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Free download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ì Meagan Brandy Headed Lies are what destroyed everythingNow I'm left to wonderdid I fall for the wrong Blaze The Wrong Blaze is a full length novel The first part was originally published in the Burn Me Anthology and left you on a cliffhanger THIS is the full story. The awkward moment when reviewers tell us that Alec isn't actually with wife just for me to read it and realize yes he didn't have SEX with his wife but he DID do stuff to her which is why Oakley heard the moans from her room But the CHERRY on top was the fact Alec FORCED her to stay in that house He FORCED her to stay there and hear him the wife He would DRAG her back from anywhere she went berate her like a child for leaving wtf why did he have to be such a douche here and then continue with the wife We don't know how many times him and the wife are together how often she hears them but thankfully it's just two occasions we read about in the book where the wife takes off her clothes where he carries her But weeks if not a month and a bit Pass So I assume it happened than twice I HATED Alec here Why couldn't he include the 'your body would distract me' thing with his wife about other stuff Why didn't he put Oakley's happiness she became numb and was completely heartbroken over his possessive need to have her close Why did she have to endure that with your wife And in the end in the epilogue and before he's sobbing and he's so heartbroken over what he did but then why did you do it why force her to stay there if you're so sad about it why not think of ANY other alternative why choose the most PAINFUL option for the woman you supposedly love the worst part Oakley doesn't even give him shit for it He says He did do stuff she'd hate but he never gave her him Does that mean they did oral only Does that mean he touched her until she finished What does it meanAnd is it cheating for me Yes because he had sex with Oakley then And I would've accepted it if he did this stuff to APPEASE her and keep his crazy wife uiet if it was at a place where Oakley wasn't But i could NOT get over the fact he was such a douchebag during the time he was with the wife in Oakley's house I couldn't get over the fact he didn't want her kissing Rowan when he was touching licking wife I couldn't get over that he FORCED her to be in that house The crazy thing in the end he's SO remourseful that it doesn't relate to the callous man who berated her forced her to stay in the home where she could hear his wife's moans How were these 2 the same men And NO GROVEL at all She forgives them all in the end ALL Just like that The father wanted Alec and Oakley to end up together but he sent Alec off on a mission to screw marry OW The father forgave Alec for keeping that woman in the same house as his daughter Oakley was in SO MUCH PAIN and we had to accept the HEA without our answers being answered Do not recommend It's not safe despite what all other reviews say

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Read ✓ The Wrong Blaze Þ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook å As head of Blackline Academy I spent my days training with the elite getting them ready for the one thing each hopes to gain in the end the chance to call themselves a Blaze I had it all figured out knew exactly who and what I wanted in life then he came back determined As head of Blackline Academy I spent my days training with the elite getting them ready for the one thing each hopes to gain in the end the chance to call themselves a Blaze I had it all figured out knew exactly who and what I wanted in life then he. I haven't been this irked by a book in a good while Ugh Because people get their panties in a knot about spoilersview spoilerI instantly tune out the moment another person is introduced into the story and either the Hh is having sex with the too I'm a purist I suppose and want only the Hh to be involved in each other once they show an interest I was already pissed at this story when it was an anthology Not only because it ended on a cliffhanger but the story introduced a wife to the hero who had been supposedly working hard to get the heroine Okay I thought the wife storyline might be a ruseNope She existed He was married to her And not only was he married to her but right after fucking the heroine he takes the wife into the same bedroom as the heroine only moments before he has the wife living in the same house as him and the heroine He makes us the reader believe he's fucking the wife all the while we see him declaring love for the heroineAt this point my head was going to explode I was so tapped out I hated this guy this guy was no hero to meI hated the pushover heroine who didn't just fucking leave I hated the brother just because that little shit got on my nerves with his intense jealousy His storyline was easily worked out He got on my nerves and was used as page filler and a second antagonist the end I don't care that the author TRIED to rectify this wife fucking hero in the last few pages Sure there's a plot twist he did shit to keep the heroine safe yadda yaddahe loved her so much whatever so his dick had to repeatedly go into the banshee wife for years I get it what a swell guy I hated him And this is the kind of story why I trust so few ROMANCE authors these days because they're all pushing the boundaries of what makes up romance To me this wasn't it I felt sorry for Oakley up until the point she was going to have a threesome with the hero and wife How I didn't DNF right then I don't knowAnd it's a shame because I really enjoyed this author's first book I won't talk about poor Parker and his martyr of an idiot heroine the epilogue was nice but by that time I just wanted it over It wasn't an enjoyable read at all I'm afraid I don't call it romance It's suspense dickery And I think this is where I break up with the author It's a me problem but when I don't enjoy the stories there's a reason for it hide spoiler

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The Wrong BlazeCame back determined than ever to prove me wrong He's forced his way into my world demanded my attention no matter the costHe pushed until I fell And then he knocked me downBut nothing is ever as it seemsHate is where it started Love is where it was. I GOT SO PISSED OFF reading this book Not sure I've sworn that much in a long time 😂 BUT My rage kept me turning the pages I was on the edge of my seat and maybe even on the edge of losing my freaking mind The Wrong Blaze is a must read if you love angsty enemies to lovers romances that will punch you in the guts and the g spot REPEATEDLY THE WRONG BLAZE is the PERFECT blend of angst sexiness and suspense