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Free eBook Å ePub Truly Madly Deeply Memoirs of a Broken Heart's First Love ç Å naturaltreatment ✓ What happens when the most popular guy in school falls in love with his beautiful female euivalentA pompous Rahul is head over heels in love with Seema a shy ladOm for misunderstandings in love In today's world can a person's first love ever be his lastThis teenage love story seeks answers to all these and as it alternates between the past and the present events in the life of Rahul and makes you wonder; do all love stories have a happy ending Or do all love stories end ever TRULY MADLY DEEPLY promises to be a heart warming and emotion filled tale that will captivate the reader's heart and fascinate his mind and leave him pondering DOES LOVE TRULY CONUER ALL OD Truly Madly Deeply is a book about first loves and obsessionsIn his debut novel Faraaz Kazi tells a beautiful story about two teenage lovers Rahul and Seema and their touching and tragic love story From the onset I thought this was one of your typical love stories where a girl and guy fall in love in school and end up together forever in the island of dreams because everyone is too perfect which was reinforced by the fact that both main characters were described as very beautiful and intelligent and with beauty that just refuses to fade away no matter how beaten down they get but I was happy to be proved wrong Yes this is your teenage romance novel But no this is definitely not your cliched 'love is a cure all' novel that looks oddly like a bollywood film story The story is uite refreshing in its story line and particularly in its conclusion which I really enjoyed The story it tells is in a sense very easy to identify with especially as a high school student and though both the cases of the main characters might seem slightly over the top I personally find it a very likely and plausible story The characters are eventually uite well written especially Rahul who tells this story and is as a conseuence much human and likeable compared to Seema whom we mostly see from the point of view of someone who adores her and thus comes across as slightly insufferable I like how the house struggles and personal rivalries come in the middle of their relationship with two such strong personalities as the author shows I also loved the minor characters from Jai to Sahil most of whom were nicely shown and portrayed and thus added depth to the story The writing style was crisp and direct I liked the use of non linear structure and different point of views to tell the story it added some spice to a book that might otherwise have been slightly bland The use of poetry abundantly in the narrative was probably uncharacteristic but really helped break the monotony of having one character mostly narrate his story I like how the story gives you a sense of wanting to know which is exactly how most teenage relationships end Its particularly well written in the sense that it can be understood and yet has depth which is probably really ideal for its target audience Final thoughts A beautiful layered story of a teenage love turning into an obsession Worth a read if you like the concept

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Ion she gets due to Rahul's ostentatiousness What follows is a series of misunderstandings and ego clashes causing them to drift apartRahul loses his popularity his numero uno status his sanity and ultimately his love By the time he realizes what he has lost it's too late He takes desperate measures to woo her back and win back her love But will Rahul ever get back Seema And will Seema ever realize how much Rahul loved her and all the misunderstandings that transpired between them Is there really any ro Love is a mysterious feeling; have you not felt it play hideand seek with you too It hides beneath anger at times evenfear or hatred its less extreme cousins At other times it openlyflaunts itself through that extra glint in the eyes the accelerationof heartbeats and so many other such minuscule things whichassume humungous proportions when it comes to this four letterword In its nascent stage love is shy cowardly and dormant Butwhen it awakes it has the power to rewrite destiny to destroy allin its path and to overcome obstacles against all odds Rarely doeslove transcend certain boundaries created by the human mind andsociety in general Such love becomes an obsession a double edgedsword that could doom the lover; or a tight noose that binds breathsof lovers with it It is when this godly feeling takes a demonic formthat there is no escape; it extinguishes all rationality and logic anddrowns the surroundings in a melancholic blue Things supportiveearlier now suddenly seem hostile and the world seems to start andend at your lover’s feet‘Truly Madly Deeply’ is one such story of a love that grew beyondproportions transcended boundaries and resided in an enigmaticheart which had no words to describe what it felt to be throttledwith love As all other feelings love is subjective too Whatever yourinstinct for this story be I am sure that you will remember thisstory for a lifetime For it could have been your story It could havebeen mineAnd what makes me so sure What could I possibly promise youin this book Three hundred odd pages full of unadulterated loveA journey into the most extreme emotions of a heart A flashbackdown memory lane A ride over the nuances of complex teenagebehaviour Or a hope of falling in love againHonestly I don’t know Every expression of art is read differentlyby the one who reads and appreciates it But yes the book hassomething in it for everyone All those who have ever passed throughthe turbulent teens or ever cherished their first love—which all of ushave at some stage or the other—will connect with the story Theycan form opinions—praise criticise or ridicule—and then forget it;but for the author the creator of it all the first book is a memorabletool of self discoveryMost people talk of an author’s book as his child composed ofhis blood and sweat a product of the semen of endless dedicationand resolute determination In that sense the child does have hisparents’ DNA So yes the book has a part of the author somewhereeither hidden or easily visible to people who know the author Andthis all the applies to the first book‘Truly Madly Deeply’ is a mix of fact and fiction where dominanttraits of certain characters have been drawn from people I knew inthe past and my own memories of my school daysI just changed the surroundings a bit and did all the things thatfiction writers do to make it pleasant and ‘readable’ Andthat is the adjective I would like to leave you with as it is the readerwho decides everything from the success of the story to that ofthe author And I am indeed blessed to have you as my reader

