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Can first love turn into the real deal in a sizzling new Fool's Gold story from New York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery? Isabel Beebe thinks she's cursed in the romance department Her teenage crush Ford Hendrix ignored all her letters Her husband left her for anotherman So Isabel has Review also on my blog3 12 starsI always want to like Susan Mallery’s Fool’s Gold books than I actually do Don’t get me wrong—the setting is charming the small town feel is idyllic and the characters are fun and uirky They’re feel good books to be sure I have enjoyed much about these books—obviously because I keep coming back for Lately though their “cookie cutter” feel is beginning to overpower their overall charm for meThey start out with two characters—our hero and heroine—who aren’t indon’t want to be innever can be in a true relationship In Three Little Words it’s Ford Hendrix and Isabel Beebe Ford recently out of the military has never been in love and therefore assumes he never can be Isabel is fresh from a divorce and only in town temporarily—she’s getting the family bridal boutiue ready to be sold and then she’s back off to NYC where she’ll begin her own business with a designer friendNext our hero and heroine start some sort of relationship that for whatever reason isn’t a “real” one In this case Ford’s mother is anxious to marry off her last two single children—Ford and his divorced brother Kent—and Ford and Isabel agree to have a fake relationship to keep her off of Ford’s backThe hero and heroine of course always know the deal—they will notcannot fall in lovebut of course they do In Fool’s Gold it’s almost always the heroine who realizes it first but she knows that she can never ever tell the hero Because then the gig would be up It’s usually at this point that the heroine loses some of her appeal for me Her inner monologue tends to turn a bit maudlinBut he finds out andleaves The heroine is sad so all the women of the town okay not all of them but it feels pretty darn close converge on her house with frosty alcoholic beverages and yummy snacks They drink together and commiserate with the heroine’s plightSomeonesomethingthe entire town helps the hero see the error of his ways He rushes back to her declares his love and FINIS story overIn between each of these steps though we also see a huge amount of set up for future books We’re practically hit over the head with future love possibilities galore and it really begins to feel like they detract from the time spent on the current story Oh and there’s always an older town resident or two running in and out of scenes doing things that are vaguely disturbing octogenarians drooling over twenty and thirty something guys and pinching their butts mothers setting up a booth at a town festival to get applicants for their sons’ hands in marriage mayors who freely admit to knowing everything and blithely encouraging the rest of the townspeople to just accept itKind of scaryStill this installment had going for it than some—mainly Ford and Isabel and their backstory Once upon a time—fourteen years ago—Ford was engaged to Isabel’s older sister Maeve called off the wedding at the last minute and Isabel who had harbored a crush on Ford forever was devastated She wanted to make everything better for him When Ford left town to join the Navy days later she began writing him letters She wrote letters to him for ten years pouring out her heart to him in each and every oneI know I’m only fourteen but I love you I’ll love you forever and I’ll write you every day Or at least once a weekFord never responds and finally when Isabel believes her current boyfriend is go

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Three Little WordsCome home to dust off her passion for fashion and run the family bridal shop until her parents are ready to sell it Then she'll pursue her real dreams At least that's the plan until sexy charming Ford returns and leaves her feeling fourteen all over again Seeing Isabel all grown up hits body I have been looking forward to Ford's story and it was definitely worth the wait Ford has returned to Fool's Gold to run his security business with his friends After ten years in the military it is a bit of an adjustment One of the changes he has encountered is his ex fiancee's little sister who isn't so little any Isabel used to write to him when he was deployed and even though he never wrote back those letters had been important to him If anyone can make him believe he can love it's IsabelI loved Isabel In spite of the troubles she has had she is basically an upbeat personHer husband left her for another man Their marriage hadn't been all that great but she hadn't seen that one coming It has left her with some real hangups when it comes to intimacyHer teenage crush on Ford resulted in her writing letters to him for many years even though he never wrote back Those letters ended up being like a diary and now that she's an adult and living in the same town with him she is a bit embarrassed about them Seeing him again brings back those feelings When he asks her to help him out by being his fake girlfriend she can't say no I loved the way that they started out as friends She teases him about his attitude that it's his patriotic duty to make sure women are happy with him even though he will never settle down She can also see past the charming sexy surface to the pain that he still feels from some of the things he saw in the service She has a great way of subtly coming to his rescue when situations especially with his family start to overwhelm him I loved the way that their fake relationship started to become real even though neither one would admit it Isabel is able to trust Ford with the whole story of her marriage That opens the door to a new closeness between them Eventually Isabel has to admit to herself that she wants it to be realShe is back in Fool's Gold to help out her parents who are on an around the world cruise She is running the family bridal shop until they get back and put it up for sale Her plans are to leave Fool's Gold and start a new fashion business with a friend in New York The time she spends doing this the she enjoys it Isabel is very good at helping brides find just the right dress and also dealing with the crises that come with the job She has various ideas on things to do to improve the stores but reminds herself that she is leaving I loved seeing the way that her goals changedIsabel has been reconnecting with old friends and making new ones I love her relationships with those friends They all support each other and help out wherever needed I really enjoyed the conversations they had especially about relationships They are also there for Isabel when she hits a rocky spot with FordFord is a really nice guy at heart He's a badass former SEAL and a bodyguard trainer now but underneath he's sweet Being back home has put him too close to his family at times His mother is determined to get him married to the point where she took applications for the job at one of the festivals Ford feels that he's a bad bet relationship wise because he has never been able to commit to any woman for very long He doesn't want to hurt his mother's feelings by telling her that so he talks Isabel into being his fake girlfriendFord left Fool's Gold when his fiancee Isabel's older sister broke off their engagement He has spent the next ten years as a SEAL and avoiding coming home whenev

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Three Little Words doc Ù Paperback read ✓ Can first love turn into the real deal in a sizzling new Fool's Gold story from New York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery? Isabel Beebe thinks she's cursed in the romance department Her teenage crush Ford Hendrix ignored all her letters Her husband left her for anotherman So Isabel has comeGuard trainer Ford like a sucker punch Back when heartbreak made him join the military her sweet letters kept him sane Now he can't take his eyes or his lips off her The man who gave up on love has a reason to stay in Fool's Gold forever if three little words can convince Isabel to do the sam I had a really difficult time getting over the eww or ick factor of The hero was the 1st lover to the heroine's older sister now 14 years later he's now sleeping with the younger sister the heroine I just thought that was gross Hence the ick factorOnce I pushed that to the back of my mind the story wasn't that badHowever I'm not planning on reading any of the Fool's Gold books It's a small town And while it can't be classified as inbreeding too many people have slept with so and so or they were married to so and so and now this person is sleeping with them and it's just a tangled up jumbled mess I don't like books like this To me it's disgusting and I certainly don't want to waste my time reading about itToo many books today think of this as romance No one is ever a virgin they've had kids with someone else been divorced or slept around with different people and now are ready to settle down The writers may think this is how the world is today and it is to some extent but there are still people out there with morals and I don't think they want to read about this kind of stuff any than I do Also I think the authors who write these books are also encouraging this kind of behavior because the readers just accept that this is the way the world is today so it's alright to behave this way I'm not a fan of Christian romance novels either I just like romance novels and have been reading them a long time However the tone of the books have changed so much over the past few years making it seem like it's no big deal to have slept around as long as you used a condomI'd really like to see the writers and publishers go back to a wholesome romantic style of writing To me romance is not going on a first date and then sleeping with them They may think that's how society leans but I know there has to be of us out there who aren't that way