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KilltownLl he needed was the right men the right plan and the right kind of help from Lady LuckThe men and the plan were easy; Lady Luck was another story She turned out to be a good a small town in north dakota sits deep in a narrow valley a single road the only way in or out parker and eleven men head down at midnight and methodically take over the tiny police department then the fire department then the phone switchboard once the town's defenses have been neutralized and communication is cut off from the outside world the team knocks over the town's two banks the jewelry store and then robs the town's entire payroll a heist to the extreme forget one bank one store one person one job let's do an entire town in a single night that's the score and it's terrific spare and cold and angry and intelligent and there are some good women in there too one trashy one sweet both willing to toss it all away for a life of adventure and crime and hard as rocks men fleshy asked after my review of slayground why with such a rapturous review did i only slap it with four stars well i think it is a 4 star book but the score might very well be a 5 but i'm still giving it 4 lemme explain charles ardai in his introduction writes Reading the Parker novels is a little like watching a jazz musician at work The performance begins with a familiar melody the unadorned restatement of a theme but then the performer cuts loose interpreting elaborating inverting transforming improvising At a certain level of abstraction of course the Parker novels are all the same and yet Stark somehow manages to assemble these elements into a thoroughly new book Bix Biederbecke famously said he never played a solo the same way twice and neither did Stark It may be the same song each time but all the notes are differentyup stark works off a familiar template and it's great he usually begins with the second act as the action is already moving along and then explains all we really need to know from the first act along the way we then watch parker create and interact with his team intellectually figure out how best to do 'the job' and then it all goes into effect and we watch parker improvise as shit falls apart andor goes wrong now i believe the score to be on one level a perfect little crime book but it definitely feels a part of something larger as if this individual book is just one chapter in 'the life of parker' analogous to say updike's rabbit stories in which the individual novels might deserve 3 or 4 stars but taken as a whole it's an undeniable fiver so maybe i judge too harshly maybe a five star book doesn't need to be a giant epic encompassing and totaling much than the sum of its parts who knows who cares i know parker wouldn't he'd grunt and walk away next up the hunter

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It was an impossible crime knock off a huge plant payroll all the banks and all the stores in one entire city in one night But there was one thief good enough to try Parker A This is Parker #5 and a good one For 34 of the story this is a pretty straightforward story of a group of men who decide to take ie steal all the money from a small isolated North Dakota town Parker decides that it is just a crazy enough plan to work though he also becomes the lead architect of this meticulous plan He's worried about a couple aspects of it but it works like clockwork Most of the way But not uite all the way What did you expect a heist that just works perfectly Part of the beauty of this carefully crafted tale is anticipating just when it is the double cross will come downBut score the boys do in spite of a few cogs in the machine That's one reason to read this that this is just a carefully crafted story to persuade you that this outlandish crime could actually work very lean and straightforward with a mean tough unsentimental guy Parker at the helmFrom a writer's perspective it is hard to sell a book where a guy just hates small talk Or any talk really So you need some foil Most characters are less polished than Parker less disciplined but they are capable even if they are mostly variously colorful characters and he really does trust the steady and no nonsense Handy McKay But with Handy out of the picture for this book he's retired maybe but don't you believe it Stark introduces one of his best supporting characters part time and perpetually broke actor Alan Grofield who uotes Shakespeare on the job comparing the heist to Shakespearean drama all the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players and is very talkative and humorous He supports his acting career by doing these pretty lucrative jobs Grofield is one of the best aspects of this story and has his own spin off mini series from StarkAnd in the end another score for Parker with a woman of courseParker are you gonna be nice to meWhy should I What would happen if I did thatI don't know Maybe I'll turn into a butterflyHmm let's seeThings ensue but this is a family social media site sorryHmm A butterfly Here's another version of The Score I liked #3 of 4 comics adaptations of Parker books by Darwyn Cooke my review here

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Doc ¼ Killtown 213 pages Download è Naturaltreatment ´ It was an impossible crime knock off a huge plant payroll all the banks and all the stores in one entire city in one night But there was one thief good enough to try Parker All he needed was the right men the right plan and the right kind of help from Lady LuckThLooking blonde with a taste for booze and eyes for Parker And Parker knew this chilling caper could either be the perfect crimeor a set up that would land him in jail for li The first place Parker heads to in The Hunter when he gets to New York City to seek revenge on being double crossed and beginning Stark's series of novels is the Wall Street area The Score's basic premise is a group of criminals go to a small factory town in North Dakota with the purpose of robbing every business in town of all it's money during one night Nowhere in the book is it ever mentioned what will be left of the town after Parker and his friends steal all of the payroll money from the factory make off with all the money from the vaults of the town's two banks and steal all the money on hand from every other store on the town's main street One could get the idea that insurance companies will ante up for the losses or one could see this as Parker orchestrating a job that leaves one small town destroyed I kind of like to think that the latter is what happened And in that case I like the reading of this book as an analogy to Wall Street fucking over Main Street to borrow simple minded contemporary slogans or as a no less criminal or unethical version of a Wall Street's Gordan Gecko dismantling of large groups of peoples lives in order to feed his greed which is always good but in Parker's world Gecko ian greed would probably led to the early death of the man whose eyes are bigger than his stomach This can be seen as the coast because all the major players on Parkers side seem to come from the East Coast pissing all over the poor little fly over states I loved the idea of a whole town being robbed One of the problems with the book was that it got a little clunky with so many characters moving around in so short of a book and a lot of the characters kind of blended into a blob of a cookie cutter professional criminal who is good at his job but doesn't have any other defining characteristics But I think Stark might have been using this book to populate Parker's criminal world with some names and faces that he will be able to use in future books sort of like he did in some of the side stories of The Outfit This book was almost as much fun as The Outfit but with not nearly as many crimes and heists being pulled in the Score it just doesn't uite live up to book number 3Next up The Jugger where I'll probably write about Jean Luc Godard and Anna Karina than the actual book