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What do you seek at the end of this road What have you brought to pay your way The road is full of hazards and the marketplace can cost than you expectIn Trafficking in Magic Magicking in Traffic editors David Sklar and Sarah Avery bring you 18 magical tales of travel and transacti. The lure of the open road gets an added fillip as magic sorcery and those pesky deals with the Devil get thrown into the mix These stories range from humorous to horrific as various authors try their hands at stories about what happens when people give in to the forbidden pull of magic or wandering into places they shouldn’t go It’s a mixed bag but the high uality of the writing is remarkably consistent This anthology gives new slants into magic; as with any good journey I was sorry to have it come to an end

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Trafficking in Magic Magicking in TrafficOns ranging from busking in a train station to walking between the worlds from doppelgangers for hire to capturing the remnants of the deadIdeal to read on your vacation commute or flight from vengeful ghosts this collection features classic stories by Elizabeth Bear Daniel Braum G. Disclaimer I received this book as a Goodreads giveaway on the premise that I would review itThis fantasy anthology has a dual theme as indicated by its title; magic as transaction and magic while traveling The former theme brings to mind the classic Faustian bargain story and the preface mentions that the editors got a bushel full of them only a few making the cutThere are eighteen stories nine for each theme divided into groups of three by subtheme such as “Bad Roads” Most of the stories are new but some have been previously printed Some standouts include“Ghost Diamonds” by Scott Hungerford A woman and her niece discover that compressing crematorium ashes into a diamond allows calling the ghost of the deceased But they aren’t the only ones who have made this discovery and someone’s been switching the ghost diamonds with fakes But why“Across the Darien Gap” by Daniel Braum A guide attempts to take a hunted woman through the rain forest between Central and South America His two dimensional thinking may doom them This one has been made into an episode of Psuedopod a horror podcast and is now being lengthened into a book“Only a Week” by Joyce Chng This one might actually be science fiction set in a futuristic Chinatown A courtesan seeks to regain her youthful beauty but the medicine has side effects and can be taken only for one week“And the Deep Blue Sea” by Elizabeth Bear A courier must cross the postapocalyptic Southwest to deliver vital supplies But a deal she made years ago is coming due Can Harrie finish her delivery with the devil himself in the wayThere’s a good diversity of protagonists and both happy and sad endings A couple of stories are perhaps a little too cliche but the uality is generally goodUnlike many small press books I’ve read lately the proofreading is excellentI would recommend this book to fantasy fans in general and modern fantasy fans in particular

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Trafficking in Magic Magicking in Traffic Download Ø 0 ï What do you seek at the end of this road What have you brought to pay your way The road is full of hazards and the marketplace can cost than you expectIn Trafficking in Magic Magicking in Traffic editors David Sklar and Sarah Avery bring you 18 magical tales of travel anEorge R Galuschak and Darrell Schweitzer as well as new work by Pauline J Alama Megan Arkenberg DW Carlson Joyce Chng MC DeMarco E Grace Diehl James Enge Manny Frishberg Sara M Harvey Scott Hungerford Deborah Grabien Deirdre M Murphy Rhonda Parrish Richard Rider and Heather Stearns. We begin with a poem that I very much enjoyed “The Roadseller’s Trade” by E Grace Diehl We have someone selling a road to a boy and going through the bartering process And a road cannot be bought with money no it’s a sacrifice that’s needed “It won’t do if you won’t miss it boy A payment’s got to sting” When presented to Ale she said it reminded her of the peddler in the beginning of AladdinTrafficking in Magic“A Favor Has No Price” by Sara M Harvey – This was well written and enjoyable There was good world building and the story stands on its own but I would be interested to see what came before and what will come after the story “White Feathers” by Heather Stearns – Surprisingly violent for a tale about a goose and the baddies break a cardinal rule“Pennies from Hell” by Darrell Schweitzer – We Chuck meet an old friend Jim in a tacky bar and he proceeds to tell us a story about a mutual acuaintance Joe For some reason I love the language in this And the tale is intriguing Just how lucky is that lucky penny“Ghost Diamonds” by Scott Hungerford – There’s a black market for everything it seems Loved ones diamonds loved ones that have become diamonds We follow Joani in her attempt to reach and rescue her dear Aunt Zillah And the ending could give you a cavity it’s so sweet“Share” by Rhonda Parrish – Here we have androids without the metal – they are flesh golems made to obey orders But sometimes programming has a glitch It’s good but I feel that this one is missing something and I’m not sure what it is “Across the Darien Gap” by Daniel Braum – I had no idea of the existence of the real Darien Gap so I learned something This is sadder than the other ones I didn’t really enjoy it as much but not everything can be happy and fun“Only a Week” by Joyce Chng – This takes place in a Chinese city sometime in the future The futuristic elements seem a bit off to me like they were added after the fact to turn this into futuristic fantasy rather than just fantasy Here we have a cautionary tale of confirming and following directions And after reading I’m wondering if our kindly grandfather was not specific on purpose“Slight Changes” by Manny Frishberg – Magic makes an appearance in two forms here – in the slight of hand we’re familiar with as well as real magic Jackson enters the story by the first performing rigged card tricks to swindle people out of their money He gets a stage show gig so he wanders into a magic shop to pick up some new tricks And it is here he finds the second kind of magic and it’s not just the kind used for tricks “Strawmen” by Megan Arkenberg – In this world some people are basically Mystiue from X Men and can turn into other people The Strawmen will do so for money The proprietress of the Strawmen business makes a mistake – it’s never a good idea to lie to someone like thatMagicking in Traffic“And Everyone Goes” by Deborah Grabien – This was a bit depressing for me and may hit a little too close to home for some Charlie is a little boy with special needs who is sitting in yet another therapy session He is not paying attention to the adults though he is focused in the traffic light outside And Charlie is special indeed because while he may not talk he starts to discover he can do some pretty amazing things“Boney Fingers” by Deirdre M Murphy – Anna is busking with an added boost of magic She’s not just trying to make money no she has a job to do And we get to see her in action There could be here – it’s very short and we’re missing a lot of the back story Maybe it could have been added but maybe it would have been too much I guess that’s part of the problem with short stories“War Beneath