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SUMMARY ´ We Know It Was You (Strange Truth, #1) Ä It’s better to know the truth At least sometimesHalfway through Friday night’s football game beautiful cheerleader Brittany Montague—dressed as the giant Winship Wildcat mascot—hurls herself off a bridge into Atlanta’s surging Chattahoochee RiverJust like that she’s goneIt’s better to know the truth At least sometimesHalfway through Friday night’s football game beautiful cheerleader B. This book is beyond offensive for numerous reasons including but not limited to racism sexism and the handling of sexual assault I could give issuesthese were the biggestFirst I'll tell you about a scene found on page 112 115 where the football coach is explaining respect and consent Let's talk about what you can do to show the ladies respect Imagine what it's like to be a girl You got this smokin' bod that everyone wants to get a peep at Can you imagine what that feels like No you can't because you're dudes and your bodies are disgustingNot only does he consistently refer to women as the ladies but he actually goes on to say Shut up shut up If she's nice and wet then you go ahead and seal the deal If she's not then sorry buddy yes means no and you better seek other accommodations He made a jerking motion with his handI mean really Do I even have to explain how messed up this is Absolutely disgusting That's why they have cheerleaders To give people something to look at Yeah what's the deal with those chicksThey lost their innocence from being sexually traumatized Virginia said They can't cheer anyBecause that's really cool to joke about And to think I haven't even begun to dig into the racist uotesHe had long hair and was dressed in a black T shirt and jeans Maybe thirty years old It was hard to tell with Asian guysHe didn't care any Let Virginia Leeds have her creepy thirty year old boyfriend Let townie Asians flood the gates and take over the world for all he caredReally nice And somehow I know I'm sharing the kinder oneswhich are in no way kindThe racist remarks throughout aren't even the only problem here There's an issue when every single POC is a villain With four POC I should walk away thinking diversityyay Only this book did exactly what we've worked so hard to stop from happening The POC characters were handled so poorlyI just realized this whole review could be made up of offensive uotes so I'll refrainShould I dig into the unnecessary stereotypes Or the moments of slut shaming Or the 100% unnecessary masturbation sceneYou'd think I'm an easily offended person based off this review only I'm the complete opposite I actually like dark and twisted and messed up books This was too offensive to even be entertaining It felt like we went backwards in doing away with racism and sexism in books And how sexual assault is handled I was appalledOh and sorry but a male being raped by a female doesn't make it okay The situation is still rape I don't care if view spoilerhypnotism hide spoiler

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Rittany Montague dressed as the giant Winship Wildcat mascot hurls herself off a bridge into Atlanta’s surging Chattah. I was pretty surprised to see such negative reviews here I would urge people interested in this book to give it a try for themselves Like some others have said this book has a dark comedy tone and a lot of satirical elements which it seems like some people are missing out on by taking everything at face value The tone and plot bounce around from the mundane to the surreal in a way that I can see how some would find jarring but to me that creates the interesting tone of the book The Twin PeaksDavid Lynch comparison is apt And yes the main characters have ACTUAL FLAWS not just personal stumbling blocks on the path to a pure hearted moralistic ending It's not hard to find books where the main characters always make good choices and are good people This is a funny cleverly written book with a uniue perspective It's also an extremely fun uick read Take a chance on this one


We Know It Was You Strange Truth #1Oochee RiverJust like that she’s goneEight days later Benny Flax and Virginia Leeds will be the only ones who know why. I loved this book so freaking much They sold me at Twin Peaks meets PPL when I read the synopsis of this book I find that there's a little bit of a Veronica Mars feel to it as well So if you're a lover of all three then this book is definitely for youI was not prepared to be taken for a ride when I picked up this book but WOW what a crazy ride it was The amount of plot twists contained in this story had me all over the place Just when I thought I had things figured out I was hit with yet another twist leaving me lost all over again This story is told by multiple POV's and I loved how they flowed together seamlessly The author never had to tell you who's POV you were reading at the moment because it was so well written that is was impossible to be confused I've never read anything like this storyline before I loved all the character's in We Know It Was You especially the obsessive Benny Flax Gerard was a goofball that made me chuckle every time he was in a scene and other character's who also stood out to me was Winn Zaire and VirginiaI literally devoured this book and have now added Maggie Thrash to my Favorite Author's List Can't wait to see what she comes up with next and I know without a shadow of a doubt that I will find myself automatically one clicking it