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The Vanishing Face of Gaia A Final Warning Book ✓ 288 pages Download ☆ Celebrities drive hybrids Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize and supermarkets carry no end of so called “green” products And yet the environmental crisis is only getting worse In The Vanishing Face of Gaia the eminent scientist JamesTe” – and much uickly than most specialists think There is nothing humans can do to reverse the process; the planet is simply too overpopulated to halt its own destruction by greenhouse gasesIn order to survive mankind must start preparing now for life on a radically changed planet The meliorist approach outline This is the first book by Lovelock that I've read I enjoyed it and was maddened by it in eual measure Lovelock has a wonderfully clear vision of what is and is not possible to accomplish vis a vis climate change with an admirable focus on adaptation as opposed to remediation but I suppose his shrugging pragmatism rubs me a bit the wrong way He does a great job here of tearing apart the green ideology that has been foisted on highly consumerized societies in the hopes of making their orthorexic guilt stimulate further orgies of commodity purchase His voice is just what you would expect from someone who essentially started a branch of science then another branch of science and was shunned by academies for decades before his ideas began to gain broader popular and professional traction but surprisingly with nary a hint of I told you so

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Celebrities drive hybrids Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize and supermarkets carry no end of so called “green” products And yet the environmental crisis is only getting worse In The Vanishing Face of Gaia the eminent scientist James Lovelock argues that the earth is lurching ever closer to a permanent “hot sta The Vanishing Face of Gaia is my first exposure to James Lovelock’s work and is my first in depth reading of a work about Gaia theory the idea that the Earth is a self regulating organism Environmentalists and New Age movements speak of the earth being alive and this perspective is often lumped with Gaia theory to discredit the concept The origination of Gaia in the 1960’s didn’t win any skeptics over either Sadly mainstream science has sidelined Lovelock’s ideas for the last 30 years gaining acceptance only recently as predictions from the theory have been proven true time after time In fact 8 out of the ten major predictions table of predictions on p177 of Gaia theory have been proven or generally accepted including1 Oxygen has not varied by than 5% from 21% for the past 200 million years confirmed through studying ice core and sedimentary analysis2 Boreal and tropical forests are part of global climate regulation generally accepted3 The biological transfer of selenium from the ocean to the land as dimethly selenide confirmed through direct measurements4 Climate regulation through cloud albedo control linked to algal gas emissions many tests indicate high probability pollution interferesThat’s a much better hit rate than string theory an idea receiving magnitudes of greater funding Unfortunately the decades of widespread skepticism has prevented many leading bodies of science and policy groups to ignore the dire implications of a living Earth most specifically in relation to climateLovelock was the first scientist to invent instrumentation that could accurately demonstrate the accumulation of CFCs in the atmosphere leading to international action on the hole in the ozone layer And his work on atmospheric geological and ecological sciences led him to become the first researcher to link the fields understanding that the earth’s life regulates the atmosphere and that the earth’s atmosphere regulates life How is this so The original Daisyworld model created by Lovelock although seemingly common sense to us now but revolutionary for its time was a convincing demonstrationYears of added complexity later Daisyworld still stands up as an accurate model of reality and the most definitive link between climate and biology Unlike the IPCC projections of a gradual climate change trending towards warmer temperatures over a long period of time is not in agreement with historical models of major changes to our planet’s climate Massive leaps are common as demonstrated by several graphs in the book Disturbingly the coldest years are prior to the major warming years giving a false sense of security Anthony Watts through his blog provides uality commentary on scientific information that disputes the IPCC climate change models however Anthony doubts that global warming is occurring Lovelock shares similar skepticism but provides evidence that the IPCC models are not severe enough in their projections of the serious lifestyle changes we’ll need to make to mitigate a changing climate Scientists have held up the progress of the world for a long time with their Cartesian deterministic views perhaps the eminence of a scientist is measured by the length of time he holds up progress Lovelock uotes Ogden Nash to demonstrate‘I give you now Professor TwistA conscientious scientistTrustees exclaimed “He never bungles”And sent him off to distant junglesCamped on a tropic riversideOne day he missed his loving brideShe had the guide informed him laterBeen eaten by an alligatorProfessor Twist could not but smile‘You mean’he said ‘a crocodile’Lovelock’s perspective is credible and valuable disputing many claims of the environmental movement leading me to uestion some of my own approaches For one Lovelock states that nuclear fission is our only hope to avoid poverty and CO2 accumulation Unfortunately I

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The Vanishing Face of Gaia A Final WarningD in the Kyoto Treaty must be abandoned in favor of nuclear energy and aggressive agricultural development on the small areas of earth that will remain arableA reluctant jeremiad from one of the environmental movement’s elder statesmen The Vanishing Face of Gaia offers an essential wake up call for the human race Maybe a little outdated 10 years on comments about renewable energy he has since rethought however the concept of Gaia etc interesting and enjoyed learning further about that