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The Young Landlords Download ¶ 0 ↠ If you were looking for a real ghetto dump you couldn’t beat The Stratford Arms There was Askia Ben Kenobi throwing karate chops upstairs Petey Darden making booze downstairs and Mrs Brown grieving for Jack Johnson who’d died for the third time in a month—and not a rent payer in the bunch Still when Paul WiG for Jack Johnson who’d died for the third time in a month and not a rent payer in the bunch Still when Paul Williams and the Action Group got the Arms for one dollar they thought they had it mad. I read this book with my tutoring student welllet's see if she actually finishes it over break It's a young adult book so I tried to read it with that in mind The writing style still seemed a little juvenile for the intended age range but the content was age appropriate though very unrealistic The premise is that a bunch of high schoolers bored on their summer break decide to protest the slumlord of a neglected building on their block and end up accidentally buying the building from him So they have to deal with all the problems of being a landlord including makeshift distilleries delusional people alcoholics an eccentric karate instructor with rage issues non payment of rent and On top of that they are trying to find evidence to find evidence that their friend is not guilty of robbing an electronics store and the narrator is dealing with relationship issues with his father and a crush on one of the girls in their group There was a lot of stuff going on and a lot of setup for potential stories that never went anywhere Maybe I'm not used to the non complexity of young adult books but I think the book was good overall it did keep me interested but could stand to be involved and actually use the suspense it builds

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If you were looking for a real ghetto dump you couldn’t beat The Stratford Arms There was Askia Ben Kenobi throwing karate chops upstairs Petey Darden making booze downstairs and Mrs Brown grievin. We all keep our delusions with us Sometimes it's a person sometimes an idea sometimes even a dream that seems real in memory than it ever did in life —Mr Pender The Young Landlords P 112 Decades of artistic and commercial success lay ahead for Walter Dean Myers when he released The Young Landlords in 1979 but back then he was still discovering the storytelling identity he perfected in the 1980s and '90s Paul Williams and his friends are teens in New York City who want to do good for the urban world they inhabit Gloria Wiggens suggests they call themselves the Action Group and seek positive projects to engage with and it isn't long before they notice the Stratford Arms a rundown apartment building owned by a Mr Harley The Action Group—made up of Paul Gloria Dean Bubba Omar and Jeannie—confront Mr Harley insisting the tenants deserve better accommodations Mr Harley asks Paul to give him a dollar not explaining why and a few days later papers arrive in the mail confirming the Action Group's purchase of the Stratford Arms Paul has a bad feeling—maybe telling Mr Harley how to run his property was foolish—but Gloria is ready to tackle the task of improving the Stratford Arms The Action Group could make a real difference in the lives of struggling New Yorkers Managing an apartment building is hard work for six teenagers but it seems doableuntil the Action Group meets the residents Petey Darden is the Stratford Arms handyman exchanging his services for the basement apartment he occupies He runs an illegal still down there and is constantly on the brink of accidentally blowing up the building Mrs Brown is nice but harbors some psychological delusions; Tina and Johnnie Mae Robinson reuest an almost continuous stream of maintenance visits to their apartment; and Askia Ben Kenobi is violent and eccentric threatening people with karate moves and refusing to pay rent It's obvious why Mr Harley wanted to be rid of the Stratford Arms; the place is dangerous and a money pit The Action Group has no idea what to do until a uaint man named Mr Pender agrees to be their accountant for virtually no pay He can't magically turn the Stratford Arms profitable but does his best to keep the business afloat The Action Group has another problem their friend Chris faces criminal charges for allegedly stealing stereo euipment but Paul thinks he's innocent Someone running a fence racket must have framed Chris but can the Action Group prove it Maybeby going undercover to expose the real thief The police—not to mention Paul's parents—frown on the idea of an amateur sting but saving Chris from jail is worth the risk isn't it If the Action Group can do right by the people living at the Stratford Arms and exonerate Chris at the same time it will be a summer worth remembering No one said it would be easy though Walter Dean Myers wrote some masterpieces but than a few oddball books were scattered over the course of his career The Young Landlords is a story so disjointed and undisciplined that it achieves only a tiny fraction of its considerable potential The ending feels rushed and makes little sense but above all the narrative suffers from a lot of telling and not enough showing; rather than actually create the scenes the author usually just summarizes what happens and that does nothing to draw readers in It's a shame because the theme is pretty good it's easier to signal virtue than to be virtuous As Paul observes I realized that what Gloria was saying about being for people and everything wasn't going to solve the problems of running the building It solved the problem of knowing how to feel and of saying something cool but it was something else again to get the money to run things so that things would be as cool for real as they were in talk Doing good is infinitely important than feeling good and putting yourself in that first category is how you exact positive change That's the lesson for the Action Group in these pages and o

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The Young LandlordsE But when their friend Chris was arrested for stealing stereos and Dean’s dog started biting fire hydrants and Gloria started kissing being a landlord turned out to be a lot work than being a kid. Nice and easy read A story about young children who bought a dilapidated building for 1 without doing their due diligence Between the repair issues nuisance tenants and lack of an operational budget and solving the mystery of an accusation of a hi fi store burglary against their friend Chris these young landlords got than what they bargained for