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Free read Trinity Trespass ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ A secret war rages throughout the southwestern USA and Mexico between demons and angels all of whom are trying to pass for human For Parnell a demon living in Las Vegas NV survival depends upon following orders and resisting the allure of any relationship that A secret war rages throughout the southwestern USA and Mexico between demons and angels all of whom are trying to pass for human For Parnell a demon living in Las Vegas NV survival depends upon following orders and resisting the allure of any relationship that might bind him to another in sexual slavery In his competitive world he regards other demo. Demons were freed from Hell by the first atomic bomb launched by JRobert Oppenheimer at Trinity Site Since then they walk the earth among us lead by their higher ups the cadre and fought every step of the way by their eternal enemies the Angels Demons and angels are connected by a kind of common mind the Collective an energy net through which they can sense each other's souls right down to detecting true feelings and lies Only in New Mexico the Collective isn't as powerful as it is everywhere else; there is a border set by the Cadre to create a no man's land where neither angels nor demons are supposed to reign That is in short about the essence of the worldbuilding as I perceived it A very interesting and uniue concept The author plays on the chords of Catholic lore giving it some new twists which sometimes remind of the Exorcist and sometimes of the Matrix movies For example the angels are the bad boys here since they obviously think they will return to Heaven when their physical body dies no matter what they do The demons fearing death since it means their return to Hell seem to be much keener on balancing good and badSince the worldbuilding is so complicated it was amazing how the author managed to get it across through the thoughts of Parnell the 3rd person narrator or through dialogue Due to this though the book was also a bit slow to begin Even one of the key events which happens early on is almost drowned under the need to get information acrossYet after about one third of the book the picture is clear and Parnell and Navarro take off like rockets Those two are totally hot together it was easy to buy the emotional passion which needed freuent release through wild sex of which there is a lot from the very beginning There was love and hate precariously balanced between them underlined by Navarro's fierce loyality and Parnell's desperate need The third man Chavez remained a bit of a mystery An angel demon hybrid he's sought after by the Cadre after he has been used by the angels for several years They suppressed his sexuality completely and now let loose he makes up for lost time with Navarro and Parnell Both were attracted to him and he to each of them threatening to trip their power play In the end Chavez is still an outsider but not because Navarro and Parnell make him but because he simply is what he is This book is about the world and characters than about plot although there IS plot I think the author did a great job and hope she won't let all that work go to waste by NOT writing a seuel This cries for one An unusual intriguing fantasy with speedy action and a lot of very passionate sex Definitely recommended

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Avez hopes to seize psychic power on the auspicious day of Easter and use it to kill his master Parnell and Navarro must prevent this or face death and the return of their souls to Hell To save himself Parnell must decide whom to trust whom to kill and whether he can find the strength to give his heart to another 45000 words Unavailable as of 862013. Very well written debut novel about a pair of demons and the demonangel hybrid they come into contact with The world building was a bit intense at the beginning but once into the story the interesting three dimensional characters and the fast paced action packed plot hooked me I'd love to read about these guys

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Trinity TrespassNs such as his lover Navarro as potential opponents As for the angels he knows them as the Enslavers whose evil nature compels them to exploit the drug trade in Mexico When Navarro and Parnell go to the no man's land of New Mexico to capture a renegade angel demon hybrid named Chavez the three of them enter an uneasy triangle of sexual attraction Ch. It was not easy to enter in the fictional world Val Kovalin created with this story but that is always the problem with a Fantasy setting or at least it’s my problem Moreover Val Kovalin chose also to unsettling our few certainties our traditional belief that Angels are good and Demons are bad; truth sometime there are Demons who behave as if they have regrets but sincerely I had only one other experience with Angels that are not the good guys I think the main reason is that in this novel Angels are full of themselves really presumptuous and they are a bit too much sure they will go to Heaven no matter what; Demons instead seem to not like the idea of Hell and that is another novelty and the threat to be killed and going to Hell is something that makes them wonder two time on their action Other than the novelty on the balance between Angels and Demons there was also the fact that this story deals with what should have been ethereal creatures above Angels but instead put them in a gritty environment made even dusty from the choice of New Mexico these characters are interacting in the middle of nowhere far from what we usually consider civilization and even if it’s not actually underlight I had the strong impression to feel the hot weather the sweat coming down from the back and yes even the smell Sometime there was a reference or two to the necessity of a shower to the fact that one of the character didn’t shave and so on; now in a contemporary setting this would be normal but we are speaking of Angels and Demons and so I read it as a way to make them real less ethereal By the way even the reason why they are in the real world and not in Hell or Heaven is due to a than human action the launch of the first atomic bomb by J Robert Oppenheimer at Trinity Site New Mexico in 1945 For this reason it’s not strange that aside from an adventure plot the rescue of an half breed AngelDemon Roberto Chavez in the New Mexico territory the main plot is the one happening between Parnell and Navarro Both Demons and sometime working partners Parnell and Navarro have also a tentative love relationship developing between them; only that Navarro tends to be the overprotective type always trying to shelter Parnell from the big bad world and Parnell is not the one to like being a submissive Strange is that I didn’t mind Navarro’s attitude and truth be told I didn’t read him as much as a Macho Man but like a man in love who is not used to be weak since love is indeed a weakness Sometime I wanted for Parnell to be kind and attentive with Navarro like if Parnell was the one in control and not viceversa There is a ménages going on among Navarro Parnell and Chavez but in the end I think the real and long last relationship is the one between the original pair Parnell and Navarro and so the ménages was a nice addition not an unsettling elementhttpwwwdpB0049B3292