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The Riddle Ebook à 460 pages Download · A young woman embraces her power and her destiny as the thrilling uest begun in THE NAMING continues Maerad is a girl with a tragic and bitter past but her powers grow stronger by the day Now she and her mentor Cadvan hunted by both the Light and the Dark must unravel the Riddle of the Treesong before A young woman embraces her power and her destiny as the thrilling uest begun in THE NAMING continues Maerad is a girl with a tragic and bitter past but her powers grow stronger by the day Now she and her mentor Cadvan hunted by both the Light and the Dark must unra We begin right where The Naming left off with Cadvan and Maerad escaping the Edil Amarandh mainland on a ship bound for the islands Among the Islanders they find many allies but witness frightening omens On the open sea they are harassed by magic sent by an entity whom Cadvan identifies as the WinterkingHaving now escaped into a different part of the Edil Amarandh continent the two Bards are still pursued by agents of the Dark even as they search for something they don’t know how to identify This stressful situation is made even worse for Maerad because she is suddenly desperate to be Cadvan’s eual instead of his student Some of this is her competitive nature and nascent powers Some of it she doesn’t understand She feels warm and cold at the same time when he looks at herit bothers her when he spends much time with other womenthe mildest criticism of his stings fiercelyWhen a freak accident that might not have been so accidental happens in the mountains Maerad assumes Cadvan is dead and begins to wander alone Her rambling path will help her learn about her family and her powers and eventually lead her into the lair of Arkan the Winterking himself And he is uite different from what she expectedContent Advisory Violence Our main characters and their friends are attacked by the forces of the Dark and fight back with gusto Maerad transmogrifies a Hull into a rabbit and Cadvan snaps the rabbit’s neck just to be sure Maerad is terribly wounded and captured by Viking like raiders She gets her period while still wounded and sick in captivity and the narrator tells us that “her whole body felt like it was weeping blood” Lovely Sex Maerad feels very awkward with the two different men she develops crushes on Language Nothing Substance Abuse Social wine drinking as befits the pseudo medieval setting Nightmare Fuel Not recommended for people who are afraid of avalanches The Storm Dog was pretty scary tooConclusionsWhen I finished The Naming I figured that Allison Croggon had established her universe and characters and could now move on to exciting material Unfortunately The Riddle appears to have wandered off course On the surface nothing appears to have progressed Our characters are still wandering with no clear direction Ostensibly they’re on a uest but their uest is so vague that there’s almost no way of knowing if they find what they seek Meanwhile they get pursued by generic agents of evil In between flights and fights they sit at the hearths of various allies eating well and reciting poems lifted from Tolkien and droning about how sad everything is The supporting characters are nice enough but nothing we haven’t seen many times in this genre before The only interesting aspect—the whole heart of the story—is Maerad struggling with her crush on Cadvan which at first she can’t even admit to herself In the first book we learned that she has a hard time trusting men after one tried to rape her in the settlement where she was held as a slave Even though her teacher has been nothing but kind to and protective of her she is still a little afraid of him especially on those occasions when he acts tenderly and she suspects that he might return her feelings Maerad’s constancy and self control are deliberately tested by view spoilerArkan an ageless amoral elemental sorcerer who looks young and is freakishly handsome Arkan sulks so much when Maerad asks him about a Bard who lived hundreds of years ago that she concludes the two must have been romantically involved But he claims to love Maerad and proposes to her and his anguish when she leaves reminds me than a little of the Beast when Belle left hide spoiler

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Vel the Riddle of the Treesong before their fractured kingdom erupts in chaos The uest leads Maerad over terrifying seas and vast stretches of glacial wilderness ever closer to the seductive Winterking ally of her most powerful enemy the Nameless One Trapped in the The Riddle starts out exactly where The Naming left off It is still largely a travel uest story but the havens are fewer and the stakes are much higher than before I found this second installment did not remind me as much of Tolkien as the first I believe it's because the story leaves the haunted lands of barrows and wights and the enchanted forests and pursuit by the Dark is less immediate The story grows in leaps and bounds really taking off in its own direction and Croggon outdoes herself with her powers of description The Naming was beautifully written but The Riddle takes place in a much broader variety of landscapes and Croggon brings each of them alive so that you feel that you are there with the smells sounds and sights She takes you from warm tropical islands and sea voyages with the smell of salt on the air to mountain tops and passes to the frozen north with dog sleds and northern lights and wolves where you can feel the ice cracking It's truly breathtaking and I love this series as much for the vivid world she evokes as for the people struggling in itThis is uite a bit darker than The Naming as reality sets in and Maerad begins to crack under the pressure I found her annoyingly bratty through at least half of this book She willfully lashes out and pushes people away and spends a lot of time feeling sorry for herself in her self alienation On the surface it's disappointing that she is not just the perfect hero child riding forth valiantly to sacrifice everything Looking a little deeper though her reactions are plausible until a few months ago she was an ignorant slave Now she has discovered she is fated to save the entire world and she is still not firm enough in her new life to understand and accept the support and love of others She is very confused and unable to bear the weight of this new world on her own I didn't like her and I didn't like all of the decisions she made but I understood where she was coming fromFortunately one of Croggon's strengths is bringing transformation to her characters and the change is believable because it happens through experience and real circumstances Maerad is forced to confront the conseuences of her childish actions and she grows through hardship mistakes and painful discovery of herself Once this soul journey truly began I found it very hard to put the book down While Maerad is undergoing such a painful process the story itself takes some unexpected turns defying the 'uest narrative' expectations in my mind and keeping me on the edge of my seat Rarely these days do I find a story that surprises me as well as evoking such a variety of emotions and I'm not letting go of this series for a long time

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The RiddleWinterking's icy realm Maerad must confront what she has suspected all along that she is the greatest riddle of all A seuel to THE NAMING this second book in a captivating uartet about the ancient world of Edil Amarandh is a sweeping epic readers won't soon forget I loved The Riddle Croggon's second in the Pellinor series even than the first For one she worked through that tricky issue of pacing that plagued her first book Admittedly The Riddle is best read and followed in large chunks of time it's not the kind of story that's easy to pick up in little 20 page snatches but there's still a much steadier enjoyable pace happening here And second while Croggon convinced me to give Maerad a chance to be enjoyable in the first book she convinced me to absolutely love her in the secondIn this novel Maerad is separated from her brother Hem and travels with Cadvan far north in search of the Treesong Here's where I feared the story would veer off into tedious mysticism and we all can think of fantasies that have in our opinions fallen into that trap poor Christopher Paolini; talk about your truly fantastic adventure story mired down in hundreds of pages of weird elf lore But instead Croggon keeps the story fresh by adding tangible realities to the Treesong uest The song's secrets are hidden in an actual nomadic people as opposed to tapestries woven with gossamer threads you know what I mean that she must travel to and win over enough to gain an audience with their unusual Bard and his wolf denAlso Maerad does a lot of growing up in this novel that's tangible than book 1 where she faced such relatable challenges as being instated as a Bard and I'm still not sure what that meant Here she still has to suffer through some of Cadvan's Ben Franklinish pearls of wisdom but her relationship with him gains a reality and a clarity They fight; things are awkward then very painful The uestion of her own evil isn't a black and white fantasy thing fear not no evil forces possess her but rather a uestion of the internal secrets of her mind and her heart that she has to decide to alternately control or release In this way it becomes a sort of coming of age story even if it is complete with Ice Witches and wolf spirits and Maerad's journey gains a vividness and a poignancy that made this book a wonderful seuel