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doc ì Tigra author Linda Fite Paperback · Marvel's feline fury is on the prowl Before Greer Grant Nelson became Tigra she was the Cat a costumed hero taking on foes like the Owl and the Man Bull But an encounter with the mystical Cat People soon unlocked her full potential and Greer became Tigra the Were Woman Transformed into a feline fi Ody crime drama illustrated by Mike Deodato Jr COLLECTING THE CAT 1 4; MARVEL TEAM UP 1972 8 67; GIANT SIZE CREATURES 1; MARVEL CHILLERS 3 7; MARVEL TWO IN ONE 1974 19; MARVEL PREMIERE 42; TIGRA 1 4; MATERIAL FROM MONSTERS UNLEASHED 1973 10; MARVEL TEAM UP 1972 125 Fun stories from Marvel's Werewoman

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Marvel's feline fury is on the prowl Before Greer Grant Nelson became Tigra she was the Cat a costumed hero taking on foes like the Owl and the Man Bull But an encounter with the mystical Cat People soon unlocked her full potential and Greer became Tigra the Were W Tigra The Complete Collection collects The Cat 1 4 Marvel Team Up #8 67 125 Marvel Two In One #19 Giant Size Creatures #1 Marvel Chillers #3 7 Marvel Premiere #42 Monsters Unleashed #10 and Tigra #1 41970s Marvel was the Wild West at times what with the comics code being relaxed and Marvel's popularity exploding I had some rewards points to burn so I snapped this Bronze Age beauty upFirst off Tigra The Complete Collection is uneven as hell Every feature The CatTigra was in was plagued by shuffling creative teams That being said the collection still had its momentsGreer Grant Nelson was a policeman's widow who became a superhero to avenge her husband's death as The Cat If it sounds familiar it's because it's the standard super hero tragic origin The Cat was uninspired at times but I thought it was a fun read despite the ever shifting creative team Marie Severin and Wally Wood were the best in the bunch of course I think The Cat would have fared better if she'd been introduced a few years laterAnyway The Cat only lasted for four issues and a Marvel Team Up appearance before she morphed into Tigra the Were Woman Tony Isabella and Will Meugniot had a good thing going before having the rug yanked out from under them Tigra floundered for a couple issues and was relegated to guest appearances and an Avengers membership It would be a couple decades before Tigra was given another shot as a solo actThe Christina ZMike Deodato Tigra miniseries was easily the best part of the book Greer finally looks into the circumstances of her husband's death and winds up going up against a secret fraternity of killer cops ending with her becoming a policewoman My only gripe about this miniseries is that Tigra had a tail From what I hear the setup for future stories was largely ignoredIn the end I enjoyed parts of the book but a lot of it seemed half hearted I think Tigra had the misfortune of coming around at the wrong time She could be a headliner with a creative team that gave a shitWhile it was uneven as hell Tigra The Complete Collection was still an enjoyable read Three out of five cat talismans

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Tigra author Linda FiOman Transformed into a feline fi ghting force Tigra soon made her mark on the Marvel Universe clashing with Werewolf By Night Kraven the Hunter Red Wolf and and leaping into action alongside the Thing and Spider Man Plus join Tigra on the trail of a killer in a mo Ok in all fairness I suppose this is full disclosure time hello my name is Rick and I am a cat lover Yes I am I admit it I love cats Always have Always will Why Well unlike dogs cats are independent of humans They are not slaves of human attention and affection I don’t want a servant I want a companion And by now you're asking what is this guy going on about Well a long time ago in a land filled with insanity called Texas I found this superhero named Tigra in the pages of Giant Size Creatures #1 It was her first appearance Except it wasn’t Oh the joy of discovering backstories I was hooked And I tried in vain for years to track down those old issues of her original appearances as The Cat Never was able to and I sadly eventually gave up Although I did eagerly await her appearances in other Marvel publications like Marvel Two in One Marvel Team Up Fantastic Four Avengers and eventually West Coast Avengers I was hooked So while I’ve read most of the stories collected here I haven’t read all of them I’ll be rectifying that very soon as my copy just arrived I’ll supply an update after I’ve finished but I’m looking forward to this collectionUpdate Alright let’s break this down The Cat #1 4 and Marvel Team Up #8 these are the original appearances of The Cat Yes there’s some pretty rough almost amateurish stuff here but there’s also some real potential as well Clearly the concept of the Cat had a lot of rough edges but that can be said of lots of Marvel characters in their early appearances So really a lot of unachieved potential Giant Size Creatures #1 Monsters Unleashed #10 Marvel Chillers #3 7 this is basically we’re I originally discovered the character although I didn’t get to read Monsters Unleashed #10 until it was eventually reprinted Tigre’s re origin for lack of a better word was very intriguing and certainly caught the attention of my young mind It’s pretty normal superhero monster fair from that area but it’s still lots of fun The Marvel Chillers stories are even rougher and looking back on these now I can see why the series didn’t last long Too many writer and artist changes over too few issues always leaves lots of contradictions and missed opportunities But there are highlights and unrealized potential Marvel Two in One #19 Marvel Team Up #67 #125 Marvel Premiere #42 these appearances span the largest gap of time and straddle Tigra’s appearances in the Fantastic Four the Avengers the West Coast Avengers As this the case there’s a lot of lack of continuity and very little consistency of vision and characterization in these stories They’re fun but not much else Tigra #1 4 this story rounds out the collection and unfortunately contradicts most of the plot elements from the characters origins in her earliest appearances Also some disjointed writing leaves these issues very uneven not as satisfying a conclusion to the volume as one would have hoped So the entire volume is pretty weak it starts off with unrealized potential develops into a chaos of directionless contradictions and ends with a well intended refocusing that fails than it succeeds So as much as I’d like to give this volume 4 stars I just can’t see giving it than three Really only die hard fans of Tigra like myself will likely get much out of this