Summary î The Demon Haunted World Science as a Candle in the Dark Ù PDF DOC TXT or eBook

Summary The Demon Haunted World Science as a Candle in the Dark

Summary î The Demon Haunted World Science as a Candle in the Dark Ù PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ½ How can we make intelligent decisions about our increasingly technology driven lives if we don’t understand the difference between the myths of pseudoscience and the testable hypotheses oCience is burgeoning with stories of alien abduction channeling past lives and communal hallucinations commanding growing attention and respect As Sagan demonstrates with lucid elouence the siren song of unreason is not just a cultural wrong turn but a dangerous plunge into darkness that threatens our most basic freedo. The Demon Haunted World is the 4th Carl Sagan 1934 1996 book that I've read There is no doubt this astronomer can write Sagan with this book has shifted from his usual topic of astronomy and astrophysics to lecturing the reader against pseudoscience superstition and some theological teachingsSagan successfully debunks the pseudoscience beliefs such as ufology with well presented arguments sometimes over elaborated as these observers or believers never demonstrate clear evidence for their extraterrestrial visitors or abductors Sagan advises that skepticism that is usually not taught in schools should be applied when hearing such storiesSome people that suffer from hallucinations or are prone to deceit convince themselves they saw human like faces temples and religious symbols in the sky on the moon or on other planets In fact they are consciously or subconsciously searching for physical evidence and signs to support their beliefs or are gullible enough to believe or this is a result of their illness in the existence of a supernatural event At times like these our rationality should takeover to distinguish truth from falsity We have to be aware of our human fallibility therefore when witnessing and hearing about such occurrences we should employ a constructive evaluation of that eventWe are advised to think scientifically following the scientific method and to only believe in verified science data confirmed by experiments Along with that we must not lose our capacity for critical thinking Sagan recommends using his baloney detection kit to expose the falseness of such ideas and beliefsThe book does not clearly introduce what this scientific doctrine or manifesto would look like or should one exist at all Also science and occasionally some morally ambiguous scientist do not have the best reputation For many of us it is not clear if some scientific achievements such as the process and development of nuclear weapons are of a benefit or danger to our society and existence On the other hand for many of us it would be difficult to find consolation and purpose in this atheistic sounding universeThe last uarter of the book discusses in a rather displeasing and concerning tone the US education system and the lack of funding for science and research projects which gave a political connotation to these last couple of chapters All in all this book is written for the general reader and I would recommend it to anyone interested in learning about pseudoscienceSagan's love for science is clear and this book is like his personal statement I have to say I agree with his arguments On the other hand it's perhaps our ability of imagination and fantasizing not critical and rational thinking what intellectually separates us from other living beings Which in return could be an essential capability behind human scientific achievements Therefore pseudoscience could be viewed as an expected side effect of science Perhaps you can't have one without the other

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How can we make intelligent decisions about our increasingly technology driven lives if we don’t understand the difference between the myths of pseudoscience and the testable hypotheses of science Pulitzer Prize winning author and distinguished astronomer Carl Sagan argues that scientific thinking is critical not onl. Always insightful it seems that Sagan just wanted to watch the world learn I should've read this at 14 Honestly this should probably be reuired high school reading for everyone It illustrates clearly the many and varied personal and societal benefits gained from applying the methods of science to every corner of our thinking The methods are the important part the findings are just icing on the cake It covers the dangers of unchecked ideologies and the reuirement for both objectivity and wonder Almost no topic is left unexamined I really can't recommend this book enough

