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Download Ebook Ç Treehugger 317 pages ´ Naturaltreatment ´ For fourteen year old Chloe planet hopping is a gift Righting the wrongs of the multiverse on behalf of a mysterious life form is a privilege Leading a double life has its perks Being Earth born however simply bites Chloe knows she will never fit in wheN reveal her true self and her unusual abilities on Earth anyway She used to be okay with that as long as her two best friends were part of her extraterrestrial life understanding her the way nobody else could That was before those friends vanished That was before some jerk displayed her underwear on his head Treehugger by Kea Alwang is basically about a specially chosen planet traveling Earth girl named Chloe who is part of a group on a mission to protect the multiverse and spread the word that it exists She however struggles to fit in with people of her own species on Earth I absolutely loved everything about this book The author's writing style was amazing She seamlessly switched from present to past tense in a way that made it so easy to follow I also love the characters and how the perspective changed First we feel so bad for Chloe beginning at the slumber party to her depression When the perspective changes we can see how other people feel and how minuscule her problems really are The author jumps write into the story but gives the backround info in a way that does not sound listy and boring Seeing the main character pick herself up both on Earth and Jacondor and take control of her double life is amazing to read Kea Alwang also does a great job in making it interesting but not confusing Her creativity is astounding and yet I never struggled to understand what was happening I also really liked how the antagonist of the story was introduced early but the story didn't center around him We get to see regular life on the planets and Chloe's struggles on Earth And then there is the foreshadows during the novel that make you wanting for I also enjoyed the fact that the protagonist had a history with the antagonist when she was very little As the reader the author finds a creative way to tell us what had happened the first time they met The writing during this part was especially awesome too how Chloe was transitioning from experiencing the regression as a seven year old to reporting to what her 14 year old self was feeling I won't elaborate because I don't want to give anything away; Overall I give this book 5 out of 5 stars Everything was amazing and the characters did not bother me at all There were a lot of sub plots weaving within the greater plot which I thought was really cool It has some humor action and adventure I strongly recommend everyone who likes this kind of stuff read this book and even if you don't you'll probably enjoy it anyway

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For fourteen year old Chloe planet hopping is a gift Righting the wrongs of the multiverse on behalf of a mysterious life form is a privilege Leading a double life has its perks Being Earth born however simply bites Chloe knows she will never fit in when high school starts; that's a given It's not like she ca The beginning is really hard to get through and to be honest if I wasn't reading to review it I probably would have given up To be fair though the author had to clear up the worlds and the characters and stuff in the beginning I'm not saying this book was poorly written because the author was uite good at explaining things and the adventure was definitely there it just takes a while to get there I personally just had trouble getting through it it just wasn't my cup of tea personally This book did have its moments though there were some interesting parts and I felt as though I could relate to Chloe when I was in high school except for the whole I wasn't from another planet part Don't expect this to be a uick and easy read make sure you have the time to spend reading and understanding it I recommend this book to those who enjoy reading young adult science fiction and adventure stories I received this book from the author

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Treehugger Now two thirds short of feeling whole Chloe becomes an enemy to herself just as a terrifying nemesis threatens to resurface Can she fight through weakened skills fearsome flashbacks and evolving relationships to meet her future head on? Does it really matter what world you're on when trying to find yourself? Treehugger by Kea Alwang is a sci fi fantasy type young adult adventure The beginning few chapters kept me intrigued but a bit confused As with most fantasy books or movies it takes a bit to get used to the author's descriptions of worlds characters and language Some of the names were difficult to figure out but I think that added to the fantasysci fi aspect of the story It is futuristic in that there are multiple galaxies worlds humanoid and non humanoid type creatures and As I read I got a nostalgic Star Wars type feeling for the ambiance of the different worldsI enjoyed reading of the strong relationship of the three main characters but I felt that Chloe was a bit of a brat throughout most of the book She had such a poor me type attitude that I got a bit fed up with her after a while Her attitude makes her character realistic and believable so I'll forgive her for being a bit of a bratI think most fantasy and sci fi fans will enjoy this book Anyone who likes a good adventure will enjoy it as well Chloe's struggles to fit in her disappointment and frustration of missing her close friends her determination to help when needed and her tenacity for getting in difficult situations makes her a believable character I look forward to reading by author Kea AlwangI received a free kindle copy of this book for my review for info see my blog and for a giveaway of this book