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epub à The Shape of Night ð Tess Gerritsen Add up And as Ava starts to check into the previous renter’s mysterious disappearance she starts to realize that there’s a disturbing secret some in town are desperate to keep hiddenSoon all of Ava’s waking hours are consumed by her investigation and her nights are ignited by Captain Brodie’s ghostly visits But even as she uestions her own sanity she knows she must uncover the truth before a killer strikes agai After reading a number of Rizzoli Isles novels by Tess Gerritsen I was drawn to her latest piece a standalone to see if it held as much excitement for me Definitely full of mystery this book will leave those who have loved the aforementioned series with many uestions and potential concerns if this is the new path Gerritsen is set to take Ava Collette has decided to leave the busy life she led in Boston settling in a small Maine town With many secrets in the rear view mirror Ava has a deadline to complete her latest cook book which she will fill with sea themed New England classics After renting a property Ava discovers some disturbing things that have her wondering about her choice of accommodation She learns that the house was built by Captain Jeremiah Brodie who is a local seafaring celebrity When she is visited by an apparition late one night the haunting takes on a new level of concern though things are also a lot intense for Ava on other levels too As she digs into the background of the previous owners and renters of the house Ava discovers something highly disturbing leaving her little choice but to take immediate action uestion is will it be enough? A very uniue piece by Tess Gerritsen that will surely get people talking but perhaps not for the right reasonWhile I have always enjoyed the Tess Gerritsen books I’ve read this one was surely out in left field for me I cannot be sure if this ties in to some of her other standalone novels but other reviewers seem to be on the same page as I am Paranormal soft core pornography is not a genre I want to read about especially from someone like Tess Gerritsen so I will have to be very careful about what I read of hers in the future Ava Collette began as uite the interesting protagonist Fleeing issues in her life she settles in a rural community to lose herself or perhaps find her writing groove Her backstory emerges throughout the book which tells an interesting narrative all its own The development that occurs particularly in relation to the hauntingparanormal activity I felt this really lessened the impact of the story adding to that the sexual encounters that occur throughout Other characters helped try to make this a strong story but it was as though Gerritsen could not help returning to this silly theme that really sullied the story for those who have enjoyed her thrillers in the past The story could have been great as it had all the needed ingredients but it flopped on a few occasions and left me wondering why she might want to go in these directions All the power to those who want to read ‘his pulsing member’ novels but when you add ‘his pulsing apparition member’ you lose even level headed readers Not all is lost but some readers like me may not be able to simply ignore itKudos Madam Gerritsen for the attempt but let’s stick to Boston’s crime scene and Rizzoli Isles if you pleaseLovehate the review? An ever growing collection of others appears at Book for All Seasons a different sort of Book Challenge

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The Shape of Night kindle ´ Hardcover read ↠ naturaltreatment · A woman trying to outrun her past is drawn to a uiet coastal town in Maine–and to a string of unsolved murders–in this haunting tale of romantic suspense from New York Times bestselling author Tess GerritsenAva Collette is punishing hersel A woman trying to outrun her past is drawn to a uiet coastal town in Maine–and to a string of unsolved murders–in this haunting tale of romantic suspense from New York Times bestselling author Tess GerritsenAva Collette is punishing herself for an unspeakable tragedy So she flees Boston and rents an old home named Brodie’s Watch on a remote coastal peninsula of Maine hoping to work on a cookbook inspired by New En The Shape of Night by Tess Gerritsen is a 2019 Ballantine Publication A creepy paranormal mystery with a Gothic undertone? Count me in An isolated old mansion a fragile house guest an unsolved mystery a few erotic encounters and an unusual ghostentity in residence and you have all the makings of a spellbinding paranormal thriller Ava Collette a food writer has rented ‘Brodie’s Watch’ an old mansion located on a small peninsula of Maine Having fled Boston after a tragedy that has left her haunted and riddled with guilt Ava hopes the peace and uiet help her regain her focus as she begins work on a new cookbook As she begins cooking up her new recipes she soon realizes she isn’t alone in the house Apparently the house is haunted by Captain Brodie the original owner of the house and her encounters with him become very intimate Meanwhile a couple of accidental deaths coupled with the disappearance of the home’s previous tenant have Ava spending time investigating the troubling rumors surrounding her new abode Before long it becomes obvious that the surrounding community is harboring a few very dark secrets and the ghosts of Brodie’s Watch may be the least of her concerns I’ve never read the popular and well respected Rizzoli and Isles series but I know enough about it to realize this stand alone book is not cut from the same cloth No offense to anyone but if you aren’t a fan of Paranormal books or expect Rizzoli and Isles only with different names and places then you’ll want to approach this one with of an open mind Just as you might not wish to read one author one series or one genre I’m sure authors like a change of pace from time to time as well As for me I love Gothic tones ghosts and cold case mysteries so this book was right up my alley The story is very atmospheric with a strong sinister sense of foreboding The emotions are also palpable as Ava’s immense sadness and overwhelming guilt threatens to overcome her But all the paranormal instances center around a death that took place at Brodie’s Watch years back which was ruled an accident This mystery is very compelling and I fear it might be a little overshadowed by the heavy emphasis placed on the sensuality and ghostly occurrences While this may be too much of a departure for some of Gerritsen’s readers for those of us who like these types of stories this is a welcome addition to her library of work Overall I really enjoyed this book and I hope Gerritsen will step outside her series writing often to publish stand alone novels like this one

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The Shape of NightGland cuisine that she’s been trying to finish for months She immediately feels at peace in the isolated house–until she starts to hear strange noisesRumor has it that a sea captain named Brodie has haunted the house for decades Then one night Ava is awakened to find herself face to face with an apparition who looks–and feels–all too real Meanwhile there’s been a series of accidental deaths nearby that don’t I love Tess Gerritsen’s Rizzoli Isles series so was looking forward to read this especially when it sounded like a foray into a very different type of novel a gothic paranormal mystery Unfortunately it didn’t uite work for me I’m not sure whether it was the handsome ghost who was into BDSM the too good to be true town doctor who instantly falls for the main character or the mysterious deaths of a number of women or just that the whole did not fit well togetherThe main character Ava is a cookery writer who has rented a mansion on a secluded point with views out to sea for the summer The reason she gives everyone is that she needs to work in seclusion to finish her book with a large kitchen for testing her recipes However mainly she is running away from her guilt at her part in the death of her sister's husband After meeting the ghost of the sea captain who built the house she decides to research it's history and discovers that several women have lived alone in this house before her and died prematurely However the ghost reassures her that he will protect her and she soon finds herself looking forward to his visits after darkThe characters were well developed and the setting was atmospheric but somehow I felt that none of the elements gothic paranormal or mystery were as well realised as they could have been to pull this into a really creepy gothic mystery