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EPUB ✓ MOBI Voluptuous Panic · The Erotic World of Weimar Berlin FREE é “ Voluptuous Panic is simultaneously appalling and thrilling repellent and seductive grotesue and gorgeous—not a typical coffee table book It would go better with absinthe drunk from a human skull”—Gary Meyer Clean Hundreds of rare visual delights from pre Nazi Cabaret period “Babylon on the Spree” has the distinction of being praised both by scholars and avatars of contemporary culture inspiring hip clubgoers filmmakers gay historians graphic designers and musicians like the Dresden Dolls and Marilyn Manson Voluptuous Panic’s expanded edition includes the new illustrated chapter “Sex Magic and the Occult” documenting German pagan cults and their bizarre erotic rituals including instructions for entering into the “Sexual Fourth Dimension” Read this 5 10 years agoImagine if Hollywood Babylon was about German pop cult personalities of the 1920s and 1930s and was factualThis book is as good as that book could have beenHighest recommendation

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The deluxe hardcover edition also includes sensational accounts of hypno erotic cabaret acts Berlin Fetish prostitution “The Boot Girl Visit” gay life “A Wild Boy Initiation” descriptions and illustrations of Aleister Crowley’s Berlin OTO Secret Society and sex crime “the Curious Career and Untimely Death of Fritz Ulbrich”Mel Gordon is professor of Theater at University of California Berkeley and also the author of Erik Jan Hanussen Hitler’s Jewish Clairvoyant Feral House and The Grand Guignol Theatre of Fear and Terror DaCapo An amazing book with a collection of photos and drawings of 1920's Weimar Berlin that I have never seen in one place Great write ups of what you are looking at with details that are seldom writtenIt floors me at the sheer decadence that thrived almost 100 years ago It would give Las Vegas a run for it's money as Sin City even today

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Voluptuous Panic The Erotic World of Weimar Berlin Expanded Edition“ Voluptuous Panic is simultaneously appalling and thrilling repellent and seductive grotesue and gorgeous not a typical coffee table book It would go better with absinthe drunk from a human skull” Gary Meyer Clean SheetsWhen Voluptuous Panic The Erotic World of Weimar Berlin first appeared in the fall of 2000 it inspired wide acclaim and multiple printings Anticipating the expanded edition Feral House placed Voluptuous Panic out of print and for the past year buyers paid as much as 460 to online sellers for a used copyThis sourcebook of if i wasn’t a lazy bastard i’d put together a photography book called Fascist Fashion yeah that’s right americans are great at a certain form of propoganda but the real 20th century badasses the communists and fascists and tyrants and totalitarians and terrorists in the case of the latter their 21st counterparts really need to get their shit together unruly beards and dirty robes and timex watches Suicide Chic uh no understand the aesthetics and sexuality of power and violence americans seem not to understand the sexuality of anything It just seems to seep to the surface of our pop culture in a variety of disturbing ways consider Stalin in america he’d be some short scarred ugly guy over there a crisp boxy suit stylish hat trimmed mustache twinkle in his eye throw on the samovar olga on one knee marfa on the other weekend at the dacha comrade or Castro beard army fatigues cute little cap and that cigar and Mao motherfucking Mao the little red book the serene smile the badass longshirt he wore all buttoned to the top goddammit i’d bang his bald chubby ass uicker than you can scream “Workers of the World Unite” and Mobutu Trujillo Tito Saddam and the grandaddy of course Hitler goddamn if those nazis didn’t know EXACTLY how to make facism attractive And who did Hitler fall to Truman A mid western haberdasher Yuck the best we have to offer is Kennedy stack of Ian Fleming books in the oval office glass of scotch in hand banging broads in the back room of Sinatra’s palm springs hideaway under the table handjobs from an aging Marlene Dietrich and even him even JFK the exception that proves the rule had to play it safe and wear those drab blue suits all the time shit can you imagine what Dior Balenciaga Ungaro or St Laurent could have done for JFK had he given them free reign so there’s no american counterpart to my book No Capitalist Chic who’d get in that snorefest of a book fucking Tom Delay former exterminator christianist jackass do that guy up all Founding Fathers Chic in powdered wig make up and knickers and he still sucks Nancy Pelosi uh maybe if the plastic surgery deer in a headlights look and newscaster hair suddenly became chic and Bush total zero total fucking waste well Winston Churchill again great personality horrible fashion icon famously said ‘the inherent vice of capitalism is the uneual sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the eual sharing of misery’ and it may be true capitalism may be the least of all evils or it may be soul crushing instrumental in the end of days i don’t know but i know this fashion wise its leaders and political advocates have nothing on those who have fallen before its mightinteresting to consider that JFK was of course a massive Ian FlemingJames Bond fan and saw himself as something of a spymaster Bond type certainly explains why JFK deployed so many damn black ops CIA missions he makes Cheney look like a little bitch shit JFK put out a moteherfucking mob hit out on Castro fuck with that Dick Interesting to do a kind of cause and effect thingie starting with a boy born in London exactly 100 years ago who would write a few spy novels which would inspire the most powerful man in the world to do some seriosuly badass shit and basically alter human history watch what you write people and remember to slightly alter a lyric by one of the true fashion icons of the 20th century “you