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Read ↠ The Forest of Hands and Teeth 102 è In Mary's world there are simple truths The Sisterhood always knows best The Guardians will protect and serve The Unconsecrated will never relent And you must always mind the fence that surrounds the village; the fence that protects the village from the Forest of Hands and Teeth But slowly MaryIn Mary's world there are simple truths The Sisterhood always knows best The Guardians will protect and serve The Unconsecrated will never relent And you must always mind the fence that surrounds the village; the fence that protects the village from the Forest o. See this familyOr this familyTake a good long hard look at all of their faces See how happy how healthy how loving they are Imagine you've known them your entire life and that you love each one than life itselfNow imagine if you were one of the people in that photograph with them Now imagine that I told you and all those other people standing and smiling with you that I was going to kill you all so that I could go for a trip to the beachOkay now you know the basic plot of The Forest of Hands and TeethI've mentioned before that I have a lovehate relationship with zombies On one hand I love reading zombie books and watching zombie movies On the other I will then spend two weeks wide awake clutching a baseball bat while waiting for the shuffle of feet and the moans of the undead outside my bedroom doorI actually have something like this in my houseI love the chase as things fall a part and slowly people are picked off one by one That's the thing that's almost a constant in the Zombie genre is the psychological breakdown of the group Usually in a zombie group you'll find the differing personalities and human flaws are what slowly kills the group not so much the zombiesThe difference between most of the zombie media and this book is that usually you watch things unfold from the sole sane person who is trying to keep all the crazies from turning themselves into meat patties and throwing themselves to the hordeIn this story you get to watch the gradual mental breakdown of a woman until she's willing to sacrifice anything and anyone just to live out a damn fantasyOkay so I know the point of it is that there are dreams and dreams are important like freedom is important and you must always follow your dreams blah de blah blahSorry I'm a very pragmatic person Kill zombies first fulfill life long dream of of seeing ocean secondYet despite my utter hatred of the main character by the time I finished this novel I still can't give it less than five starsI can't give it less than five stars because I spent most of this book gripping the bed covers in suspense The characters were all great realistic and interesting Mary's decent into madness was COMPLETELY understandable and very well documented and this book was very well written and paced very wellThen of course I had the satisfaction of knowing that if it had been me I totally could have survived better than them And that my friends is the biggest satisfaction you can get out of the zombie genreOh yeah babyMy Zombie Plan totally beats the crap out of their Zombie planSo what's YOUR zombie plan

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Nd her world is thrown into chaos she must choose between her village and her future between the one she loves and the one who loves her And she must face the truth about the Forest of Hands and Teeth Could there be life outside a world surrounded by so much dea. I don’t think I’ve read a zombie book that I didn’t like Sorry about the spoiler because yes The Forest of Hands and Teeth is as story about zombies but it’s very gracefully written you sometimes forget there are zombies in it Carrie Ryan definitely has an effortless way of bringing art out of her words Her writing seems to have this hypnotic effect on me and I just had to keep readingWriting aside though I think the plot is also very commendable and I think very original The utopian world is literally juxtaposed with the dystopian world and I was very impressed with the idea The main characters live safely in a “Pleasantville ish” village and believe they are the last humans on earth while outside the fence where lies the Forest of Hands and Teeth the “Unconsecrated” surround them keeping the people inside and leaving them no choice but be content with how they live But Mary our main character is a curious sometimes too curious it’s annoying girl and couldn’t accept that all there is to life is their sorry one in the village This is where all the conflicts in the story shall arisePerhaps one of the setbacks of the novel is the heavy romance despite not being really romantic I’m not particularly sure why Mary earns a lot of affection from the boys since she’s not a very likable character to begin with I didn’t find real chemistry with any of the matches and I don’t like how Mary is too indecisive of her feelings I also find it weird that these sinister Sisters are the ones imposing these weird rules and rituals among the villagers I don’t think this will be addressed in the seuel because WTH I checked it and it has nothing to do with these characters But I want answers on why the Sisterhood rules the village What are these secret passages they’re hiding in their cathedral What’s their connection with the Unconsecrated What happens to the people left behind To Mary To Jed Overall it’s still a gripping post apocalyptic read and I would have been eager for the seuel if it would answer all my uestions but I guess it won’t so bummer Guess I’ll just have to find out what the seuel is aboutPS I hear this is going to be adapted into a movie starring Maisie Williams That would be so awesome^^

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The Forest of Hands and TeethF Hands and Teeth But slowly Mary’s truths are failing her She’s learning things she never wanted to know about the Sisterhood and its secrets and the Guardians and their power and about the Unconsecrated and their relentlessness When the fence is breached a. some mild spoilers aheadohhh boy this was dark and filled with death and zombies and i loved every minute of it literally all my friends found this slow and boring but i'm here like biTCH WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT I NEED TO KNOW i'm so shook i literally had such low expectations for this book because everyone hates it I guess I just hate books people love and love books people hatei don't know why but i went into this thinking it was a horror ghost story but it's actually about zombies Mary lives in a very religious village ruled by the Sisterhood and the Guardians the Sisterhood is strict and enforces rules for everyone to follow and stay safe the Guardians have always protected against the Unconsecrated zombies and provided for them when the Unconsecrated break through the fences and start attacking the village Mary has to decide if she wants to find another path to safety or pursue her dreams of finding the oceans and be free this is such a weird book like it's written so simply and dull but i actually really liked it it's EXTREMELY simple and melancholic which i feel really complemented the atmosphere of the bookmary's character has like zero personality from the beginning she's always mentioning the ocean Ocean OCEAN and that's what's always on her mind she's so bland and has an obsession with this guy Travis which is the worst fucking romance ever her personality is the euivalent of a paper and i fucking loved it she's been raised under a strict leadership and defying them would mean being thrown to the Unconsecrated and when she starts learning secrets the Sisterhood is keeping and knows there's life out there she wants to leave and be free i kind of related to her wanting to live her life free of the village and find the truth also this is surprisingly so dark one scene in particular that stuck out to me was the zombie baby one Mary and Travis were in this tree house thing where they saw a zombie baby that someone ditched it was pretty sad because this baby can't move is crying and wants food but it's a fucking ZOMBIE BABY Mary had these thoughts that it's literally a baby who wants to be cared for but she just tosses the baby out of the fucking tree and the zombie baby dies again from the fall and i was just what the fuck she waited to feel some kind of guilt but didn't idk this was just damn really stuck out to methere's also a lot of cool zombie attacks and then chasing you shit and death and grossness it was pretty great ok now let's talk about the god damn bullshit ass romance literally what the FUCK was this Mary has always liked this dude Travis whose brother likes HER so it's a fucking love triangle but our girl Mary here only wants Travis and being without him is like she can't bear it which is lowkey unhealthy my guy she's OBSESSED with this guy there's zero chemistry with them and from the beginning she just loves him and wants to be with him at first i was like yaas some smoochy smoochy sex time because i love romance but the romance got weird and cringey real uick and i just did not want their romance other than that Harry Travis's brother wants Mary and it was just awkward also Travis is disabled he has a limp and broke his leg somehow which is revealed later on i was so happy to read about a character with a disabilityi feel like normally i would hate a book like this but i didn't which is so surprising to meoverall aside from the shitty romance i really enjoyed this book zombies death secrets isolation it was SO GOOD