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The Demon Haunted World Science as a Candle in the DarkY to the pursuit of truth but to the very well being of our democratic institutionsCasting a wide net through history and culture Sagan examines and authoritatively debunks such celebrated fallacies of the past as witchcraft faith healing demons and UFOs And yet disturbingly in today's so called information age pseudos. Helluva book comrades The book which did grunt work than any other to transform me from a soft headed uncritical thinker into a savage evidence seeking joy murdering empiricist So I’m going to avoid sullying it with the vulgarity which has come to define my common rhetorical flourishes There will be no meandering Understand No digressions I will not stoop so low as to flank grammarian inuisitors with rapid fire similes in order to escape their censure I will definitely not flee from them while they’re entangled in melee Gleefully cackling “Not a finger you bastards Not a finger”Are you desperately seeking a guide to shoring up your intellectual defenses in the face of specious polemics politicalreligiouscorporatebutter pecan flavors of pseudo science flat earthers no spacers Anon'ers crystal healers porkchop mystics wererats painfully uninteresting bilaterally symmetrical alien life forms with cumbersome over sized heads radium in your tooth paste alternative facts chem trails cryptozoologists in Thundercats cosplay horse sized ducks Ms Cleo spoon fetishists complex geometrical approximations based on macaroni casting Tom Cruise 8 minute abs the Bermuda Triangle Area 51 astrology ESP duck sized horses and the regression of human civilization back into the dark ages Well hold on to your tits because this is the one Have you ever while attempting to navigate the world with no pharmaceutical intervention whatsoever found yourself engaged in debate with someone harboring a dogmatic belief in the moon being made out of coagulated KY Jelly Did you first interpret this as a good natured ploy to wind you up only to later undercover searing conviction Did the ablative coating on your synaptic marbles flake away as the contorted death mask of your shrieking incredulity painted a line of fire across the sky plowing mug first through a frictional sea of stupidity only to explode over Tunguska in inarticulate rage This sound very much like an anger management problemThis book is about the power of scientific reasoning and the need for skepticism This book is about not being a sucker Not being a mark Not being a damned fool And trust me if not me trust your boy Sagan you are the easiest person to fool It reuires systematic training and constant vigilance to overcome the cognitive bias that resides deep in your source code All of us are prone to rely on heuristics of thought Cognitive short hands Intuitions informed by the limited scope of the ancestral African savanna Useful in their respective contexts But often disastrous when applied to the complex societal problems of a technologically advanced civilization If there’s any flaw in the system deserving of our individual and collective attention it is devising better pedagogical correctives for these shortcomingsWays to expand our empathy beyond its archaic parochial boundaries Ways to defuse ancient sectarian violence Ways to evaluate policies to better navigate imminent environmental catastrophes Ways to ameliorate suffering in all its varied forms Ways to distribute ourselves across the galaxy so that our species may survive the inevitable extinction events battering down our door like Jack Nicholson riding a gamma ray burst Science and the technological offspring it has produced can only be stewarded by a population that understands at least in broad strokes the ramifications of its ideas and the system of thought responsible for producing critiuing and improving themYet as Sagan lamented in this book the institutions have failed to promote and make palatable these concepts of vital importance They failed in Sagan’s time and fail in a spectacular fashion in our own time“How can we affect national policy or even make intelligent decisions in our own lives if we don’t grasp the underlying issues As I write Congress is dissolving its own Office of Technology Assessment the only organization specifically tasked to provide advice to the House and Senate on science and technology Its competence and integrity over the years have been exemplary Of the 535 members of the US Congress rarely in the twentieth century have as many as one per cent had any significant background in science The last scientifically literate President may have been Thomas Jefferson”This book was written in 1995 It’s sobering to think of how that passage might differ today How much desperate it would seem if addressing the bombastic buffoonery of public discourse in America Our denigration of truth in favor of vacuous memes Our hunger for scandalous political pit fights and our spurning of long form nuanced conversation The paradoxical Silo'ing of thought in a world that’s connected than ever before The constant appearance of echo chambers in an age of democratized information There’s a lot in this book to help one take up arms against a sea of irrationality but it’s hard to imagine it having any appeal to someone who isn’t already interested in issues of this kind And that’s the rub Our best minds should be hellbent on making these issues palatable and comprehensibleCarl Sagan was an astrophysicist a humanist and a tireless champion for better education He ignited curiosity in me and many others with the series Cosmos My stars and garters I sure do miss him Let’s go out with an ominous bit from the book and hope that it’s prophetic force does not fully manifest before we get our shit together“Avoidable human misery is often caused not so much by stupidity as by ignorance particularly our ignorance about ourselves I worry that especially as the millennium edges nearer pseudoscience and superstition will seem year by year tempting the siren song of unreason sonorous and attractive Where have we heard it before Whenever our ethnic or national prejudices are aroused in times of scarcity during challenges to national self esteem or nerve when we agonize about our diminished cosmic place and purpose or when fanaticism is bubbling up around us then habits of thought familiar from ages past reach for the controls The candle flame gutters Its little pool of light trembles Darkness gathers The demons begin to stir”