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FREE EPUB Í MOBI The Darkland î î KATHRYN LE VEQUE ¶ 1515 AD The Lady Micheline le Bec was pledged in marriage to Edmund de Cleveley Baron Bowland in payment for her father’s gambling debt When de Cleveley’s big Irish captain Sir Kirk Connaught arrives to escort Micheline to her marriage Micheline is ap1515 AD The Lady Micheline le Bec was pledged in marriage to Edmund de Cleveley Baron Bowland in payment for her father’s gambling debt When de Cleveley’s big Irish captain Sir Kirk Connaught arrives to escort Micheline to her marriage Micheline is apprehensive but submissive In fact she’s not the real problem; the real issue is her sister the Lady Mara Dark haired and beautiful she is fiery and reckless When Kirk should be focused on his liege’s bride he finds himself talking a foolish young woman off the window ledge Mara comes down but not before a struggle nearly costs both her and Kirk their lives So begins their fire and ice associationU 35 starsNot one of her best not one of her worstTwo sisters have recently lost both parents The older Mischa was betrothed to a baron by their father to pay a gambling debt Mischa is meek and submisssive while Mara is a hellion Sir Kirk comes to escort the ladies to the baron and falls in love with Mara In between there are many secrets that are slowly revealed Like the baron has a sexual relationship with his step sister Johanna who is mad and obsessed with sir Kirk The manor is thought to be cursed since 9 women have disappeared over the years all of whom have shown an interest in Sir Kirk Le Veue tries to hold true to the woman's historical role in th 1500's and the political laws and ways of that time as well So I can't complain that I hated that the hero because of how he acted or rather did not act when grave injustices were going on since at the time no one would have I would not have been so forgiving had I not been reading up on some history as of late But in all honesty staying true to history has made the romance and the likability of the hero falter for meThe story as a whole was good and the pace was steady although predictable I read the book in one sitting The characters were for the most part likable The conflict was good and rather logical not too easily resolved The romance was meh I don't see why the hero falls in love the h The only reason is because she's beautiful and has spirit yet he tries to kill her spirit at every turn The same holds true for the h Why does she love the H? He's handsome He also spanks her fails to protect her sister as promised and continues to ignore her at the Le Vey's and pay attention to Lily even though he knows it upsets her He explains she isn't a threat since she is betrothed to another and he must act politely towards her out of respect Umm not buying 100% because she was fawing all over him and he did nothing to thwart her but he did no encourage her eitherThe beginning of the story was really dumb IMHO and the h was so immature almost TSTL but eventually her character evolved and she was likable I feel that there could have been a better way to show her character change I did like her strength and the fact she said what was on her mind It was the only saving grace that kept me readingI disliked the Twin characters intensley Not for their personailties but the whole finishing each others sentences It was truly stupid cartooinish and annoying They were flat and I didn't see the point of them being twins or the purpose of them finishing each others sentencesI thought it weak how Johanna didn't realize that Mara and Kirk had eyes for each other Her character was also very flat and I just didn't get her obsession with Kirk when she was so enad with her step brotherList of things were irritating venus mound just should not be used as well as curb it spanking the heroine to curb her spirit needs to be re thought the hero was borderline unlikable and i'm not sure why I was able to overlook his inactions and his overlooking injustices I did find myself eventually liking him anywayThings that may bother some readers sex between step siblings an attempted but failed rape scene not between H h insta lovelustA good point is the hero was not a rake or at least it was not thrown in our face He only has eyes for the h and no one has ever caught his heart before Since most of his admirers were done away with it it made me think he had few OWGlad it was free on

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Pon arriving at de Cleveley’s seat Anchorsholme Castle Mara and Micheline are informed by the servants that the fortress has another name a far sinister name The Darkland The House of the Death Young women that have visited the castle have never been seen again All of the deaths have one thing in common – Kirk Connaught When Mara finds out she tries to flee in fear but Kirk catches her and explains the rumors behind the disappearances They are not as Mara has suspected She discovers that Kirk is not the perpetrator; he is the victim as much as the young women wereAs Mara and Kirk fall deeply in love dark forces are working against them There is an Probably the best Le Veue's I read so far A dark medieval story with murders betrayals and deranged mindsI found less licences to medieval society rules and less contemporary sayings than usual I would have avoided the cheesy epilogue with rough warriors becoming family men but never mind

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The DarklandUprising in Ireland on de Cleveley lands and Kirk is called away to uell it Meanwhile Edmund de Cleveley secretly betroths Mara to a local baron in order to remove her from Anchorsholme and away from Kirk Mara is scheduled to marry the baron even as Kirk fights his own people in Ireland unaware of his beloved Mara’s predicament But he accidentally discovers the truth and Kirk races back to England to prevent the marriage even as a mad series of event happen at The Darkland that will change all of their lives forever It’s an exciting ride to the finish as good triumphs over evilJoin Kirk and Mara as their romance overcomes the evils of The Darklan Incest most vileFarmland has a most dastardly secret Not only is it filled with incestuous siblings but mental illness is rampant The seriously mentally ill sister believes she canwish people away and her brother has them murdered Always young women who show interest in the captain of the guard It is her secret love This was not my favorite novel