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The Hawk and the Jewel Read ☆ 104 À The first in the newly repackaged Kensington Chronicles series The Hawk and the Jewel  sweeps readers from the tapestried halls of Victorian England to the alabaster courts of Arabia Everyone thought little Sunny had perished with Lady Gallagher in storm–tossed seas off the Arabian coast but the beautiful tTh Lady Gallagher in storm–tossed seas off the Arabian coast but the beautiful toddler had been found taken to the palace of Darhabar and raised as the ruler’s own child Now the emir Ahmad Khan is sending her home and Sunny?. The thing I really loved about this story is that Sunny was flawed Wick has a tendency of creating flat idealized and one sided characters but such is not the case with Brandon and Sunny The only thing I did not like was the fact that she did little or no research on the Victorian era It is described as being almost like a fantasy with women being swept off their feet by their lovers That is not the case The Victorian era was not exactly a good era for the glorification of women They were treated as property and often very often abused by their spouses I think she also described many of the customs and attitudes as very American They would nit have greeted each other with the word Hey And generally women were not allowed to be alone with men It is a beautiful love story but it is clear Wick is amateur thus why I only rated this 4 out of 5 stars

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The first in the newly repackaged Kensington Chronicles series The Hawk and the Jewel  sweeps readers from the tapestried halls of Victorian England to the alabaster courts of Arabia Everyone thought little Sunny had perished wi. For a uick rundown on my opinion of this book here were my updates while reading it1Nothing says wallpaper historical like setting your novel in 1844 and then having your characters talk about gender euality2Ermigerd nothing has happened for a hundred pages Come ON DO something please Bored bored bored 3You know it's really telling when your main thought while reading a book is 'The BIBLE is less preachy than this'For the long version read hereThis is the second Lori Wick book I read on the recommendation of someone else and clearly I need to stop First this is not set in the Victorian era this is set in the Disney Princess version of the Victorian Era Second it's SOOOOO PREACHY I thought The Princess was bad but this is insufferable Third it's boring as all get outThe problem is the set up is really interesting Girl gets shipwrecked off the coast of Arabia as a babytoddler and at 13 is sent back to her family in England and has to learn to cope with a culture she doesn't understand and a family she never knew But instead of focusing on the difficulties of a 13 year old being uprooted to an entirely new culture having to learn how to live with a family she doesn't know and doesn't understand it's all just an excuse to proselytize at her heathen ways using of course 1990s Evangelical arguments that in no way represent how real people talk now much less in 1844 and to get her into a romance with her perfect Christian Disney Prince Duke Oh it's not a spoiler it's in the goddamn titleNostalgia chick did a review of Kate and Leopold that almost perfectly describes the issues with this book except I can't own the guilty pleasure Nostalgia Chick finds in Kate in LeopoldKate and Leopold Nostalgia Chick reviewSeriously watch this review If you're not crying with laughter you have no soul

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The Hawk and the Jewel?s uncertain new life is completely in God’s hands This classic series which has sold than 375000 copies has a fresh new look sure to please Lori Wick’s longtime fans and readers just discovering the treasure of a great story. I loved this book SO much when I was 14 The sweeping Victorian period the romance between the staid Brandon and impulsive Sunny the exotic locales of Darhabar and England all of it But 20 years later after re reading this book my feelings have changed uite a bit Honestly this book is still entertaining Maybe not for the right reasons but in a snicker at a B move sort of way For instance read this excerpt about two 16 year old friends in the book If you think it is fine then you will probably enjoy this bookMiles and Jordan had been the best of friends since the time they were young mainly because of the close proximity of their homes Nothing had ever shaken the foundation of that friendship but they were as different in appearance as any two friends could be Both were handsome but where Miles was broad and dark Jordan was slim and blond their friendship was cemented by their mutual love of horses reading discussing Jesus Christ and His life on the earth and when they had time courting some of the local girls With conflicting schedules and serious studies there was not much time for seeing each other or courting but both boys were very interested in finding wives My Issues with this BookMany details don't ring true about the setting the decidedly un Victorian era names like Andrea Brandon Heather the decidedly modern manner in which they speak the sixteen year old boys thinking about settling down with wives etc Details don't ring true about the characters the writing is clunky and the dialogue doesn't sound like real people talking Everyone in the story is perfect really weirdly perfect Except Sunny who is merely impulsive And her Arabic family They are definitely portrayed as wicked eye roll Very unoriginal Characters are flat and preachy several characters are completely useless servants have no presence whatsoever aside from being villains the affluent family's faith does not seem to bear much fruit or have much to do with Christ except the family prays and God provides everyone mansions spouses and well behaved children They essentially peer pressure Sunny into becoming a Christian Details don't ring true about the themes this book is a really strange mix of speaking for women's rights yet showing only completely traditional roles including themes of male dominance female fear and men rescuing women Women are repeatedly described as feather headed and henwits And they are portrayed as such conversations revolve around three things 1 dresses 2 menromantic relationships and 3 Christianity Women are constantly bursting into tears in this story Everyone is SO concerned about everyone else's romantic connections and who is everyone going to marry It's creepy No mention is given whatever to greater political happenings of the time So needless to say I don't think I'll keep this title in my personal library Now that I've read great romances of the 19th century this one just seems silly and fluffy Tolstoy it is not Austen it is not Bronte and Hardy and Dickens it is not If you are okay with that you may enjoy this book But if you're expecting you should skip it