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The Fifth Head of Cerberus kindle ↠ Paperback read Ò naturaltreatment ì Back in print for the first time in than a decade Gene Wolfe's The Fifth Head of Cerberus is a universally acknowledged masterpiece of science fiction by one of the field's most brilliant writersFar out from Earth two sister plIs said a race of shapeshifters once lived here only to perish when men came But one man believes they can still be found somewhere in the back of the beyondIn The Fifth Head of Cerberus Wolfe skillfully interweaves three bizarre tales to create a mesmerizing pattern the harrowing account of the son I don't feel ualified to give a comprehensive review of this book It is only the 2nd book of Gene Wolfe's I've read and the first I've come close to understanding I think this must be a better book to begin with though than his Book of the New Sun series I am a big fan of Jack Vance's Dying Earth series and Wolfe's is similar in setting but not in tone You get a lot of humor in Vance and almost no humor in Wolfe so far Or at least the humor partakes of the same dense opacities as the rest of the book's literary ingredients It is hard to tell what is meant as truth or misconception and many readers have found this to be part of the funWolfe ties together many deep themes wild characters and disarming alien descriptions alongside droll pseudo reminiscences He touches on Imperialism genetic modification interplanetary travel sibling relationships folklore shapeshifting creatures ghosts and many intriguing elements but only through hints and by undermining your expectations The plot is only discoverable beneath a riptide of otherworldly richness of bizarre hallucinogenic revelations and if swallowed half digested and barely understood it can still be incredibly interestingWhen the story flips to the perspective of the aborigines I was treated to an intense array of breathtaking surprises The reader is left uestioning who is the actual protagonist of this story and who's version of reality can be believedThe two nearby planets the author describes each have their own philosophy anthropology and history and in the famous Wolfian fashion none of it is readily discernible except through subtle insinuations This puzzle narrative techniue ceaselessly sabotages the reader's attempts at interpretation Like the characters themselves the reader is forced to undergo an investigation of the facts provided and is left to draw their own conclusionsThe author might have split up the book into 3 separate novellas but that would not have aided much in how approachable they are Taken together they enlarge upon their interior modus operandi in uniue ways This extraordinary interaction within the texts may never have been incorporated into literature before or since I will have to examine his New Sun series at length to see if it lives up to his layered accomplishment with CerberusThe intelligence of the structure the imaginative setting and the elegant descriptions are enough to impress any fan of science fiction If you do not mind Wolfe's trickery I think that there is a great deal of enjoyment to be gained from this book Keep in mind this was written very early in his career and he had only begun to experiment

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Of a mad genius who discovers his hideous heritage; a young man's mythic dreamuest for his darker half; the bizarre chronicle of a scientists' nightmarish imprisonment Like an intricate braided knot the pattern at last unfolds to reveal astonishing truths about this strange and savage alien landscape The Fifth Head of Cerberus is a work of genius A book full of allusions and ambiguities a literary puzzle that the reader must put togetherIt contains three novellas linked by the two major themes of the book which are identity and colonialism The theme of identity it's something that has puzzled Wolfe in all of his books From Severian in the Book of the New Sun the inhumi and their secret which explains a lot once you crack it in the Book of the Short Sun to EA Smithe in A Borrowed Man It seems to me that the majority of Wolfe's heroes are trying to find who they really are Luckily most of the times I think that they succeed In the Fifth Head of Cerberus Wolfe also touches other themes and there is plenty commentary regarding the state society and authoritarian regimes Themes concerning childhood are also present in the first story but not in the nostalgic manner of Ray Bradbury for example It's a really harsh and sad story Wolfe's prose is sometines difficult technically structured with lengthy Proustian paragraphs demanding the reader's full attention The book is really a puzzle and a very difficult one to solve There was a time that I thought that it was just not possible but now after my third reread I have one or two theories that explain the book Gene Wolfe who died last year was one of the greatest writers ever lived His masterwork The Book of the New Sun is a work uniue to literature and it deserves to be side by side with other masterworks such as Joyce's Ulysses or Melville's Moby Dick Gene Wolfe's work has been ignored by the mature readers and the acadamia as purely science fictionfantasy thus not important or dismissed by the genre readers as difficult and inaccessible The truth is that Gene Wolfe wrote high uality literature and like all good uality literature it demands reader's effort in order to be fully understoodGene Wolfe deserves to be among the masters of the art

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The Fifth Head of CerberusBack in print for the first time in than a decade Gene Wolfe's The Fifth Head of Cerberus is a universally acknowledged masterpiece of science fiction by one of the field's most brilliant writersFar out from Earth two sister planets Saint Anne and Saint Croix circle each other in an eternal dance It For every reader that believes Wolfe allusions are well wrought and indicative of a greater back story and that there is a palimpsest to get to the bottom of there are others who insist that the surface story with all its mysteries and contradictions is all that there is atmosphere over form The second group has forgotten something Gene Wolfe is that rarest of men a spiritually inclined engineer with a love both of literature mystery novels and pulp science fiction not to mention that he is a genius and clearly sees the mystery of everyday life that the power he believes in which could change everything in fact never acts directly working unseen if at all and allowing freedomWolfe's contextual symbols ALWAYS point somewhere you just have to be willing to see the deeper story In this text two engineering terms are vital to solving the mystery the relaxation the pale and pasty Dr Marsch brings up when talking to number 5 and the idea of VRT variance reduction techniues in which a SERIES of approximations reduces variance and solves a problemFROM HERE ON OUT HEAVY SPOILERSSPOILERSContextual words are imbued with meaning these symbols are sometimes cultural like the names of St Anne or St Croix Anne the mother of the Virgin Mary the immaculate conception and cross the death of that fully humanfully divine individual parthenogenetically produced and sometimes only make sense in context like the street name Rud d'asticot street of larvaemaggots or offhand comments like the aboriginals mating with trees and having a dendritic or predendritic society or little details like Cedar Branches Waving's mother burying her feet in nutrient rich sand after giving birth or Sandwalker's feet always dropping down from a higher place to a lower whose feet get swept out from under him at the end of the second novella Even names like Eastwind have significance or the fact that when there is one shadowchild it is named Wolf as our narrator from the first novella is named WolfeRead Wolfe several times and ponder the mystery of the life cycles he has wrought Many Pink Butterflies taken literally implies that a whole lot of larval stages have transformed into something pink But remember that there are two species one associated with trees and the other with chewing leaves with pink eggs spitting out white wives and that a mite proficient with string is often caught on the wind Eastwind has no testicles and an invading parasite can only reproduce through infecting its host and stealing its reproductive mechanism Now read the ending again with a tree with its feet planted firmly in the river reaching out to save VRT and our little cat biting Marsch and you will realize that it is not as is commonly said Victor Trenchard who has replaced Marsch but the bite of the cat and its little parasites that it is Eastwind that has survived metaphorically while Sandwalker with his normal reproductive tract is drowned in the riverGene Wolfe is the greatest author who ever lived and we are so lucky to have his uniue and individual voice in literature Though many will not get him on the first second or even third read there is nothing like the eureka moment in Wolfe from a close reading and successful conclusion He is even brilliant than his reputation indicates