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Till Kingdom Come Characters Ì PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free · TILL KINGDOM COMES is a compulsively readable mixture of humour and dark fate Nikolaidis bitterly explodes all Balkan post Communist myths After reading it you will hate life but in an immensely happy way Slavoj i ek A cynical local repoWill take him to the site of wartime atrocities on the trail of fake suicides across Europe and back to the fate of a local Jewish mystic Through his own uniue and now recognizable style Nikolaidis takes us into a world of criminal intrigue and a dissection of our humble human existence Powerful rich in philosophy readers will be gripped by this binding narrative and the existential dilemmas it revea. U posljednje vrijeme nisam imala prilike pročitati roman koji je u meni izazvao tako oprečna mišljenja poput Devet Usuđujem se reći da imam pozitivniji dojam o samom autoru nego o romanu Nikolaidis je očigledno erudit čovjek koji zna pisati i koji može kreirati intrigantne likove No Devet nažalost pati od nedostatka identiteta Riječ je o većim dijelom suvremenom romanu koji prikazuje nadrealnu zbilju s naših prostora s krimiokultnim podzapletom I upravo mi je taj podzaplet naslabija točka ovog romana Da je bio prominentnije zastupljen bio bi uvjerljiviji te bi propelirao Devet u domenu punokrvnog kriminalističkog romana Ovako imam impresiju da je istraga dodana samo da bi se opravdala oznaka Balkan NoirBilo kako bilo tri zvjezdice su više zbog Nikolaidisova stila i vještine nego zbog samog romana

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On; from the stories of his parents' lives to the photos in the family albums Here starts the most important investigation the reporter has ever undertaken and one in which the main character is the mother he never knew He must find what links the woman who gave birth to him to the murderous past of the Yugoslav Secret Services and the liuidation of political opponents abroad and embark on a journey. Opening a new Andrej Nikolaidis is always a journey if you’ve read any of his earlier works you have no doubt as to the onslaught of political thought the rejection of mainstream thinking the rants inserted into the plot and then an enjoyable addendum of some sort“Till Kingdom Come” is being talked of as the final work in a loose trilogy referred to as “The Dark Generation” in Nikolaidis’ home country of Montenegro the first two works “The Son” and “The Coming” both translated by Will Firth both previously reviewed here and both available through Istros BooksIn a recent interview translator Will Firth said the work was “fun to translate – I don’t get to say that very often – and should be stimulating for readers who enjoy black wit coupled with keen insights” Our first two works contained “soundtracks” at the conclusion with suggested songs to listen to for each chapter and I must admit I was looking forward to another “soundtrack” where the “Sex Pistols” are aligned with some obscure youth uprising or something similar however I was to be disappointed our latest one does not have suggested tunes however it does contain photos for our author’s mobile phoneAs per our first two instalments our novel is set in Ulcinj in Montenegro this time it has been raining for six months and the fortifications and ancient escape tunnels as well as every house and inhabitant have been inundated with water A nice adjunct to the dry humourRadovan came from some God forsaken place in the Krajina borderlands He claimed he was a close relative of a well known Bosnian Serb folk singer Having a nationalist bard like that in the family opened many doors for him here That’s the kind of time it was Montenegrin etho fascism was comparable with the German variety in terms of its intensity Its relative lack of coherence and effectiveness at killing can be put down to Montenegrins’ legendary laziness and incompetence in organizationOur plot here is a little off kilter; we have a first person narrator a journalist who has left the media to become a speech writer for the head of the police department Finding out suddenly from a stray relative his Great Uncle Tripko his grandmother’s brother that his actual grandmother is not at all related and having been brought up by this woman he’d been told his mother and father had died he goes on a journey to search for his real mother his real identityFor my full review go to

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Till Kingdom ComeTILL KINGDOM COMES is a compulsively readable mixture of humour and dark fate Nikolaidis bitterly explodes all Balkan post Communist myths After reading it you will hate life but in an immensely happy way Slavoj i ek A cynical local reporter discovers that the grandmother who brought him up is actually not his blood relative Suddenly the past he has called his own turns out to be a complete fabricati. Moj prvi susret s ovim autorom Vracat cu mu se svakakoOvo je odlican roman centralna radnja je krimi prica s elementima misticnogNo mene najvise fasciniraju likovi i autorova promisljanja o vremenu u kojem zivimo politici covjeku Bas sam maloprije rekla zao mi je da si neke recenice nisam prepisala Svaka preporuka za ovaj roman