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eBook Ü The Beauty of Darkness Paperback Read ¶ naturaltreatment ê DARKNESS WAS A BEAUTIFUL THINGTHE KISS OF A SHADOW A CARESS AS SOFT AS MOONLIGHTLia has survived Venda — but so has a great evil bent on the destruction of Morrighan And only Lia can stop itWith war on the horizon Lia has no choice but tUghter as soldier as leader While she struggles to reach Morrighan and warn them she finds herself at cross purposes with Rafe and suspicious of Kaden who has hunted her downIn this heart stopping conclusion to the Remnant Chronicles trilogy traitors must be rooted Review posted on The Eater of Books blogThe Beauty of Darkness by Mary E PearsonBook Three of the Remnant ChroniclesPublisher Henry Holt and Co BYRPublication Date August 2 2016Rating 1 starSource eARC from NetGalleyNO DIRECT SPOILERS BUT THERE ARE VAGUE NOTES AND SUCH READ AT YOUR OWN RISK POTENTIAL INSINUATION TYPE SPOILERSSummary from GoodreadsLia and Rafe have escaped Venda and the path before them is winding and dangerous what will happen now This third and final book in The Remnant Chronicles is not to be missedBestselling author Mary E Pearson's combination of intrigue suspense romance and action make this a riveting page turner for teensWhat I LikedI'm writing this review in lists people Usually I do this in paragraphs but I am too infuriated and frustrated by this book write now This section is my What I Liked section otherwise known as the reasons why I'm not giving this book zero stars in this case Technically the ending IS a HEA You'll see below my full thoughts on the ending But technically technically we have a HEA Lia Rafe Kaden Pauline and other major characters get a happy ending I liked Rafe's ending though I wished for for him The love triangle is gone ish It is But then the romance is pretty much gone in general so there's that More on that belowWhat I Did Not Like Lia is a complete and utter bh in this book Honestly I don't know how I liked her in the previous two books She certainly wasn't this bad in those books I can tell you that Lia turns into this raging crazy person I think Pearson wanted to make Lia seem bada and commanding and alpha female or whatever It came across as CRAZY And rude And hurtful For about 75% of the book Lia is HORRIBLE to Rafe And then in the last 25% of the book she's horrible to him in a different way subtle She literally does nothing to fight for their relationshipLet me stay on this topic for a little bit Lia treats Rafe so badly in the first 75% of the book It's like she isn't grateful for him saving her life over and over and over She uses him and she makes demands and expects him to do all of these things when SHE KNOWS he has duties in this or that Did I mention that she doesn't fight for their relationship It's like she loves him but doesn't care enough to fight for the relationship when things get tough HE fights for them but not her You know why partly Her gift tells her to do this or do that The magical book of Venda that she has with her has all of these fancy prophecies and Lia is trying to follow them down to the THonestly I have a lot of disdain for prophecies and protagonists that put so much stock into them Lia has no regard for her own destiny For a girl that tried to escape her fate by running away from her wedding Lia is uick to jump right back into letting someone ie the book of Venda and her gift control her Obviously I hated the romance The love triangle is gone thank goodness But Rafe and Lia still aren't in a good place and it's mostly Lia's fault Rafe is under so much pressure and stress as a new king yup he's the king of Dalbreck now and it's like Lia doesn't care or doesn't understand or both The romance in this book is AWFUL I do not recommend reading this book if you expect swooooon Because it never happens Lia is cruel to Rafe and Rafe has to do certain things within his duty as king and honestly he deserves so much better than her She wants to be ueen of Venda By all means But it's too bad that Rafe loves her so blindlyIn that regard I dislike Rafe He loves Lia SO blindly Rafe is my favorite character and I really felt for him in this book having to step into the role of king so suddenly but ugh Love is so blind I didn't like Kaden but even I thought his end of the romance deal was poor It's like the author wanted to force a romantic plot for Kaden It felt fake and totally forced and not genuine There was potential for a good hate to love relationship But the author doesn't write it well BORING This book especially the first like 40% was SO incredibly boring WHY is this book nearly 700 pages long It could easily be like 400 pages and still would need cutting down So many unnecessary pages in the beginning of the book especially since BARELY ANYTHING HAPPENS except Lia whining complaining and being a super bh I got to a certain point where I literally dreaded continuing That point occurred well before the 60% mark but I stopped