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review The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich A History of Nazi Germany ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ë Hitler boasted that The Third Reich would last a thousand years It lasted only 12 But those 12 years contained some of the most catastrophic events Western civilization has ever knownNoN The result is a monumental study that has been widely acclaimed as the definitive record of one of the most frightening chapters in the history of mankindThis worldwide bestseller has been acclaimed as the definitive book on Nazi Germany; it is a classic workThe accounts of how the United States got involved and how Hitler used Mussolini and Japan are astonishing and the coverage of the war from Germany's early successes to her eventual defeat is must reading. Shirer's masterpiece has long sat untouched on my shelves—it's ominous block swastika unsettling all guest who entered my home not always fun to explain to people that you're not a Nazi That said I decided to read this book in tiny increments alongside other books for the past few months and at over 1000 pages it took a bit to finally knock this one out but wow what a book I truly find it surprising that authors and journalists would bother to continue to write about the Third Reich after such a complete and comprehensive book was written about that disastrous time almost a century ago uite simply we all know the basics of the story Hitler rises to power does some horrible things starts a world war and eventually falls ignominiously—but the secret to this incredible book is the amount of detail and sheer breadth of knowledge within concerning life war and the troublesome arch of human historyA MUST READ especially in these modern times

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The nightmare empire built by Adolph Hitler This record included the testimony of Nazi leaders and of concentration camp inmates the diaries of officials transcripts of secret conferences army orders private letters all the vast paperwork behind Hitler's drive to conuer the worldThe famed foreign correspondent and historian William L Shirer who had watched and reported on the Nazis since 1925 spent five and a half years sifting through this massive documentatio. Whew After six months of exhilarating yet exhausting reading I have finally managed to finish this massive tome William L Shirer's definitive account of the rise and fall of the Third Reich under the evil and mad genius the warlord Hitler Hitler expected that the Reich will last for a thousand years in reality it lasted just over 12 years In those twelve the Fuehrer managed to create hell on earth for the people whom he ruled over as well as in those areas which he conuered; the war he initiated managed to destroy 50 to 80 million people all over the worldI am not going to summarise the book here the story is well known to most and anyway to do that would mean writing a small book itself Rather let me lay down what I took away from the book the pluses as well as the minusesThe book is incredibly detailed Shirer being privy to most of the secret correspondence in the Reich archives the majority of which survived destruction at the hands of the Nazis by a uirk of fate puts his journalistic skills to excellent use as he tells the story of the meteoric rise and even faster demise of Hitler with consummate storytelling skill The pace never flags and the story never fails to grip and hardly a facet of this distressing yet fascinating era is ignored This is the first book you should read if you want a front seat at the Hitler dramaI found two major drawbacks to the book One a lack of maps in the absence of which following the war spatially was impossible unless you have an eidetic memory of European geography that is Two the long list of dramatis personnae among whom I got lost than onceShirer's book does not have any historical analysis it's history from a journalistic point of view However for a layman such as me it does not matter because what matters is the story after all How Hitler moved in from the lunatic fringe to the mainstream of German politics how he used all dirty tricks in the political book to backstab his colleagues and steam roll his opponents how the great colonial powers played hopscotch across the world stage protecting their interests and cheerfully sacrificing those of others and how man can be so unbelievably cruel to his fellow human being these are some of the takeaways I have And I believe that these are important in today's world when once again the fringe is becoming the new normal As Shirer saysIn our new age of terrifying lethal gadgets which supplanted so swiftly the old one the first great aggressive war if it should come will be launched by suicidal little madmen pressing an electronic button Such a war will not last long and none will ever follow it There will be no conuerors and no conuests but only the charred bones of the dead on an uninhabited planet

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The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich A History of Nazi GermanyHitler boasted that The Third Reich would last a thousand years It lasted only 12 But those 12 years contained some of the most catastrophic events Western civilization has ever knownNo other powerful empire ever beueathed such mountains of evidence about its birth and destruction as the Third Reich When the bitter war was over and before the Nazis could destroy their files the Allied demand for unconditional surrender produced an almost hour by hour record of. Darkness You boil this book down strip it to the foundations and what the reader finds is darkness of the human soul Bred in the alleyways and gutters of Vienna before the first World War this was the angry and hateful opposite of God’s shining light the ancient shadows that live in the basement of our souls given life and expression on the palette of a failed artist Shirer’s scholarly exhaustive masterpiece paints the portrait of the Third Reich from its beginnings in the back rooms and beer halls of Munich to the terrible gruesome end in all its grisly dark detail The author a journalist in Germany before and during the early years of the Nazi regime describes how this political movement began and how it came to power on the backs and in the bloodied fists of brown shirted ruffians To draw a modern parallel it would be as if our country was taken over by a street gang as if the Bloods and Crips gained political power and ascended the White House and took over From the September 1938 Sudetenland grab and the failings of Neville Chamberlain to the horrid crimes that went on behind the lines to the final days that saw a once proud Europe reduced to rubble Shirer also details World War II from the Nazi perspectiveLike Milton’s Paradise Lost and Shakespeare’s Richard III the central figure in this epic tragedy the most intriguing character is a villain But unlike Satan and the House of York English King Hitler rose from the depths of poverty and mediocrity Shirer reveals Hitler as intelligent and deterministic but pathologically sociopathically twisted to evil The author also shows the German leader to be hopelessly and in the end pathetically delusional Perhaps Shirer’s most compelling observation though is his uncompromising portrait of the German people who allowed the monstrosity of National Socialism to come to power and to become accomplices with the Nazis in horrors on a scale previously unimagined Finally Shirer begs the uestion of whether we owe a higher duty than to our country and his answer is an affirmative and decisive “yes”