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characters ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook º Robert Alter In what is both a radical approach to the Bible and a fundamental return to its narra. The Art of Biblical Narrative is the best critical work I have read It does than just explain It teaches It encourages It makes the reader want to read the Hebrew Bible for the pure pleasure of practicing what has been learned to discover the literary secrets of the Bible and to enjoy anew the art of readingI read the Bible not as revelation nor as history although I suppose that there is some history there I read the Bible as literature and as a literary source of Western culture Robert Alter with an obvious passion for language literature and the Hebrew Bible takes the reader through a number of steps to recognize the literary richness of the texts Impressively he takes us through uses of convention repetition narrative vs dialogue characterization and Each topic is superbly exemplified often with various examples to show different ways of doing the same thing The reader cannot help but learn how to read with greater understanding and clarity Indeed this is not just learning how to read the Bible These skills will assist the reader to better understand how to read with depth and understanding The only weakness I found in the book was in the chapter called “Composite Artistry” Here he attempts to explain those parts of the Bible where the same story is told twice but with different developments Examples include the creation of man and woman simultaneously in Genesis 1 by god simply with the power of his words while in Genesis 2 Adam is created from the soil and god blows life into him and then later creates woman from Adam’s rib The two stories of creation are very different in many ways Alter wants to give a literary gloss to such inconsistencies and indeed I would agree with him that these are not just slip ups on the part of the priestly redactors who brought the various stories together Alter’s explanations remain weak here and he admits to it I expect that these types of inconsistencies are likely the result of editorial disputes that were resolved by keeping both stories Woman was created twice thus opening the door for Lilith; David was working as a shepherd for his father while moonlighting as court musician for the stressed out Saul who just didn't recognize David as his musician when David slew Goliath These types of things occur with committees where some form of concession is needed to bring about agreement The book is otherwise excellent and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to understand with greater depth the meaning of the biblical stories or just wanting to read better I would also recommend it to would be writers As I have noted elsewhere in Goodreads I see the influence of the Hebrew Bible in the works of Hemingway and McCarthy I am certain to be seeing much in the future There is much to be learned here Five big starsand now on to reading Alter’s translation of “The Five Books of Moses” in order to try out all of these new skills

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Free download Þ The Art of Biblical Narrative ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ In what is both a radical approach to the Bible and a fundamental return to its narrative prose Robert Alter reads the Old Testament with new eyes—the eyes of a literary critic Alter takes the old yet simple step of reading th Critic Alter takes the old yet simple step of reading the Bible as a literary creatio. This is the first major book length treatment of the Bible as literature and was published in the 1980s I especially enjoyed the chapter Composite Artistry In that chapter Alter showed that contradictions in the Bible were due not to sloppiness by the unsophisticated ancients was often assumed but the deliberate thrust of a literary geniusMost memorable was the section on the 2 different creation accounts in Genesis The P account Gen 1 24 presents an orderly narrative of the creation of the cosmos and mankind The J account presents a contingent messy and tragic narrative meant to illustrate the conseuences of human agency Although Alter believes the narratives to be fictional this book provides me with a great theodicy As John Polkinghorne has said it is much easier to see God in physics than in biology Alter's analysis of Gen 1 2 has just shown me why

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The Art of Biblical NarrativeTive prose Robert Alter reads the Old Testament with new eyes the eyes of a literary. Alter Robert The Art of Biblical Narrative New York Basic Books 1981Within a few pages I knew I was in the presence of a master Not only is Robert Alter in complete command of the Hebrew language but he is second to none in English literature as well Both are obvious in this workI am perfectly willing to grant an editorial process to the Hebrew text I think that is common sense That however does not justify the multiple sub authorships that critical scholars have posited And while Alter is no bible thumping evangelical his illustration of the remarkable textual unity and narrative in the Hebrew bible makes all older critical theories superfluous The Hebrew text has a unity illustrated by “small verbal signals of continuity and lexical nuances” Alter 11 An example of this is the Judah and Tamar story of Genesis 38 At first glance it has nothing to do with the Joseph narrative; in fact it disrupts it What Alter demonstrates however is that there is a theme of “recognition” in play that factors in both the Tamar episode and in the later Joseph sceneDialogue “Biblical narrative is laconic” 20 Dialogue is introduced at key junctures in the narrativeThis “brings the speech act into the foreground” 67 Nota bene When the Hebrew uses “hinneh” KJV Behold it often marks a shift in the narrative point of view from the third person omniscient to the character’s direct perception 54Pace older critics the Hebrew text cannot be read as an epic Epic literature was locked in a pagan and cyclical worldview Hebrew prose narration by contrast moves in a different direction 25ffBiblical type scenes The most famous type scene is the well betrothalproposal Older critics saw multiple scenes as evidence that ancient Jews were too stupid to realize a copy incidentally much of historical criticism was viciously anti Semitic What Alter shows is that it isn’t wooden plagiarism but brilliant narratologyIn the betrothal scene the hero would go down to the girl’s land and meet the girl Heb na’arah Someone then draws dalohdalah water after which the girls rush home to tell the news A betrothal is then concluded 52 If however something in this template weren’t followed the reader would immediately guess that the marriage wouldn’t be happyAlter explains that in “reliable third person narratives such as in the Bible there is a scale of means in ascending order of strictness and certainty for conveying information about the motives the attitudes the moral nature of characters” 116 In other words at the lower end we can only learn about the character through actions or appearance meaning we have to infer everything else A middle category is direct speech to which we must “weigh claims” 117 At the highest level we have explicit statementsNarrative and Knowledge “We learn through fiction because we encounter in it the translucent images the writer has cunningly projected out of an intuitively grasped fund of experience not dissimilar to our own” experiences 156 Fiction is a mode of knowledge “because it is a certain way of imagining characters and events in their shifting elusive and revelatory interconnections but also because it possesses a certain repertoire of techniues for telling a story”This is a benchmark in biblical studies Few people can read this work and hold to older wooden theories of higher criticism To be sure Alter is a Jewish scholar and makes some criticisms of “incarnational readings” He also entertains some critical editorial notions of the text With that said this book deserves widest possible dissemination