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Cy of an unexpected reunion Star Wars fan fiction and tuatara But at its heart is Aza Holmes a young woman navigating daily existence withi Even though I just finished this book I already know it's one that will stick with me for years to come I can't fully express how cathartic this book was I finally saw parts of myself represented in a novel the parts that I was ashamed of and pretended didn't exist This is by far my favorite John Green novel I can't say much about this because I'm still sobbing over it Just read it please

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Turtles All the Way DownN the ever tightening spiral of her own thoughtsIn his long awaited return John Green shares Aza's story with shattering unflinching clarit 2 Starsand that's me being generousThis book was wellnot goodI went into this with somewhat high hopes I knew it was about a girl with anxiety issues and as someone who struggled with a lot of anxiety as a hormone ridden depressed teen who lost a parent at a young age myself much like Aza I expected to really connect with this story At least on some level One reviewer I follow even ranked this as her top read of 2017 Said it was life changingLIFE CHANGING To each their own and all that jazz truly I'm happy other people got something out of this book but in my opinion for something to change my life or at least remotely affect me in any way it has to have at least some depth to itAnd this book had about as much depth as the shallow end of the kiddie pool Now I realize that I a 35 year old woman am not the targeted demographic for this book but stillThere has to be at least some point to a bookCharacter developmenta cool plota semi decent romance evenBut this bookHad basically no plotNo true character development that I can seeAnd perhaps the most simplistic moral of the story I've ever seen So let me save you a few bucks or a trip to the library and just give you what amounts to the entire point of this book hereReadydrum rolldrum rolldrum rolldrum rolldrum rolldrum rollLife Goes OnYep that's pretty much it LifeGoes On

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kindle ☆ Turtles All the Way Down Ñ Hardcover read Ì naturaltreatment õ It all begins with a fugitive billionaire and the promise of a cash reward Turtles All the Way Down is about lifelong friendship the intimacy of an unexpected reunion Star Wars fan fiction and tuatara But at its heartIt all begins with a fugitive billionaire and the promise of a cash reward Turtles All the Way Down is about lifelong friendship the intima I’ve been having a bad run with YA lately I’ve loved it for so long that I persevere on remembering that there are gems that there are treasures but increasingly I’ve found myself worried have I grown out of it Have I overdone it Each novel seems to be repeating some unspoken pattern or at least trying to make something new out of the same ingredients It was with trepidation then that I wandered in to Turtles All The Way Down thinking “yes I’ve liked John Green books in the past but maybe that was before I had grown tired of the same ingredients” NOPE IT’S GREAT YA IS ALIVE AND WELL Like always I’m thankful for Green’s refusal to dumb anything down He treats his teenagers like adults because they are adults or nearly are and at the very least deserve the same respect as adults When we are introduced to Aza’s life and her way of living it nothing is hidden Her anxiety and mental health continue to be an unrelenting problem in the narrative because they are an unrelenting problem in her narrative It doesn’t ease up it doesn’t get fixed and at times it is nearly physically painful to read about a sad girl who can’t get better You do just want to reach into the pages and give her a shake or a hug and tell her to please get better But that’s the point She can’t Or not forever And that’s okay Because she’s still lovely and wonderful and lovedI have a particular love for the ending My dad and I agree that watching a good movie is fun the second time Now you know that every thing is going to be all right and you can just relax and enjoy it I went into the ending so nervous that it would be cheesy or unrealistically hopeful or really unnecessarily sad I was so surprised by an ending that moved on from being a teenager looked at a life beyond teenage hood that I nearly cried I nearly cried because not enough teenagers hear that what they’re going through truly matters but also that they'll be leading a completely different life very soon It was something I told my brother constantly when he was still in high school and I had gone on to University and suddenly had to try and remember how hard high school had been A note on technology I feel very strongly about the use of technology in YA It frustrates me to no end when a teenager “leaves their phone at home” or “runs out of data” or “doesn’t think to text someone something time sensitive” It isn’t the way that teenagers function it doesn’t make any sense it ignores a huge part of the way that teenagers understand themselves and each other and can you tell that I really care about it yet John Green does the impossible here he manages to include technology organically to make it important to the story and to their lives but without making it gimmicky For that I am also thankfulFinally I am thankful for this representation of mental health It is ugly sad disturbing frustrating but not hopeless It isn’t everything even though sometimes it is and it’s honest I am so happy so unbelievably happy that kids and teenagers and also adults will have this That they will read it and feel understood or empathize or both You know how we always want books to “make us better people” To “show us new perspectives we couldn’t imagine” Pick up Turtles All The Way DownFull disclosure I read an early version of the book and worked with John Green and his editor and my name is in the acknowledgments The posting of this review is unrelated to the work I did