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The Killer In The Crowd review ì 104 â Outside a London theatre a throng of people wait expectantly for the last performance of a popular musical But as  the doors open at last something spoils all thought of entertainment a man in the ueue is found murdered by the deadly thrust of a stilettoEntertainment a man in the ueue is found murdered by the deadly thrust of a stiletto. I love Josephine Tey for her sharp eye fine writing good characterisation and twisty turny plots This book is the first of the Inspector Grant series and while it doesn't uite have the same engrossing disorienting uality as The Franchise Affair it's still a superior example of the classic crime novelA man is stabbed while waiting in a London theatre ueue and soon Inspector Grant is caught is a fine muddle of the theatre bookmakers London landladies men's outfitters and a trip to the Scottish highlandsIt has to be said that the continued use of the term 'Dago' is uncomfortable and there is an audacious use of coincidences at which Tey herself seems to be poking fun The solution too comes out of nowhere but this is still a compelling light read written with style and panache than is sometimes the case in Golden Age crime

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Outside a London theatre a throng of people wait expectantly for the last performance. This first mystery by Josephine Tey a genius of the genre reveals some of Tey the genius to any reader determined to look for it but it also discloses much of Tey the novice writer tooIt begins well with a magnificent set piece A festive atmosphere envelops the line of people waiting for tickets to the musical comedy hit Didn't You Know and we watch as this London crowd accosted by attendant buskers push against each other move forward and eventually reach the box office where “the man in the ueue” falls dead He has been stabbed but no one can say precisely when for he has been held upright for minutes buoyed by the press and movement of the crowd Inspector Grant of course eventually discovers who the murderer is but not before a few false leads a chase among the trout streams of rural Scotland and a final surprising revelationThe genius of Tey reveals itself not only in the first chapter summarized above but in the exciting chase scene and the many sharp characterizations The best passage though a tour de force of deliberate detail and subtle psychology is Grant's exploration of how leading lady Ray Marcable uietly mercilessly with consummate artistry destroys every available opportunity for her unfortunate leading man to shineThe novice writer Tey reveals herself most clearly in the uninspiring nature of her plot slow at times frantic at others with some parts seemingly out of order the chase is much too early for example and a singularly abrupt resolution which appears almost as an afterthought Some of this I think is the result of her genius to be playing games with the cliches of an established genre but part of it is inexperience tooThe novice also reveals herself in overwritten passages which are too clever by half For example consider this gobbet from the second chapter when Grant is summoned by Superintendent Barker “Tell inspector Grant I want to see him” he said to the minion who was doing his best to look obseuious in the great man's presence but was frustrated in his good intention by an incipient embonpoint which compelled him to lean back a little in order to preserve his balance and by the angle of his nose which was the apotheosis of impudence” I think this means that Barker's subordinate wants to look deferential but when he attempts a bow his fat belly almost tips him over and he is forced to lean back leaving his nose arrogantly up in the air Whatever it means it is overwritten and unnecessary particularly as the minion never appears again The first uarter of the book has than its share of such passages although none of the others is uite as bad as this oneDon't worry though This sort of fine writing declines steadily as the book progresses and Tey's genius takes command By the end her writing has become crisp and elegant worthy of the lesser passages of her masterpiece The Daughter of Time

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The Killer In The CrowdOf a popular musical But as  the doors open at last something spoils all thought of. This is the first Josephine Tey mystery featuring Inspector Alan Grant The novel begins on a March evening in London where there are long ueues outside the many theatres including the Woffington; currently playing the long running show “Didn’t You Know” This is coming to the end of a long run and so the crowds are intense with a patient crowd inching forward and hoping to get to see the beautiful Ray Marcable As the doors open though a man in the ueue is murdered and Inspector Grant is called in to investigateThis is a good example of a Golden Age mystery Grant is intelligent thoughtful and committed to finding the right person We are taken from London restaurants to race tracks and even the Scottish countryside on the investigation Who is the unknown victim in the ueue and why was he killedAlthough I really enjoy mysteries from this era I found I had mixed feelings about this novel I liked the sense of place and time aside from the rather uncomfortable terms used for anyone not British and Grant was a good lead even if I found him rather dry and without any defined personality in this book However it was the first novel featuring him and as such was an interesting introduction The plot started well but the ending was weak As such this was something of a disappointment as it felt rushed and not uite in character with the rest of the novel although I am glad I gave this first in the series a try