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Epub ´ Weight The Myth of Atlas and Heracles 151 pages Download ß Naturaltreatment È “When I was asked to choose a myth to write about I realized I had chosen already The story of Atlas holding up the world was in my mind before the telephone call had ended If the call had not come per“When I was asked to choose a myth to write about I realized I had chosen already The story of Atlas holding up the world was in my mind before the telephone call had ended If the call had not come perhaps I would never have written the story but when the call did come that story was waiting to be written Rewritten The recurr This book is a disease ridden hooker in a business suit It's a sand pail made of tissue paper All pretense and no heart this retelling of centuries old myths features heaping spoonfuls of stereotypes cliched metaphors sexist commentary baseless pomp and comically bad dialogue Who tells a person that 'you're my fatedrop dead gorgeous' Anyone in their right mind would have maniacally cackled in his face rather than let him ejaculate all over them She's Hera for fucksake HERA She knows some thingsAn idle pass of its admittedly lovely introduction will trick you into buying this stinking pile of highfalutin garbage and then it will start to fall apart on you piece by piece giving you something that reuires a round of antibiotics in the process The analogy that is this book is almost as terrible as the ones I've been attempting in this review so far I blame that on the book by the way You will want to like it so much but it just will not love you back no matter how many Herculean gestures you attempt in order to woo it At first you will feel annoyed by some of its small habits such as saying things like 'Consciousness' and 'Universe' and 'Nothing' and 'Everything' and 'Existence' and 'Soul' with this feigned shaman like brevity in order to gloss over giant topics about life while still thinking it sounds smarter than you and is really schooling you at 'Everything' about 'Existence' in the 'Universe' where you are 'Nothing' Then it will suddenly reveal its whole self to you and it will be ugly intellectually insulting stuff Boy I sure hope the Ancient Greeks didn't envision their heaven as a dorm room full of morons stoned out of their minds but what do I know about itI really should be packing up right now considering I'm relocating tomorrow morning I just had to get this out man On the bright side I have one less thing to cram into the back of my car I know I know sex joke

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Ing language motif of Weight is ‘I want to tell the story again’ My work is full of cover versions I like to take stories we think we know and record them differently In the retelling comes a new emphasis or bias and the new arrangement of the key elements demands that fresh material be injected into the existing text Weigh Jeanette Winterson is a marvellous writer There is a delicate intricate lyricism in her words; a force strong enough to carve out trains of favouritism in the most objective of readers Her prose is deeply meditative and effortlessly fluid — often and infinitely poetic than most poets can manage One can not approach Winterson's works with pre conceived ideas and still manage to successfully penetrate the field of her works; which all in their own significant ways subvert the very concept of pre conceptions This is probably why many readers are unable to enjoy her writing Weight is once again a product of Winterson at her best — as rhythmic monumental and thought provoking as Sexing The Cherry and as evocative as Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit Not just a modern retelling of the Greek myth of Atlas and Heracles; Weight confronts the various mythologies that command weight in our very existence those of choice and fate; of boundaries and freedom; as well as of time past present and future That these mythologies surround these timeless Greek figures just as much as they do us foregrounds the short autobiographical reflections that add to its simple genius Here Heracles is a true representative of toxic masculinity his strength and sexuality a cover for inner weakness while the man holding up the world thinks to keep himself from feeling But in the end Atlas meets Laika the dog both united by their loneliness; and one sees through the weave of stories told and told again that even though we are bound by the paradox of freedom much of our burdens are self imposed the weight of nothing Indeed the mythology this book is centered around is not unknown to most but the key the tale is in the telling Weight is a book of unusual momentum one that focuses our attention towards the relative size of things in the world Beautifully written and brilliantly executed it is a must read a totem of what the author's perceptive imagination and observation of our world is capable of

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Weight The Myth of Atlas and HeraclesT moves far away from the simple story of Atlas’s punishment and his temporary relief when Heracles takes the world off his shoulders I wanted to explore loneliness isolation responsibility burden and freedom too because my version has a very particular end not found elsewhere” from Jeanette Winterson’s Foreword to Weight I felt that this book started off slow and that perhaps it was just Winterson's style that wasn't engaging me But the story picked up when Heracles came into the picture; and I liked the meditations on fate versus choice that perhaps we pick our own burdens and 'punishments' that they are not fated that we can walk away from them when we feel we are 'home' She even brings her own story into the book which I liked though as she'd already used first person for Atlas' voice it was a bit confusing at first when she talked as herself Some may think the ending as she brings Atlas into our modern age is too cutesy