friend Alex Will decides to wing it and see where it goes At her lost feeling he encourages her to follower her heart which leads her to fashion designing Will begins ‘dating’ her again so they can learn about each other freely She debuts her first fashion dress at her welcome back party thrown by her parents Neither had been happier until the night after great passion Will notices she doesn’t have the notorious tattoo that he hated so much After some researching he discovers she’s not Cynthia but Adrienne Lockhart the seated passenger next to Cynthia when the plane went down Before he makes it home ‘Cynthia’ finds a shirt from ‘Adrienne Lockhart Designs’ and her memories come rushing back Will finds her on the floor and without listening to her trying to explain he throws her out believing she purposely pretended to be Cynthia On her way to her true home Cynthia’s mother wishes her well and insists on keeping in contact Once home she receives a call from a designer she meet at her party wanting to see of her clothes and invites her to a fundraiser fashion show to debut her clothes After only a few weeks Will is ready to admit defeat and realizes Adrienne was as innocent as he was in the mix up He pushed her away and is now ready to do whatever it takes to get her back He receives an invite to the show and makes his plan Amazing for Adrienne the show goes great and her career finally looks like it will take off Her love life also looks that way when Will comes to her backstage room and pleads his case With his devotion of love he pops the uestion with a new engagement ring made just for her

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What Lies BeneathE is the ice ueen who betrayed him and in her place is a woman who seems genuine and warm But can he risk his heart again not knowing what might happen when her memory returns Cynthia Dempsey wakes up in the hospital surrounded by people she doesn’t know Apparently she had been in a plane accident where only three people survived After several surgeries she is starting to look normal However nothing appears familiar to her The people that visit her every day claiming to be her parents the fiancé that sits beside her bed nothing is familiar not even her own name Cynthia must figure out how to go on from this point with no point of reference to her past A friend offers her advice about forgetting who you were just be yourself and so Cynthia determines to take that roadWill Taylor owner of his own newspaper feels that he can’t kick the cold selfish Cynthia out of his life until she completely recovers even though she had betrayed him repeatedly walked all over his heart and was extremely spiteful and bitter to everyone else He feels that she has been through enough by surviving the horrific plane crash and needs someone to lean on for a while However things just don’t seem to be the same with Cynthia and he’s not just thinking physically It’s this inner uality that seems warmer compassionate and caring than before Will is afraid to risk his heart again with Cynthia as he believes that once her memory returns then so will the old Cynthia Can he take the chance?What Lies Beneath is a fascinating story showcasing the deeper side of a love It delves past the exterior thereby linking Will and Cynthia in a different way than they had been before Because for Will the surface and the label point to the pain that he had endured at her hands and yet the inner core of Cynthia seems to have been renewed Will struggles with the whole once bitten twice shy scenario yet he still wants to get to know the new Cynthia in What Lies Beneath and to discover her hidden depths that he never knew existed beforeBoth Will and Cynthia embark on a mystery to discover the truth in What Lies Beneath and that was just as intriguing as the whole plot of the story I truly enjoyed watching Will and Cynthia fall in love again I also liked the whole premise of Will working from a point of pain and yet continually trying to overlook it because it was Cynthia who caused the pain for him in What Lies BeneathI thoroughly enjoyed What Lies Beneath and could absolutely understand Will’s feelings of betrayal when the truth finally came out Yes I wanted to smack him and tell him to listen as well but I knew that he was operating on a painful discovery Will had approached the whole relationship from a point of pain and for him his own reality but he did find that things weren’t matching what he believed to be the truth He was waiting for the old Cynthia to reappear and he teetered in the balance as he waited so that when the truth came out he reacted instead of acting in accordance with the situation in What Lies BeneathI also felt for Cynthia as she knew things didn’t feel right but the truth was hidden beneath the surface and she couldn’t get to ityet But when she did she had an emotional trauma as well and she still only wanted to rest in the comfort of Will’s arms while banking on what they had built already in What Lies Beneath It was a clever little device to make it all click for her as well and I applaud Andrea Laurence for the use of itI totally blame Ms Laurence for making me tear up just reading about the acceptance that Cynthia received from some secondary characters when the truth was finally revealed in What Lies Beneath Yet I completely understood their point in being there to help her through her darkest hours and getting to know the new Cynthia in What Lies Beneath I joyfully recommend What Lies Beneath if only to read a new spin on an old story I am very glad that I took the risk on this new offer when What Lies Beneath came up for reviewReviewed by Vanessa for Joyfully Reviewed