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There Be Demons When demons overrun the city Gillen the leader of the Gargoyle Guardians reuests re There Be Demons by MK Theodoratus is one of those books I was drawn to due to the lack of information received by the synopsis There was enough to leave me intrigued but not enough to leave me able to predict how the story would play out In other words the possibilities this book had pulled me inWith any book that contains demons I found myself expecting a rather dark book Whenever I read ‘demons’ I always hope for the darker Supernatural episodes those where everything that could goes wrong does go wrong What I often forget as I did with this book is that the level of demonic darkness I expect does not occur within young adult urban fantasy books Thus what I received wasn’t uite what I had been hoping for when I read the synopsis It was a fun book I cannot deny that but it had a few too many of the standard young adult fantasy elements for me to be truly blown away by itThe premise of the story was really interesting with there being plenty of elements throughout that I found myself really enjoying There are plenty of books that cover the battle between angels and demons but I have read few books where we have gargoyles It was a nice change to the usual and I instantly found myself intrigued by this element of the story It was something different and I always enjoy something different However I do feel as though I never did learn as much about the gargoyles as I had hoped to There were many times where we found stuff out about the specific gargoyles but I would have liked a little bit information about them as a collective thus allowing me to see a much bigger picture of the uniue element of the storyWhat I really wanted of though was big action scenes A lot of the book is spent upon the characters developing into their roles coming to terms with the situation and I feel as though this was at the expense of what could have been many big action scenes In many ways I feel as though this book contained too much There was plenty to enjoy but I felt as though many elements were put into one book when it would have worked better had things been spread out across a couple of books Even if it were duology whereby the first book contained all the coming to terms with the situation that was included in this book and the second book focused much on the taking down the bad guy As someone who really enjoys to coming together of the big bad in books I felt a little bit disappointed when the book gave us so much when it came to the everyday conflict of the charactersDon’t get me wrong this was an enjoyable enough read I simply believe I was in the wrong mindset to really appreciate it I’ve been having a bit of an off period with young adult books recently and I believe this is just another example of how I’m not in the right place to enjoy young adult as I know many will really enjoy thisFor those who enjoy young adult books with a demonic twist I’d certainly recommend giving this book a read

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PDF È BOOK There Be Demons · When demons overrun the city Gillen the leader of the Gargoyle Guardians reuests reinforcements His commanders send four untrained teens from the projects Not only does Britt Kelly discover she must cope with a new high school but demons truly existEs Britt Kelly discover she must cope with a new high school but demons truly exist There Be Demons is a story targeted at teenagers but I being an adult also highly enjoyed it Before gifting any books to my kids I make it a point to read the books myself and found 'There Be Demons' to be a clean educative and enjoyable books for young people The start of the book is average but as you proceed into the book the story gets interesting and maintains this interest till the very end Our heroine Britt is a tall and lanky teenager with a terrible temper Yet she knows how to control this temper and use her head in an intelligent manner to save people and solve disputes While she is of course being the heroine the savior of mankind but there are other ualities about her that teenagers should learn and imbibe For example she knows how to present in a situation and convince other people to dress appropriately for a given occasion She knows how to keep her mouth shut in the face of a shouting mother She knows how to handle a bully without incurring his wrath or anger She knows how to solve dispute so that people actually follow her advice and play any game in a companionable manner She knows when to act meek and dumb when in fact she is boiling with anger and want to is intelligent enough to do the right things She knows when to hide something important even from her close friends And she knows how to be good without being angelic and blend with the crowd She knows and understands the valuable things of life and is therefore the perfect candidate to save her city

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Inforcements His commanders send four untrained teens from the projects Not only do There Be Demons is a YA paranormal fantasy novel by MK Theodoratus In this book the author takes readers along with a young girl by the name of Britt and three other kids as they discover that they are warriors called to help the angels and the gargoyles fight the demons that are attempting to once again infiltrate their world to take it over and rain down pain and destruction There Be Demons is the first book that I have read by MK Theodoratus and while it has some good aspects to it it was a book that I ultimately found to be a bit disappointing I am an avid reader of YA fiction and especially paranormal novels but this book ended up falling a bit flat for me The author throws readers into a world called Andor and begins to tell readers about one of the main characters Britt Her life has been turned upside down by all of the change that happened with her parents’ divorcing the change in their living situation and everything else that followed I struggled with the first few chapters because there was no background to establish a foundation for the story I am simply told a few things about Britt and why her family is living the way that they are and where they are but I uestion the relevance as it doesn’t hold a lot of weight in the beginning As the story moves forward a couple pieces begin to fall into place but there isn’t a solid foundation laid to build on We’re told about the Guarda who are the police that there are angels demons and gargoyles But we don’t get much information about Andor itself Britt gradually makes some friends with the kids she goes to school with but it just seems to be insta friendship There isn’t any real development in that area to show the growth into them being friends The story has its pitfalls but it has its good moments as well When the author finds her stride in the book the storyline flows and it’s engaging But then there are the moments where the author seems to lose her pace and the storyline suffers There are uite a few spelling and editorial errors throughout this book as well which detract from it because of the number of them scattered throughout I really need detail in this book There are certain scenes throughout that readers are given just the bare minimum of and then the author pushes forward This leaves us with unanswered uestions that honestly ever get answered At the end of the book I learned that there is a preuel to this book but I honestly feel that the author should have put one with this one so that it could have helped establish the foundation for this story and be fresh in the reader’s mind as they began the storyAll in all I am rating this book 35 out of 5 stars This book needed the preuel to be a part of it to help establish the foundation because I didn’t know there was even one until the end of the story The storyline itself is good and bad Good for when the author weaves a story that is engaging and hard to put down and bad when the errors are so distracting and the holes in the story create uestions than answersrevelations This book has potential but it falls short I’m willing to read the next book in this series whenever the author puts it out in the hopes that she will have found her stride and be able to write a truly successful story