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mobi ´ Three Amazing Things About You í Hardcover ¶ Jill Mansell's enchanting new novel will drive readers to seize life with both hands and make the most of every minuteHallie has a secret She's in love He's perfect for her in every way but he's seriously out of bounds And her friends aren't going to help her because wAsha has a problem Her new boyfriend is the adventurous type And she's afraid one of his adventures will go badly wrongTHREE AMAZING THINGS ABOUT YOU begins as Hallie goes on a journey A donor has been found and she's about to be given new lungs But whos This is the third Jill Mansell book that I have included on my blog and I have made no secret of the fact that she is one of my favourite authors I love whatever she writes and this her 26th novel is one of her bestIt is the story of three young women all are strangers to each other but the way their lives connect and collide is one of the joys of the book With the exception of one and you will soon realise who that is all the characters are extremely engaging and likeable and the type of people that you could happily be friends with At the very beginning we meet 28 year old Hallie when she is on her way to the hospital excited but extremely scared at what is to come Hallie has had THE phone call from her transplant coordinator Hallie has cystic fibrosis and despite being confined to a wheelchair with an accompanying oxygen tank most of the time she is upbeat funny kind and in love although the object of her desire doesn’t know it Hallie is well aware that she may not have much time left unless a donor organ can be found She also runs a website called ‘Three Things About You’ where those writing in for advice first have to list three facts about themselves The advice that Hallie gave was a good insight to her character – she may have been seriously ill but she didn’t take any prisoners Tasha otherwise known as ‘Bin Girl’ – this scene was just wonderful and had me grimacing and grinning in eual measures has had that love at first sight experience However she and her new boyfriend are completely different – he is an adrenaline junkie whilst she has no desire whatsoever to take part in extreme sports Can their love really last despite their differencesFlo has become guardian to Jeremy a very grumpy cat who comes with his own accommodation Flo loves her job in a retirement home and the interaction between her and her residents particularly Margo is wonderfully crafted However when she meets a new man she encounters trouble from someone who seriously objects to her romance I loved this book It had me laughing one minute and then almost crying the next It deals with some difficult subjects – serious illness and the importance of organ donation but it never preaches and although at times it is an emotional read it is also uplifting and joyous and is written with sensitivity and warmth Even the friends and supporting characters had their own distinct personalities and were certainly a great addition to the story Tasha’s best friend Carmel and Rory’s best mate Joe were just wonderful and the sparky dialogue between them worked so well At a certain point of the book I thought I knew where the story was headed but there are little twists to keep you on your toes By the time I got to the end my emotions had been through the wringer but it was a lovely journey and this book is deservedly another triumph for Jill Mansell

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Jill Mansell's enchanting new novel will drive readers to seize life with both hands and make the most of every minuteHallie has a secret She's in love He's perfect for her in every way but he's seriously out of bounds And her friends aren't going to hel 4 stars I think it makes a huge difference when the book is about a place you know I love getting three different women stories and how they all came together I know this is womens fiction but I still felt the romance was slightly rushed on all three stories and also the heroes were all uite weakRecommend if you enjoy Women's fictionchick litBooks based in UKGreat bunch of charactersNot overly emotionalSome humour ARC provided by NetGalley

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Three Amazing Things About YouP her because what they do know is that Hallie doesn't have long to live Time is running outFlo has a dilemma She really likes Zander But his scary sister won't be even faintly amused if she thinks Zander and Flo are becoming friends let alone anything T Well this is the first Mansell book I have loved I think the reason why though is that we follow three separate couplesgroups and then we get to see how in the world they all connect up with each other at the end I maybe cried a bit too when I got to certain parts I will say that I didn't buy the character of Flo getting along with her boyfriend's sister towards the end of the book She Lena I found to be terrible I don't know if I could have been so forgiving due to an accident that I still feel was Lena's fault Either way though I liked how the story moved months and then months again We definitely get a sense of time passing and people growing up Three Amazing Things About You follows Hallie Tasha and Flo These three women are thinly connected and until almost the end of the book you don't understand why Mansell told the story the way she doesHallie has cystic fibrosis and knows that due to her condition that she does not have long to live Her condition causes her to miss out on things that she yearns for like the ability to travel all over the world and just to walk without getting winded What I really did like about Hallie though is that she has her own blog where she gives out advice to her followersreaders Due to Hallie's age though I have to say that this whole thing with a 20 year old person giving out sage advice rung hollow for me I have to call Dawson Creek levels of shennigans here My friends and I say that all the time to each other when we read a book or watch a movie with a character who is young and dying and is full of wisdom about everything around them Did I get a kick out of Hallie's column Yes Did I find it believable Not a bit I also found her responses to some readers to be harsh too Tasha is single and I am going to say it picky as anything regarding what guy she will date I am too though so I actually cheered her for this Out of the women we follow I have to say that Tasha was my favorite Tasha ends up having a fun meet cute with a guy named Rory She doesn't think she will see him again but luckily for her Rory can't get her out of his mind and arranges to see her again These two uickly start throwing around the L word and both know they have found the one they want to be with However these two are complete opposites Tasha likes to be safe and worries a lot about Rory who drives a motorcycle rock climbs and seems to be a total adrenaline junkie Both Tasha and Rory's best friends think the couple is doomed though since they don't have a lot in common There was a couple of moments there that I thought I knew where Mansell was going with Tasha and Rory but glad to be proven wrongFlo is a carer at a retirement home She ended up working for an elderly woman who of course lavished all of her love on her cat yep catlady When the woman dies she leaves the cat to Flo with the condition that Flo can leave in her flat as long as the cat lives This of course ticks off the great niece and great nephew brother and sister Zander and Lena Flo though finds herself becoming attracted to Zander even though Lena does her best to break them up There are a few secondary characters heads we get into while reading We get to see Rory's and Zander's POV a few times throughout the story I wish Mansell had included them too since a lot comes up because of these two men We also get Hallie's doctor Luke's POV as well We actually get of Luke which I thought was a shame since I think the women and men in this book all meet because of one character and I wish we get insight into that personWe also get some secondary characters like Hallie's best friend Tasha's best friend etc that don't come off very well while I was reading I think it was because we had whole things revealed about them that you get told about later It would have been nice if that was included while reading instead of being told why yes I have been doing X this whole time The writing was pretty good The plot I will leave out since it will spoil you on the ending The flow for this one was a lot better than previous Mansell books though I think telling this in three separate stories works for this book Usually Mansell has a huge cast of characters you are supposed to follow who all know each other are lying about something or are sneaking around It's too much to be believed at timesThe setting of this book with the small villages and other locations Hallie's home Flo's flat etc were very well done I could picture each place perfectly in my headThe ending really ties everything up I was glad that Mansell actually wrote what I would consider a mature chick lit You still get the romance side of things but we also get to see something realistic and you get to see how one person's of HEA could be someone else's tragedy