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Read & download ´ The Flight of the Falcon Ì PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Þ As a young guide for Sunshine Tours Armino Fabbio leads a pleasant if humdrum life until he becomes circumstantially involved in the murder of an old peasant woman in Rome The woman he gradually comeNy years ago in his native town of Ruffano He returns to his birthplace and once there finds it is haunted by the phantom of his brother Aldo shot down in flames in '43 Over five hundred years before the sinister Duke Claudio known as The Falcon l. 35 stars‘The proud shall be stripped the haughty violated the slanderer silenced the serpent die in its own venom ’This book was fascinating not so much for the story telling but for the themes Of loss of insanity of obsession of our own histories and how they influence our present The book was gothic and sinisterthe characters difficult to empathise with I feel this story is bigger and deeper than my understanding and that the themes are important There is that sense of claustrophobia and repression and the duality of good versus evil sexuality versus sexual repression of living in another’s shadow The narrator reminds me of the narrator in Rebecca some one slightly unformed or lacking in confidence and identity An intriguing read for fans of Du Maurier

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As a young guide for Sunshine Tours Armino Fabbio leads a pleasant if humdrum life until he becomes circumstantially involved in the murder of an old peasant woman in Rome The woman he gradually comes to realise was his family's beloved servant ma. It's never too early for Venice Fabbio or Beo short for beato or blessed in Italian is engaged in a flight without purpose Fabbio was the courier of Sunshine Toursin Italy His group was about to begin their second day of morning shopping followed by lunch refreshed from a night sleep when it's discovered that there has been a murder off the via Sicilian within 100 yards of the Hotel Splendido where they were staying A woman was found stabbed on the church steps at 5 AM in the morning Two English teachers from London on the bus tour were upset because they feel they could've saved her because they saw her sleeping there at 9 PM the night before The night before just before everyone was retiring to their rooms for sleep a Mr Bloom slipped Fabbio a note saying come to my room with ten thousand lire Fabbio wasn't ever interested in going to a clients room so he walked outside and slipped that note and ten thousand lire into the pocket of the old women on the church stairs His bus tour is suppose to be headed to Naples however he's begging his supervisor to get transferred He tells him he's in trouble doesn't tell him why or what says he want to be transferred on a different tour with a different set of clients as well He wants to to be put on a northern route Annie two were going towards the Adriatic His supervisor Giovanni tells him it's too early Fabbio is still beggingwell then not necessarily a coach a tour a private client who might consider Ravenna VeniceGiovanni finally fixes this situationFabbio gets his transfer Two Tedeschi in a Volkswagen going north and they want an interpreter who speaks German which Fabbio does Fabbio is running for his life What he will soon discover is that what really matters is not running from the past but the future Sound GOOD this is just the TIP of the iceburg This story is just beginning BOOK DISCUSSION INVITE For anyone who would like to read this book with a group of members here on Good Reads we will be discussing it the entire month of April Sara will be happy cough cough calling for Sara to come in here and post the link of where to find the discussion group The discussions are low key with great people I bought this book on for 999 Kindle download It's possible to read this book pretty easy in 1 or 2 days but even if you've only read the beginning it's enough to join the group Not everyone will have finished it by the start date April 1 UOTES I went on walking up the via dei Sogni and so out into the via dell' 8 Settembre in front of the University It was like walking into another age The young were everywhere pouring out of lecture rooms laughing talking getting onto vespas The old building which had always been known as the House of Studies boasted New wings windows glowing not only with fresh paint that with vitality The via Della Mira surrounding the whole city of Ruffano stretched before me curving gently while immediately to my left where the steps leading up to the palace and to the city above The room was illuminated by flares and torches which throwing monstrous shadows upon the fluted ceiling and saffron walls gave to the whole eerie somber flavor medieval and at the same time exciting The piazza was crowded with morning shoppers and with the inevitable group of worthless individuals who idle not from choice but from the necessity came to the city center to stand and stare Students were everywhere arguing louacious most of them streaming out of the piazza up and northern hill to the piazza del Duca Carlo Rumor floating from one hill to the other and then converging from all corners to thepiazza Della Vita emerged in the small space like smoke from a steaming cauldron There was a Communists plot to blow up the University There was a Fascist plot to take over the municipality Guests at the dinner party at the Hotel Panorama had been poisoned The private residences of the Head of Departments had been burgled A manic from Rome having murdered one of Ruffano's inhabitants poor Marta Zampini in the capital was now loose in Ruffano itself and had made an attempt on the life of Professor Elia

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The Flight of the FalconIved his twisted brutal life preying on the people of Ruffano But now it is the twentieth century and the town seems to have forgotten its violent history But have things really changed The parallels between the past and present become ever eviden. I adore the writing of Daphne du Maurier She blends suspense moving description and psychological intrigue in a way that few other writers have mastered The Flight of the Falcon is not one of her acclaimed works it is largely overlooked but I have always thought it one of the best There is a deeper meaning hidden within its pages that would appear to me to be about temptation self illusion the struggle of good and evil within a man and the importance of being willing to dare and to try and to perish in the effortArmino Fabbio is a nondescript tour guide making his way through the familiar territory of Rome when he is plunged into his past by a chance encounter with a woman a drunken destitute woman who reminds him of his childhood nurse Marta Because of this encounter he returns to his roots a town named Ruffano where his father was the curator of a museum before his death during WWII In Ruffano he discovers that the past that he believed to be dead and gone is alive and all consumingWoven throughout this story are religious images but not a moral treatise Christ and Satan seem at war here but which is which is sometimes difficult to determine At one point a fellow character uotes him Nietzsche “He who no longer finds what is great in God will find it nowhere; he must either deny it or create it” Much of this book is about that need to believe or create Nothing about Armino’s past seems cut in stone everything malleable and as the pieces unfold he must determine how these truths alter his present and future What is clear is that he will never be able to be an anonymous uninvolved unattached tour guide againI hope to re read many of du Maurier’s novels this year It has been long enough on each of them that they come to me fresh and alive and sometimes even surprising She writes the way Hitchcock directs with pace and development that build to a crescendo I love that feeling of being swept along by the wind and then plopped back to earth again I’m pleased she took me along on the Falcon’s flight