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read mobi ´ THE AUTOMATION Kindle Edition ´ g.b. gabbler Á The capital A Automatons of Greco Roman myth aren’t clockwork Their design is much divine They’re intricate than robots or androids or anything else mortal humans could invent Their windup keys are their human Masters They aren’t mindless; they haveLe falling apart after a stranger commits suicide to free his soul attached Automaton slave The humanoid Automaton uses Odys’s soul to “reactivate” herself Odys must learn to accept that the female Automaton is an extension of his body that they are the same person and that her creator god is forging a new purpose for all with Automaton See my other reviews at Never Enough BooksThe Automatons of Greco Roman myth are not clockwork creations; they are so much They are intricate and divine in a way that no human mind could ever create They are not mindless creations but they do have a purpose; they have a function – a pre programmed existence their creator installed in each one A function that some would call uestionableOdys finds his rather staid lifestyle disturbed when he witnesses a stranger commit suicide right in front of him Only later does he realize the stranger did such a thing to free the Automaton attached to himself when she uses Odys’ soul to resurrect herself Odys must come to accept this new development; this Automaton is part of him and they are now two halves of a whole He must also accept that while his life doesn’t have much direction hers does and it now includes him whether he likes it or notThis is yet another book I was provided with for the purpose of reviewThe Automation touts itself as a “prose epic” a conglomeration of different writing styles and literary cliches Told by an enigmatic Narrator and an Editor named Gabbler they are the frame for the story While the Narrator maintains the story is true Gabbler’s doubt of the tale’s veracity shows up in the numerous snide comments made via footnote It is this back and forth that helps keep the story grounded and from running too far amokDear reader I want to say that I enjoyed reading The Automation Truly I do However I had a hard time with this one The frenetic writing style made it difficult at times to follow along with the story and to understand what was going on Add to that the fact that there were a few sensitive subjects touched upon suicide mentions of incest etc There were a few instances where I felt somewhat uncomfortable reading itThat is not to say that others won’t enjoy this book Over on Goodreads I have seen uite a few glowing reviews for The Automation Sadly I cannot add my own to the list While I am certainly curious as to what will happen in the following books I won’t be actively seeking them out either

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Ble than say your cell phone and much useful too The only thing these god forged beings share in common with those lowercase A automatons is their pre programmed existence They have a function a function Hephaestus put into place a function that was uestionable from the start Odys no not short for Odysseus thank you finds his hermetic lifesty The Automation is “told” by two people an insane “narrator” read author and a controlling “editor” who redirects the story through the footnotes read interruptions like you would see in a Literature textbook but funnier and editorial pressures Really I should say the editor makes excuses for the narrator and tries to pigeon hole the story as some sort of embellished yet artistic memoir against the narrator’s will However the narrator and editor are merely characters in the “actual” story They are the novel's frameThe editor and narrator tell the reader how to feel before they have earned it But I did not get offended because so many authors work too hard to impress us these days with a fancy buildup only to let us down These characters jump right in Also this book is one giant statement on literature I cannot wait to see what that final statement is It critiues all literature and our current culture from vampires to capitalism The stylized nature of the book bleeped brand names every chapter ending in a name the fact that all character names are alliterative lists all give a poetry like feel to the prose The style is overconstructed but it is meant to be It is not a spoiler if I do tell you the narrator BLA clearly initials of someone in the story of this book is crazy Not only do they believe that what they are telling us is true that there are gods and Automatons but they do not care if we view them as crazy or not However the editor Gabbler here does his or her best to assure us that “No no it really is fiction This is just the narrator trying to work through some personal trauma it is ART” And it really is good art Meta art Art about art That’s what makes the narrator and editor a part of the story This could potentially make the story seem silly to some readers It is metafiction but it is sorry for it Unlike some authors ie Ernest Cline and John Scalzi and Lev Grossman who think they are witty and original at least this author knows how annoying metafiction can be and uses that fact as a device to tell the story This makes the story stripped of conventionby engaging in all convention But at its core it is a fantasy novel this is a steampunk story without the steam set in the modern worldThe narrator and editor seem so similar and I have read other reviews as to why Some think they are a master and automaton pair But that does not make sense when you get to the end of the book and the narrator tells you who they are who they THINK they are Perhaps I’m being too literal Maybe the narrator is pretending to assume the voice of the character trying to experience life through that character’s eyes Maybe it is a statement on how authors get to live so many lives I do not know But what I do know is the narrator and editor have a FA on their blog that makes it seem likeBasically even though the narrator tells us who he because he claims to be a he? is we STILL do not know for sure If that makes sense For sure it does not But that is part of why the gender of both the editor and narrator is concealed We are not supposed to know But the FA is pretty clear on why they do not use the theytheir singular pronouns to describe themselves in the book they use heshe or she They do or will have gender They do identify along the binary so the fact they explicitly talk about this pleases meThe fact that the editor and narrator have different reasons for supporting this book is fascinating They love each other but one really does seem crazy Yet the other cannot deny the interesting statements on literature the book is making I wish someone would love me the way Gabbler loves and encourages BLA to make art and get it all out Hashtag struggling creative

