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Mobi Æ The Pioneer Woman Cooks ↠ Ree Drummond N of the simple but scrumptious recipes that rotate through my kitchen on a regular basis including Perfect Pancakes Cowgirl uiche Sloppy Joes Italian Meatball Soup White Chicken Enchiladas and a spicy Carnitas Pizza that'll win you over for life There are also some elegant offerings for special occasions at your house Osso Buco Honey Plum Soy Chicken and Rib Eye Steak with an irresistible Onion Blue Cheese Sauce And the decadent assortment of desserts including Blackberry Chip Ice Cr I tried several at least 7 different recipes and two were things I would make again In case you are wondering Cherry limeade and citrus butter cookies I'm considering putting the citrus butter cookies on my holiday cookie list The zingy summery taste would be lovely refreshing and different on a holiday table or cookie exchange and they looked gorgeous I have followed The Pioneer Woman blog in the past so I was familiar with her homey homespun cooking and persona Overall the book was FULL of high fat high salt non healthful concoctions I lived in the South as a child and my father was a Southern gentleman I make grits several times a month and have never put 2 cups of heavy cream AND 15 cups of cheese in them I put in half the cream her recipe and it was still way way to creamy although in fairness I loved the additions of onions and bacon and will do that next time Another recipe sounded interesting Honey Plum Soy chicken but called for a 20 ounce bottle of soy sauce in a recipe designed to serve 8 people A 20 ounce bottle is not the regular size but the large size bottle of soy sauce which would typically have 40 servings of soy sauce This would mean the soy sauce alone would be 25 times as much sodium as one should have in a day or if you are like me and use high end low sodium version 15 times as much sodium as recommended for the day YIKES I am hoping this was an error as I found an error in the Tres Leche cake in my area evaporated milk comes in 12 oz cans not 14 and condensed milk comes in 14 oz not 12I would be hard pressed to recommend this book because of how unhealthful many of the recipes are My husband's arteries would close up just reading the recipes and looking at the photos However the best parts of her book are 1 her step by step instructions and photos that would help even a novice pull together a meal 2 her easy to find ingredients and 3 her simple easy to follow mostly from scratch recipes It might be an okay intro cookbook for the college bound or newlywed who only knows how to boil water for ramen noodles or call for take out I can imagine myself using her recipes as a jumping off point and tinkering with the recipes and rewritting amounts of certain ingredients and sending the cookbook off with a child to college

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The Pioneer Woman Cooks Book ✓ 293 pages ´ Ree drummond ´ I'm Pioneer WomanAnd I love to cookOnce upon a time I fell in love with a cowboy A strapping rugged chaps wearing cowboy Then I married him moved to his ranch had his babies and wound up loving it Except the manure Living in the country for than fifteen Eam Apple Dumplings and Coffee Cream Cake will make your heart go pitter pat in the most wonderful wayIn addition to detailed step by step photographs all the recipes in this book have one other important uality in common They're guaranteed to make your kids sweetheart dinner guests in laws friends cousins or resident cowboys smile sigh and beg for seconds And hug you and kiss you and be devoted to you for lifeI hope you enjoy devour and love this bookI sure did love making it for you As someone who loved Ree Drummond’s initial “Pioneer Woman” cookbook filled with step by step recipes with accompanying pictures I was interested in looking at her second cookbook ‘the Pioneer Woman cooks Food from my Frontier” And I wasn’t disappointed The second installment has even recipes than the first book and creative spins on classical recipesThe book is divided into the following sections Breakfast Lunch Soups StartersParty foodDrinks Pasta and Pizza Supper Sides Sweets and Canning yum The step by step picture techniue of going through each recipes continues here Sample recipes included in this book are Breakfast Homemade glazed doughnuts Lemon blueberry pancakes Breakfast pizza Lunch Spicy Grilled Vegetable Panini Chicken Apricot Panini Cornbread Croutons Soups Corn Chowder Chicken tortilla Soup French Onion Soup we cooked this one from the book and had good results Starters Brie Stuffed Mushrooms Asian Hot Wings Restaurant Style Salsa Pasta and Pizza Fancy Mac and Cheese Thai chicken Pizza Pasta with Pesto Cream sauce Supper Mexican Rice Spicy Lemon Garlic Shrimp Ranch Style Chicken Sides Whiskey Glazed Carrots Perfect Potatoes au Gratin Crash Hot Potatoes Sweets Strawberry