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Read ´ The Yellow Bird Sings ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ß Rosner’s exuisite heart rending debut novel is proof that there’s always going to be room for another story about World War IIThis is an absolutely beautiful and necessary novel full of heartbreak but also hope about the bond between mother and daugEe seeking shelter in a neighbor’s barn Hidden in the hayloft day and night Shira struggles to stay still and uiet as music pulses through her and the farmyard outside beckons To soothe her daughter and pass the time Róza tells her a story about a girl in an enchanted garden The girl is forbidden from making a sound so the yellow bird sings He sings whatever the girl composes in her head high pitched trills of piccolo; low throated growls of contrabassoon Music helps the flowers bloomIn this make believe world Róza can shield Shi. When The Yellow Bird Sings is a novel about mothers and daughters love and loss cruelty and kindness all against the background of Poland in 1941 through 1944 and then New York City in 1965The novel opens with Roza along with her 5 year old daughter Shira hiding in a barn during the time that Nazi’s were everywhere They have tortured and killed many Jewish people and Roza saw her parents murdered and lost her husband as he fought against the Germans She fled to the countryside and has been hiding here for uite a while it is the summer of 1941 Roza is determined to keep her daughter Shira safe at all costs Roza and Shira are forced to hide in the extremely tight space of the barn loft burrowing into the hay at any noise heard This is particularly hard for a 5 year old and especially for Shira who has music always in her heart and loves to sing Roza’s grandfather made violins she herself is a cellist and her husband a violinist They had already suspected that Shira had a gift for music even at this early age To help Shira cope with the confines within the barn along with hunger heat and then cold she imagines a small yellow bird which she holds in her hands She takes care of her imaginary pet silently sings to it and imagines where they will one day go Roza encourages this mind play as it seems to help calm her daughterThe man who owns the barn has let them stay but he has other motives besides kindness driving his decision He occasionally brings them food and then later his wife begins to feel sorry for the little girl She takes her out for short walks in the farmyard and lets her pet the cows she brings food for them but Roza insists that Shira eat most of itAt a later point in the story it is no longer safe to stay in the barn as the Nazi’s have been burning down the barns of any farmer known to be helping or hiding Jews in any way She makes a decision that she will uestion for the rest of her life She allows Shira to be taken to a convent and she herself makes her way in the countrysideWhile she knows that Shira will have music in her life “The mother too hears music in her head The melody is discordant and accusatory When she covers her ears with her hands a different tune asserts itself painful for its sweet rocking lyricism The lullaby tells of a hen who sets out for glasses of tea to bring to her waiting chicks It is the girl’s favorite and it is accompanied by the lilt of a kept promise The hen returns” Roza constantly uestions her decision to leave Shira at the conventAs in most stories of this terrible time we are reminded of the conditions that the hideouts in the countryside faced starvation cold constant moving isolation etc Shira though kept safe has huge adjustments to make while living as a hide out in the Catholic convent all is not easy for herThis novel is well written and flows well I found the use of expressive imagery in the form of the little yellow bird both heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time I think any readers of WWII historical fiction will want to read this book the characters are very well described and I felt very connected to themI received an ARC of this novel from the publisher through NetGalley It is set to publish March 3 2020

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Rosner’s exuisite heart rending debut novel is proof that there’s always going to be room for another story about World War IIThis is an absolutely beautiful and necessary novel full of heartbreak but also hope about the bond between mother and daughter and the sacrifices made for love ―The New York TimesIn Poland as World War II rages a mother hides with her young daughter a musical prodigy whose slightest sound may cost them their livesAs Nazi soldiers round up the Jews in their town Róza and her 5 year old daughter Shira fl. This is a beautifully written debut novel that moved me in so many ways It a story of the Holocaust of hidden children of the courage and determination of the resistance of the horrific things Jews endured cold and starvation and fear and loss and death Yet there are moments of joy and beauty lovely stories and music and so much love between a mother and daughter that helps sustain them through these times and an imagined yellow bird that brings solace to a little girlFive year old Shira a music prodigy must keep totally silent holding the music in her head unable to speak most times to her mother Roza as they hide from the German soldiers in a neighbor’s barn Roza is forced to endure abuse from the farmer in order to keep them safe and hidden They have been forced to flee their home when Roza’s mother and father and husband are victims of horrific acts as the Nazis take over Poland and they have no where else to go The narrative follows Shura and Roza spaning several years from 1941 1944 and then moving abruptly in the end to 1965 I’m not going to talk about what happens during these years because it’s a story that I highly recommend people read for themselves Instead I want to mention a particular passage that touched me early on in the novel and how after reading the author’s note it became so much meaningful as I learned of her inspiration for the book“When it is too dangerous even for whispers Shira and her mother gesture A simple finger near the ear means I hear someoneA neighbor palms facing held near Soldiers fists clenched at the chest as if around a gun A stranger they don’t know whoeyebrows raised Taps on different parts of the body show hunger thirst pain a full bladder A band on a clump of hair Do you want a braid It passed a bit of time A brush of the fingers over closing eyelids Try to rest now Shira watches her mother’s lips shape prayers in Hebrew before falling off to sleep This than anything calms Shira for in her mind she hears her mother’s silent chants as music” This uote is from an advanced copy and I suppose maybe subject to change but I hope not In her note at the end Jennifer Rosner mentions her daughters who are deaf and I realized why this passage resonated so much Her inspiration was a story relayed to her by a woman who was hidden with her mother in an attic “where she needed to stay silent nearly all the time I imagined the mother’s experience of trying to keep her young child hushed an effort exactly opposite of mine which focused on encouraging my children to vocalize as much as possible Soon I found myself immersed in a new project involving silence separation loss and above all love “ She also tells of the music in her life and then how she was further inspired by meeting a luthier “who was asked to rebuild a violin recovered from a Nazi death camp ashes still inside it” This is one of those stories that I know will stay with me because I woke up thinking about Roza and Shira and because we cannot forget what happened during the HolocaustI received an advanced copy of this book from Flatiron Books through NetGalley

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The Yellow Bird SingsRa from the horrors that surround them But the day comes when their haven is no longer safe and Róza must make an impossible choice whether to keep Shira by her side or give her the chance to survive apartInspired by the true stories of Jewish children hidden during World War II Jennifer Rosner’s debut is a breathtaking novel about the unbreakable bond between a mother and a daughter Beautiful and riveting The Yellow Bird Sings is a testament to the triumph of hope―a whispered story a bird’s song―in even the darkest of times. 45This is a beautiful debut novel set in World War ll PolandA mother’s love and the risks she endures for her childSilence and music and imagination become symbols of hope and survival