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THE AUTOMATION Vol 1 of the Circo del Herrero seriesThe capital A Automatons of Greco Roman myth aren’t clockwork Their design is much divine They’re intricate than robots or androids or anything else mortal humans could invent Their windup keys are their human Masters They aren’t mindless; they have infinite storage space And because they have than one form they’re versatile and porta The Automation is a strange gods rich novel with eually strange characters and a world built with webs of deceit and secrecy It was interesting to read but the book also had it’s fair share of disturbing ualities Odys witnesses a suicide and doing so let him be entered into a world he didn’t know existed a world with Automations Automata? Not only is he dragged into a plot to take down a rogue Master who has assumed evil intentions his sister gets involved and danger takes a whole new meaning Secrets plots and strange happenings are just the beginning Had it had the head exploded?“ Page 11 CHARACTERS Odys Otis He is the main character at least he is until the last 50 or so pages where Odissa takes his place He was only a pawn on the board another game piece to be played The suicide he witnessed was his initiation that’s how I like to see it anyway and he got his first Atomation they’re the other half of someone’s soul As soon as you touch their inanimate form paperclip compass etc they begin to drain your soul and they become you your soul The same person two bodies Maud However Odys is a special case Why? Well he didn’t sync with Maud right away meaning she was draining him but he didn’t want to face everything he hid from himself because it all went to her she’s the part of the soul he doesn’t want to face so he couldn’t accept his soul her That should’ve killed him because we need our souls to live and the energy it took out of Odys and Maude was basically draining their life force But it didn’t Anyway Odys is bitter angry has OCD and his addictions are coffee can’t blame him for that and cigarettes He was raised by his father who wasn’t a good father and his relationship with his sister stems from that Oh did I mention Odys and Odissa Odessa are twins? And that they love each other? Either way I uite enjoyed his character His bleak outlook on life and his tendency to reject anything he didn’t want to face made this book all the interesting Odissa on the other hand we don’t really know much about She’s strong has a bad past doesn’t trust easily and she likes to argue She’s intelligent A great female character I would love to see of her in the next book Dorian Fletcher; Mother Anslem; Bob Cestus All Master and Automation relations They love each other and their relationships are practically unbreakable since they’re the same person Who cares if they have sex? It’s like doing yourself only you have two bodies Yeah This was odd for me to read about only because they’re the same person It was hard to think of them as separate people especially since most of the characters seemed to have similar voices but it didn’t bother me once I got used to it they’re basically soul mates because they’re two halves of the same soul literally He was like a genie to me Just some slave and external facet bound to me not my own soul” Page 154 Some Automations had inanimate forms that perfectly fit with their “human” forms however and I thought this was pretty funny since my favourite definitely makes sense with the crazy Automation who potentially has a messed up psyche On concrete as bent nail the kind that had been hammered and struck off aim the head warped” Page 255 WRITING The footnotes were humorous though sometimes I only skimmed them because they began to drag the story itself Overall though they gave a better insight to the story And they also had meaning I have a theory as to why the author decided to put two names on this book and have a “Narrator”and “Editor” one person different labelname and it has everything to do with the story this book contains I won’t bother you with my thoughts though a picture of my GR updates are below if you want to know Word vomit on the other hand is why BLA needed an editor” Page 15 footnote This book had humorous dramatic and slightly disturbing moments in it The perfect combination for this story The strangeness of it all did make it feel like the author was experimenting though It also dragged We got history lessons basically and multiple info dumps in the first half Since Odys and you got a shit ton of backstory from Mother just now why not a little ?” Page 170 I was interested enough to keep reading and I definitely am glad that I did because I enjoyed my time learning about the characters and plots but I will admit to skimming parts PLOT You think you can predict what will happen but you can’t I tried and failed miserably It was refreshing to have twists that I don’t see coming especially since they were well done The plot itself is actually very slow moving and not much happens at all but with so much going on getting an Automation meeting the other Automations and their Masters finding Odissa meeting a god unraveling plots it doesn’t feel slow other than the parts with the info dumps It definitely builds the pace for the next book where I expect great things OVERALL The Automation is an enjoyable read despite the few issues mentioned above The author wasn’t scared to get down and dirty or just full out strange I am definitely thinking about picking up the next bookReview originally posted hereThanks to SOBpublishing for providing me with a free copy in exchange for an honest review