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Summary Ô The Awakening ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ñ Exiled from Earth thousands of years ago Sar is hiding and waiting in our Galaxy Manipulating the dark side of humanity and controlling many government leaders he has now found the way back in But what does he really want When Lanie Montrose ascended to the top oW she got there Hidden memories emerge of an age old foe from a distant world overwhelming her with uestions about her past and fate Dr Suki Carter has never been able to settle the desire to protect her lost and lonely patient Lanie Then one touch of her grandfather’s clock opened a new consciousness Lanie is not who she says she is and there is something otherworldly about that eerie clock On the East Coast a secret journal is found w. This book gave me the creeps while I was reading it It is the riveting story of a dark ancient force out in outer space who is planning his return to Earth after being banished from it over thousands of years ago He is in search of his love a female who may have forgotten about him and her history as well as having her name changed over time This diabolical force goes by the name of Sar and he has appointed an alien being called Manti to work with some powerful political figures in Washington DC to carry out his plan to return and rule over the worldEnter a Pop star Lanie; a CIA agent James; and a Psychiatrist Dr Suki who for all their lives have suspected something different and totally supernatural about themselves or the people they loved and arewere close to Lanie is a world renown singer who is successful but has been followed around by sinister people who know about her gift and her destiny; James is one whose career is to debunk all conspiracy theories that threaten to get out of hand is alarmed to discover that his mother who he has always dismissed as being crazy with her stories about the Knights Templar is actually sane and telling the truth; and Dr Suki whose deceased grandfather has always fascinated her with his wisdom and knowledge of the paranormal is determined with all her might to protect her patient Lanie the Pop star as well as the human race from what she knows as something dreadful coming soonI thought this book was really neat and that it really held my attention from the first page to the last It is because stories of this kind have always amused me as relating to the book of Revelations of the Holy Bible even though this book is entirely a work of science fiction I somehow seemed to find myself drawn to the way it brings up the Knights Templar which is a Catholic military order in historical Europe that according to Wikipedia yeah I know what you’re thinking but still played a role in Catholic finance Anyway you can go to Wikipedia and read all about it Being a Catholic and one who has read so many conspiracy theories over the course of my life I found this book to satisfy that interest of mine therefore making this book worth my while I will not tell you about this story in case it will spoil your interest in it but just to note that it contains aliens magical discs a sexy seductress whose actual appearance is grotesue hahaha and the notion that the US government is hiding something ultimately out of this world underneath the PentagonI recommend this book to all those who loves a great sci fi book that actually starts and ends with a lot of action and impact It is a book that I deem great for someone who is traveling by train or by airplane It is a book that will terrify you and make you thirsty for It contains a delectable conspiracy theory that turns the religious end of the world prophecies you have heard already into a science fiction frenzy about the world having alien origins and such All in all I really recommend this book for all readers because it’s just pure entertainment and would make a great movie if Hollywood sets its mind on it Have a great day

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Ith bizarre entries reminding CIA agent James Sinclair of the unbelievable conspiracy stories from his estranged mother Alien BeginningsThe shadow government Now his sceptic mind needs answers Critical clues have been scattered woven into the fabric of our history and genetic code Powerful gifts are strategically hidden inside of us all Our protectors have prepared for this moment The Awakening has begun Sar is close Our fate is in motion. The author has done a great job with this page turner The characters are so compelling and exciting The plot is full of suspense and has so many links to real life conspiracies that you get really sucked into the story Her ideas have led to a great book and I loved every second of it Highly recommend

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The AwakeningExiled from Earth thousands of years ago Sar is hiding and waiting in our Galaxy Manipulating the dark side of humanity and controlling many government leaders he has now found the way back in But what does he really want When Lanie Montrose ascended to the top of the music charts she felt an even deeper void within Just when she began to feel free from the shackles of fame she finds herself locked in a strange hospital with no idea of ho. A Readers' Favorite ReviewSomewhere out there in the galaxy a dark and evil force is waiting to annihilate humankind and through the millennia its purpose has been successfully averted But its effort never stops The Awakening Fate in Motion is an ancient origin story and how throughout history we have been protected by enlightened beings from the dark force Sar It's a story of good vs evil Sar is coming again People who are unaware of their destiny suddenly find their lives changed as they are awakened to protect the Earth from this evil force that wants to end the world Plots are uncovered and old secrets are revealed to the chosen ones who need to harken and fight off this evil force once again They have no choice Their fate is written in their genetic code And it's now in motionIt's astounding that The Awakening Fate in Motion is Suzanne Boisvert's debut novel Right from the opening scene I was hooked by the flow of words and the way the author effortlessly introduced the characters and laid out the plot Boisvert has a way with words Her writing is fresh and unencumbered the words flowing out of the pages and drawing me in A hidden journal by the American president FDR confirming the presence of the aliens and their purpose was gripping As I turned the pages I was excited to see what the author will come up next We have a history we do not know and I believe that The author fed my fascination with this topic Conspiracies the Knighs Templar Special abilities hidden in our genes Scifi fans and those interested in esoteric knowledge will have so much fun reading this book I look forward to titles from this author Highly recommended