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read doc ñ Desert Flower Ô Vom Nomadenleben in der somalischen Wüste auf die teuersten Designer Laufstege der Welt – ein Traum Und ein Alptraum denn Waris Dirie wurde im Alter von fünf Jahren Opfer eines grausamen Rituals Sie wurde beschnittenIn »Wüstenblume« bricht sie ihr jahrelanges Schweigen und erzählt ihre Geschichte Ihr Schicksal bewegte dieHafterin gegen die Genitalverstümmelung die täglich 6000 Mädchen weltweit erleiden müssen»Ich weiß dass ›Wüstenblume‹ eine wichtige Botschaft hat die von allen Menschen geteilt wird die Achtung vor der menschlichen Würde« Waris Diri There is a lot to admire about Waris Dirie and her story Raised in a nomadic Somali family apparently raped at age four and then mutilated in a female circumcision ritual at age five Dirie bravely ran away from home at thirteen to avoid being married off to an old man Dirie endured a great many trials and tribulations finding her way to Mogadishu and to her long lost relatives a string of unsuccessful living arrangements working as a maid in London and then as kitchen help in McDonalds with minimal English language or literacy Eventually in an amazing rags to riches trajectory Dirie embarks on a successful modeling career and then uses her success to speak out against female genital mutilation FGM It's a shocking story and it reads uickly despite the mediocre writing which detracted some Unfortunately I just couldn't warm up to Dirie as a narrator Some goodreaders perceived her as disingenuous which is something that occurred to me as well although that may just be general memoir skepticism thank you James Frey for stealing my innocence I think the real problem was that I just didn't like Dirie She's not someone I would ever want to meet or hang out with although I do respect what she's been through and genuinely admire her triumph over adversity and her activism Maybe it's cultural or part of growing up in a tough world and having tough experiences but Dirie seemed superficial self involved and Machiavellian to me using people when it suited her and discarding them when it didn't falling out with family members without taking much responsibility for her own behavior failing to respect people's wishes at times etc Plus I felt that some of her musings sadly lived up to negative stereotypes of models and modeling as superficial and vain Dirie redeemed herself somewhat in my eyes with her commitment to activism but I still felt I couldn't really connect with herI thought Infidel a memoir which covered similar ground was a far superior book with a much relatable and admirable narrator

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Vom Nomadenleben in der somalischen Wüste auf die teuersten Designer Laufstege der Welt – ein Traum Und ein Alptraum denn Waris Dirie wurde im Alter von fünf Jahren Opfer eines grausamen Rituals Sie wurde beschnittenIn »Wüstenblume« brich Waris Dirie's memoir is an extraordinary journey from desert nomadto domestic servantto supermodelto UN ambassador for the elimination of FGMShe grew up in the Somali desert where life was tough At age fiveshe had to endure an extreme form of FGMwhich left her with lifelong damage She was still luckier than many other girlssome of whom even died as a result of this ritualA few years laterher father wanted to marry her offto a much older man in exchange for five camels She ran away from homeand on the way to the citysurvived a prowling lionand attempted rapeFinding relatives in the cityshe lived with them for a whilebefore another relativethe Somalian ambassadortook her to Londonas a servantShe chose to stay on therealoneafter her relatives had left Some moments are hard to believe On her very first day alone in Londonwithout any legal stausshe finds a kind strangerwilling to let her stay with herand help her all the way Similarlywhen she arrives in the Somalian city from the desertshe doesn't know her relative's address or even the neighbourhoodand yet finds herselfin front of that house Moments like these create some doubts about her credibilityA photographer's interestled to a modeling careerwhich eventually became successful Along the wayshe staged two fake marriagesto try and obtain a British passportShe seems to have been willing to do anythingto survive There are some convenient coincidencestoo Help always seems to have arrivedwhen she needed itEventuallyshe started working with the UN to raise awarenessabout the damage done to millions of girlsbecause of FGM Todayat leastsome countries have outlawed the practiceBut parents of many girls continue to do it regardlessAn interesting and unusual memoirnoteworthy for putting a cruel cultural practiceunder the spotlightShe also wrote a seuelDesert Dawnbut I didn't find it interesting

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Desert Flower The Extraordinary Journey of a Desert NomadT sie ihr jahrelanges Schweigen und erzählt ihre Geschichte Ihr Schicksal bewegte die Leser weltweit und wurde ein internationaler Bestseller – die Kino Verfilmung begeisterte ein MillionenpublikumHeute kämpft Waris Dirie als UNO Sonderbotsc The position of women in many African regions where old customs are prevalent is very difficult Their lives are determined by the wishes of men who wish to control every aspect of their existence including even their sexuality Violence forced marriages genital mutilation in childhood are the main expressions of this oppressionA young woman tries to escape all this and after many adventures he succeeds and achieves international recognition in the modelling world thus gaining independence and respect But the wounds of the past and especially the terrible experience of her genital mutilation follow her in her new life make her life difficult and prevent her from enjoying some things though she is surely satisfied with what she has doneThis eventually prompted her to tell her story and eventually write this book With a simple language with no unnecessary literary ornaments which goes comfortably from humor to the most dramatic tones she narrates in an eloued and honest way her journey giving a message of the courage and perseverance that must lead people to the search for a better life At the same time she makes a complaint of this inhumane practice putting her own contribution in the struggle to eradicate this inhuman practice a struggle that shows the first positive results 20 years after the writing of the book I especially like the fact that she is doing this without rejecting her culture for which is proud something that is very important as many people use this struggle to pass their racist messagesAn important book that manages to pass its message without melodramatics and exaggerations talking about the difficulties but above all about the joy of lifeΗ θέση των γυναικών σε πολλές περιοχές της Αφρικής όπου επικρατούν πολύ παλιά έθιμα είναι πολύ δύσκολη Η ζωή τους καθορίζεται απόλυτα από τις επιθυμίες των ανδρών οι οποίοι επιθυμούν να ελέγχουν κάθε πτυχή της ύπαρξής τους συμπεριλαμβανομένης ακόμα και τις σεξουαλικότητας τους Η βία οι αναγκαστικοί γάμοι ο ακρωτηριασμός των γεννητικών οργάνων στην παιδική ηλικία είναι οι κύριες εκφράσεις αυτής της καταπίεσηςΑπό όλα αυτά προσπαθεί να ξεφύγει μία νεαρή γυναίκα και μετά από πολλές περιπέτειες τα καταφέρνει φτάνοντας στην διεθνή καταξίωση στο χώρο του μόντελινγκ κερδίζοντας έτσι ανεξαρτησία και σεβασμό Οι πληγές του παρελθόντος όμως και κυρίως η φρικτή εμπειρία του ακρωτηριασμού των γενετικών της οργάνων την ακολουθούν στη νέα της ζωή τη δυσκολεύουν και την εμποδίζουν να χαρεί κάποια πράγματα αν και σίγουρα είναι ικανοποιημένη από όσα κατάφερεΑυτό την ώθησε κάποια στιγμή να πει την ιστορία της και τελικά να γράψει αυτό εδώ το βιβλίο Με γλώσσα απλή χωρίς περιττά λογοτεχνικά στολίδια πού πηγαίνει άνετα από το χιούμορ στους πιο δραματικούς τόνους αφηγείται με γλαφυρό τρόπο και ειλικρίνεια αυτή την πορεία της δίνοντας έτσι ένα μήνυμα για το θάρρος και την επιμονή που πρέπει να ο