reading the book at the 60% mark and didn't pick it up for almost a week I dreaded picking it back up There were so many things that were happening that were especially awful ridiculous and stupid Look I try to separate my intense emotions from my objective opinion of the book but when you're feeling dread at the thought of picking up a book and your stomach hurts just thinking about it there is something very wrong with the book This brand of girl power was so bad I already touched on this but I didn't like what Lia evolved into in this story She's such a bh Making demands to everyone like she owns everything Especially in DALBRECK to the DALBRECK KING no Let me explain something you want to write a medieval type fantasy novel You can't have a Princess of X trying to command peoplesoldiersroyalty in the Kingdom of Y That just doesn't happen Lia needed to learn her place but she is so tunnel visioned by her gift Suddenly she's infinitely smarter and better than everyone because she has a gift That's what it seemed like in this book I think the author was going for badaery but it was an epic fail at least in my opinion I hated Lia for let's see ALL OF THIS BOOK I was no longer rooting for after hmm chapter one Look I'm all for feminism but in no story would I like a heroine like Lia at least what she is in this third book The ending in terms of the romance It is SUPER open ended This book is in serious need of an epilogue It's not open ended in a triangular way but it's abrupt and open ended The ending in general In terms of kingdoms and wars and whatnot the ending wraps up But it's so abrupt The Great Big Battle occurs after the 90% mark and it's so abrupt And clicheunsurprising there are no elements of originality in that last battle scene The speech that Lia gave that stopped and saved everything at the Great Big Battle You want to know how the fighting stopped Lia suddenly developed magical oration powers and captured all of the bloodthirsty solders' attention with her speech Brothers sister Yeah NO That would not have worked on me In the heat of a battle I would not give one flying fk who is getting on whatever podium or rock or hill and starts giving some empowering let's work together speech Ummm no That bh would get an arrow straight through her The presence of the supernatural is SO deus ex machina I feel like the author used the supernatural gift that Lia has to explain way too many things Feelings visions memories okay maybe But it just did not seem believable You cannot explain away EVERY single event with the gift You can't have the plot moving because Lia heard a whisper that they should do this or that Literally every single one of Lia's decisions are made because of her gift and she expects everyone to follow her blindly Look I'm all for divinesupernatural powers but you really can't have your main character so dependent on them Especially those prophecies well you already read my opinion on prophecies The writing was kind of awful Seriously what even happened to this book The first two books were really intriguing and engrossing and I liked them so much This book seemed rushed and poorly written like maybe it was outlined very well but written with difficulty Or something I don't know All I know is that it was a MESSWould I Recommend ItI do not recommend th

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DARKNESS WAS A BEAUTIFUL THINGTHE KISS OF A SHADOW A CARESS AS SOFT AS MOONLIGHTLia has survived Venda but so has a great evil bent on the destruction of Morrighan And only Lia can stop itWith war on the horizon Lia has no choice but to assume her role as First Da Find me on Instagram TwitterRating ★ ★ ★ ★ ½ ❝I cry out and fall to my kneesunable to go onweeping for the deadweeping for the crueltiesand a whisper calls to me from far away You are strongStronger than your painStronger than your griefStronger than themAnd I force myself to my feet again❞ I can't believe that this is the end of one of my favorite series of all time If I could stay in this world forever I would I wish it never had to end This world these characters these books have slowly crept their way into my heart and I know without a doubt that that's where they'll always stayGoing into The Beauty of Darkness my expectations were through the roof I had so many plans in my mind of how I wish things would play out in the end I was a bit wary though because a number of reviews gave me the impression that I would be left dreadfully unhappy with the ending or even the book overall Fortunately enough I was fairly satisfied with the way The Remnant Chronicles came to an end It wasn't what I wanted exactly but it was good enough for meEven with my feelings and preferences aside I believe that this book deserves all the stars in the world just by Mary Pearson's writing alone The Beauty of Darkness was 680 pages of pure stress and frustration but her writing just lures you in and keeps you hooked until the next thing you know you've already