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READ & DOWNLOAD Â Toxic By Raquel Valldeperas Å I didn't mean to let everything get so badI never had control over the variables in my life and that was okay That's just the way it was But the drugs were supposed to be my constant my escape my refuge They weren't supposed to pull me under and hold me down bring me to the brink of deathI didn't mean to let everything get so badI never had control over the variables in my life and that was okay That's just the way it was But the drugs were suppos. This review contains spoilersWell ShitUnfortunately for Racuel Villadeperas she tried to tell a story that’s already been told better As her first book I guess it was pretty good But the bad thing was that I could tell that it was her first book know what I meanI thought her writing was both mellifluous and robotic like a bad remix of a pretty song Though I appreciate her trying to write a book that delves into deep subjects like drugs and physicalemotional abuse and I think she made a beautiful attempt she just couldn’t uite pull it offLogan is a girl who’s had a very shitty hand dealt her from the get go Her mom’s a drug addict; the only friend that was allowed to be her friend moves away and the relationship she has with her boyfriend began when he tried to rape herSoTo numb her pain Logan begins taking drugs Just like that There really is no transition phase she just one day decides to take a pretty blue pill and is immediately addicted Soon her life spins out of control she drops out of high school decides to live with her abusive rapist of a boyfriend and gets a job as a waitress at a bar And this is where she meets Nathan She and Nathan have a kind of insta love thing And about twenty pages later she’s living with the guy Again there’s really no transition phaseFast forward a little and Nathan helps her overcome her drug addictionThe End Do I recommend this bookNoWill I read a book by Racuel Valldepares ever againNo This reading copy was kindly provided in exchange for an honest review


Te They weren't supposed to turn on me just like everyone elseMy name is Logan May Reynolds and this is my storyContains mature content Recommended for readers 17. A copy of this book was kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review3 12 stars Maybe you'll tell me your story one dayI shrug my shoulders and say Maybe but I know that I never will It's a selfish story full of ugly things that no child should ever have to witness and truths that no person should ever have to learn Toxic was in a nutshell an incredibly touching well written insightful and engaging novel I fell in love with it uite unexpectedly and even though it dealt with pretty dark topics and made my eyes sting with unshed tears than once it was also immensely beautiful and instilled a feeling of serenity and peace in me when I had finished itToxic tells the tragic story of a girl named Logan who was only five years old when her own mother a drug addict started abusing her physically and later on in order to satisfy her needs brought home various men from whom Logan had to endure sexual abuse Growing up Logan learns nothing but abandonment and indifference from the people around her and she very uickly comes to the realization that life doesn't have much to offer at least not to her Her life changes for the worse when she gets tangled in the web that is Danny a cruel and merciless guy who makes her life a living hell Unable to escape him she suffers even abuse at his hands and is dragged deeper into vicious cycle of drugs physical abuse and psychological tormentI was rendered uite speechless by the loveliness of Rauel Valldeperas' writing as well as her masterful portrayal of Logan's childhood and the way she captured its broken innocence She managed to find the perfect balance between being descriptive but not overly so Logan's story was dark haunting and disturbing but page by page it succeeded in sneaking its way into my heart and it will probably stay there for uite some timeI don't want to go into details of the plot nor the characters because discovering and experiencing them as I read layer by layer was what drew me to this novel and made it so appealing Toxic is by no means perfect; there are many aspects of the story that could have been thoroughly perused but I had the feeling that Rauel Valldeperas had done this purposefully left a few things in the dark and let the readers fill out eventual blanks for themselves The few things that bothered me a little bit were overshadowed by the many extraordinarily written moments of comeliness and tenderness There are so many words on the tip of my tongue but nothing I'm willing to say I don't miss him or the way his eyes smile before his lips I don't miss the way he says my name like it's a prayer that'll get him closer to heaven I don't miss his touch or how it has the power to make me forget His kisses and how they make me feel higher than highI'm anticipating a lecture about choices or blame but he leans down and kisses me It's so simple yet so perfect Sweet and gentle and apologetic and sincere It's everything I need view spoilerNathan and Logan's sex scene was incredibly tastefully written and simply gorgeous it captured Logan's fragility and vulnerability so well and might just be one of my favorite love scenes in the NA genre hide spoiler

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Toxic By Raquel ValldeperEd to be my constant my escape my refuge They weren't supposed to pull me under and hold me down bring me to the brink of death and keep me in that in between sta. FREE 122 123 IN HONOR OF CYBER MONDAY