Shortcake cake my favorite recipe Coffee Cream Cake Billie’s Italian Cream Cake and Canning Strawberry Jam Sweet lime Pickles The above is a small sample of the over one hundred recipes total in this book Suffice to say there’s a big variety of recipes included and just like in the first book the recipes are interspersed with photos from Ree’s picturesue life on the ranch And pictures of a southern life create the mood for southern food Overall I continue to be a fan of Ree‘s cookbooks In all the cookbooks I come across no one else has ever done the step by step with pictures techniue Usually there’s one picture of the recipe when it’s done and sometimes all the recipes are just text with no pictures at all The fact that the author manages to accompany each step of the recipe with a picture really makes her cookbooks stand out Especially if you’re a beginning cook and looking for detailed instructions than this is like the ultimate cooking manual

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The Pioneer Woman CooksI'm Pioneer WomanAnd I love to cookOnce upon a time I fell in love with a cowboy A strapping rugged chaps wearing cowboy Then I married him moved to his ranch had his babies and wound up loving it Except the manure Living in the country for than fifteen years has taught me a handful of eternal truths every new day is a blessing every drop of rain is a gift and nothing tastes delicious than food you cook yourselfThe Pioneer Woman Cooks Food from My Frontier is a mouthwatering collectio This is the second cookbook from Ree Drummond also popularly known as The Pioneer Woman If you're not familiar with Ree and her Pioneer Woman website where have you been? she was a city girl living the fast paced life when on her way from LA to Chicago made a pit stop in her hometown in Oklahoma where she met a cowboy fell in love had babies and now lives happily ever after on a cattle ranch in Oklahoma No really That's what happened You can read all about her sweet story in her memoir titled The Pioneer Woman Black Heels to Tractor Wheels a Love Story or just visit her website and read all about her there Anyway while living on an fairly isolated ranch in the middle of Oklahoma busy raising four children tending their home cooking for the ranch hands etc Ree started a blog where she posted photographs of and wrote anecdotes about ranch life her family gardening photography and of course cooking Her popularity grew exponentially and she's now practically a household name Okay maybe that's a slight exaggeration but A LOT of people all over the country know who she is And that's the dish on Ree Drummond The Pioneer Woman Ree has a wonderfully friendly way about her narration that shines through on both her website and in this cookbook It's a comfortable friendliness that makes you feel as though you're sharing recipes and daily anecdotes about your families with a close friend She has a fun sense of humor and an appreciation for hard work good food and the love of family and friends and it all shows in her cookbooks and on her website As for the recipes The Pioneer Woman Cooks Recipes From My Frontier focuses a lot on the food including many detailed step by step photos and a bit less on Ree's family and life on the ranch compared to her first cookbook If you already read her website and or have read her first cookbook you probably already feel as though you know Ree and you'll enjoy getting right into the kitchen and cooking up some of her mouthwatering recipes It IS a cookbook after all If you're not familiar with Ree don't worry You're still going to love Ree's recipes and end up wishing YOU lived on a cattle ranch Or maybe not that last part Initially I bookmarked only one recipe to make from this cookbook but after flipping through it again I found a few Like Ree's first cookbook there are a lot of recipes in this one that I won't likely prepare because the foods are fried or contain a lot of cheese and cream Unless you're burning tons of calories wrestling cattle every day these recipes are too high in calories for every day meals Perhaps I'd make an exception for some of the desserts such as Billie's Italian Cream Cake the Coffee Cream Cake or even the Knock You Naked Brownies Mmmm The one recipe that I definitely want to try is the Peach Basil Ice Cream Topping A bit unusual I know but it sounds ultra refreshing summery and delicious Other recipes that I've bookmarked are Restaurant Style Salsa Steakhouse Pizza Thai Chicken Pizza Fig Prosciutto Pizza and Carnitas Pizza Can you tell I like pizza? Vegetarians beware Ree lives on a cattle ranch so the recipes call for a lot of meat eggs and dairy products and may not appeal to vegetarians vegans or others with allergies and or a gluten intoleranceThe Pioneer Woman Cooks Food From My Frontier is a must for fans of The Pioneer Woman and anyone else who loves tempting home cooked comfort foods