devoured than half of the book within a few hours It truly blows my mind how fast I could get lost into this world Your blood pressure may skyrocket in the meantime but Mary Pearson makes it worth it XDReading this book wasn't always sunshine and rainbows let me tell you that THIS BOOK WILL FRUSTRATE YOU Oh yes it will IT WILL MAKE YOU WANT TO THROW YOUR BOOK ACROSS THE ROOM Hell yeah freakin right it will I honestly didn't know who to be pissed at Lia for being stubborn Rafe for holding Lia back Everyone for being close minded Or what I don't even know At one point it felt like they were all acting out of character and it made me want to rip my hair out Thankfully everyone got a hold on themselves and we were able to get back to the storyLia's development in this book was outstanding I absolutely LOVED her She was fierce relentless and just straight up badass She went full on WARRIOR PRINCESS on their enemies and suddenly all was right in the world Lia has came a long way from how she was since the very beginning of The Kiss of Deception and I couldn't be proudAs for Rafe I felt like we did see a bit of his ugly side I did feel at one point that he kept holding Lia back much to my dismay since Lia and Rafe are my OTP in this series But we also get to see him for the great ruler that he was and the love he truly has for Lia His character does take a downturn in certain areas but he makes up for it and in other waysI thought that Kaden was sort of pushed a little bit to the side in this book Although I don't ship him with Lia I still loved their friendship and teamwork However I felt like he was of an important background character rather than one of the three main characters in this story which was a bit sad since he adds so much depth to the seriesview spoilerIn terms of romance I was happy that Lia and Rafe finally got their happy ending after so many trials and obstacles that got in their way I know that a lot of people think of their relationship as boring or convienient but I can't help but love them anyways Sorry not sorry aha To me I think falling in love with the Assassin or the person you're not supposed to fall in love with is also played out I knew from the very beginning that Lia truly loved Rafe and would ultimately choose him in the end but I also appreciated the bond that Lia had with Kaden that much I'll admit I actually wanted to see Lia and Rafe live happily ever after but we were only given a tease in the last few pages I really wanted since they did go through so much crap but I'm just happy that my couple ended up together for onceAs for Kaden and Pauline's relationship I was all for it I was actually hoping that Kaden would end up with Pauline or Gwyneth But sadly I felt like their relationship was a bit rushed for the sake of giving Kaden a love interest that wasn't Lia Pauline despised Kaden and then after a few chapters we're all of a sudden expected to buy into the potential relationship I shipped it but I just thought it was rushed and underdeveloped We really could've gotten a lot out of their relationship but there just weren't enough pagesThe battle scene overall wasn't too much of a letdown I expected sword fighting and I got it However I thought the biggest anticlimactic ending was the defeat of the Komizar Wow The build up set us up for such an epic ending but it felt too rushed and too easy It was really disappointing actually but the bad guy was defeated Lives were sacrificed Battles were lost Wars were won Endings were happy That's all I could really wish for so I can't really complain I think Mary Pearson could've dragged this story on just so a lot of things wouldn't have felt so rushed I honestly wouldn't complain one bit if she added another book to this series because I've already stated so many times that I do not want this series to end haha hide spoiler

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The Beauty of DarknessOut sacrifices must be made and impossible odds must be overcome as the future of every kingdom hangs in the balance New York Times bestselling author Mary E Pearson's combination of intrigue suspense romance and action makes this a riveting YA page turner for teens 4255 starsThe Remnant Chronicles Spoiler Free Series Review you follow me on twitter you would know I woke up at 3AM this morning and could not go back to bed I thought maybe I should read a book to help myself fall back asleepit did the complete oppositeFrom 3AM 10Am this morning I finished all 688 pages of The Beauty of Darkness and even though I'm extremely tired I don't regret it at allI was honestly such an emotional mess when I got to the end just because I am so sad to say goodbye to this seriesNow I gave this a 4255stars just because yes I enjoyed it and there were many pros BUT I also did have issues that I can't overlookOverall I highly recommend the Remnant Chronicles Series one of my favoritesview spoilerALSO RHYS LIKE CAN WE TAKE A MOMENT MY LITTLE ACOMAF HEART DIED33 hide spoiler