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Truly Madly Deeply Memoirs of a Broken Heart's First LoveWhat happens when the most popular guy in school falls in love with his beautiful female euivalentA pompous Rahul is head over heels in love with Seema a shy lady from the same school After a whirlwind of innocent encounters their teenage romance blossoms but the two never confess their love for each other Friends and even a few teachers approve of their relationship which is no secret to anyone thanks to Rahul's flaunting natureSeema on the other hand finds it difficult to handle the unnecessary attent ‘Truly Madly Deeply memoirs of a broken heart’s first love’ is one of the most wonderful romance novels I have read till date This is not your usual college kind of a fairy tale romance but a very uniue and subtle love story with intense emotions right from the word ‘go’ I picked up this book from a bookshelf in a store just to sample it with my eyes after seeing the striking blue cover And for the next six hours straight I was at the store on a bean bag reading this delightful tale I finished this book in the store itself yet I bought the copy as it will always remind me of a feeling called love in this world Every page of this book is a delight to the reader It took me back to my school days making me recollect my first love You laugh cry and even dance with the protagonist Some moments are really heart touching though it moves slowly at the start it gathers pace in the middle The story is about the protagonist Rahul and his love for a girl named Seema from his previous school The story is put on paper through a vivid narrative and the author using multiple POV's brilliantly to sketch the minute details of some of the most wonderful characters a reader might come across From essaying beautiful moments in a person's love life which they usually take for granted to portraying raw human emotions through effective dialogue and scenery catches the attention of the reader The subtle use of metaphors and the added poetic effect are alluring and pleasant though some do seem like they have been 'stuffed in unnecessarily'Rahul is made to recollect his days of yore back home in India from his current location in Philadelphia In those days Rahul was an extravagant over confident youngster riding high on his academic success but in the present he’s shown to be a shadow of his past recovering from a heart break but is he really recovering That’s the main element of the story In a viral promo that was released some months back the author talked about the protagonist landing up there when the only thing he desired in this world was the comfort of Seema’s lap Thus the journey of Rahul from the apple of everyone’s eyes to being a nothing is really well sketched and holds the reader’s attention The way Rahul talks in first person as a normal hormone driven teenager and when the author uses the third person to display his growing maturity is really the highlight of the book other than the surge of the confused emotions Though if the poetic lines just before the protagonist goes into flashback should have been italicised or underlined to give the reader a hint that the flashback is about to begin It does get confusing in the earlier chapters before the reader starts expecting the same effect in the subseuent chaptersSeema is as the writer says ‘Rahul’s female euivalent’ but only beautiful Exactly how an on track love story falls to the wolves makes the reader sit up and take notice The author makes use of delicate misunderstandings which teenagers often have the habit of blowing them out of proportions ego clashes cause the lead characters to drift apart only to realise that the enormity of their feelings was much than they had thought of The good times the characters share makes one recollect their school days and the innocent encounters of first love and then once the turbulent times begin the story takes a while to sink in Heavy emotions mark the downfall of Rahul’s love life Other than the main characters some other characters like Sahil and Grazil are noteworthy even though they aren’t a part of the main story Their loveable nature instantly strikes a chord with you Farha Naziya and Jay have a distinct evil shade to their characteristics and manage to evoke the exact opposite emotions once the reader realizes the extent of their doings in an adolescent world The cricket scene and uiz are so wonderfully done by the author that it seems like a live scene is playing in front of your eyes And emotions not just mean the dark depressing Devdas types but also include well constructed humour and drama Try as you may you can't get the lonely boy on the bench scene out of your mind It is one of the most tragically haunting scenes I have read in a romance book Very well written However some dialogues sound really filmy and the author only reinforces the belief that teenagers are hard core movie buffs who aspire to be in the shoes of their favourite actors It can actually be made into an interesting movie with a bit of editing in the script as some scenes are your typical Bollywood masala types Fighting seuences and the deliciously rhyming song that Rahul sings for Seema on the annual day are other highlights of this loveable adolescent tale The good part however is that though the story talks of first love and conjures up teenage protagonists it does not limit itself to the same target audience due to the fact that the author has used multiple POVs uite efficiently The teenage drama coupled with a very interesting climax that comes out brilliantly because of the way the author has built up the story make this book a true love saga Coming from a first time writer it is apparent that there was a lot of self influence going into the story yet this book is a gem though there was room for improvement in editing and hopefully they will be corrected in the next edition The book should strike a chord with people who cherish their first love and have ever passed through the funny stage of life called adolescence Slow to pick up but a fiery tale intense with emotions and filled with enjoyment this book is a must read for die hard romantics and all other readers in general Uread and Flipkart are offering author signed copies of this book if you cherish a well written emotionally charged love story then go for it